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What is your favorite part of a romance story?

Is it the rush of butterflies when the heroine first meets the hero? The heart-pounding excitement that a simple brush of the hand can produce? The knee-melting, spine-tingling, body-quivering thrill of a first kiss? The hero and heroine’s life-altering experience of making love for the first time? Or the amazing grand gesture at the end of the story when the hero or heroine does something incredible to prove their love for their soul mate?

file0001899996475I spent the last week marathoning Scandal and I couldn’t help being sucked in by the chemistry between the main character Olivia and her lover (the President). A simple brush of a hand, standing close in an elevator, a heated look from across the room, a slight caress of a cheek – I’ve rarely seen two actors pull off that kind of heat with such tiny actions. It’s what I strive for in my books – a multitude of tiny, earth-shattering gestures that add up to a soul-changing, epic love.

And it got me thinking about what it is about romances that I love so much, in real life and in stories. Yes, love scenes are a ton of fun 😉 But man, that build up, for me at least, is really what gets my heart pounding 🙂

So, what does it for you? What do you love about romance? The build up? The culmination? All of the above? 😉

Trivia question – what show did I marathon?

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13 Responses

  1. Sandra Owens

    I love the first meeting and how each responds to the other. Sometimes I want to jump into the first meet scene and say, hey, guys, you’re going to fall in love!!! It’s like knowing a grand secret no one else does. 🙂

  2. Victoria Vane

    Hi Michelle, I love all of it. I recently read an excellent romance in which the author maintained a high level of sexual tension throughout the whole story but then ended by closing the door on the wedding night! I felt so let down! I don’t always have to have every single detail but that wedding night represented the culmination of the whole romance. To be denied felt like an ice bucket challenge!

  3. Barbara Monajem

    It all depends on the story. Sometimes it’s the first meet, sometimes a moment of realization, a subtle act or touch that means everything, sometimes even a parting.

    • Michelle McLean

      Very true! I’ve read some incredible parting scenes and sometimes those subtle looks or touches are more explosive than the most passionate love scene. I love it all! 🙂

  4. Violetta Rand (@ViolettaRand)

    I love first meetings–but first sex really takes it for me as a reader and writer. To me that translates into how the rest of the relationship unfolds. Tender or explosive? Sweet or all consuming? Thanks for the great post.