Why do you read historical romance…revisited!

Several months ago, historical romance authors banded together to create the Historical Romance Network (http://historicalromancenetwork.com/).  This group works together to increase awareness about the genre.  Historical Romance is so much more than your mother’s “bodice-rippers,” and a few weeks ago the group worked together to increase visibility by reaching out to readers and asking “Why do you read historical romance?”  Author Ally Broadfield also posted on ER regarding this subject, but it came to my attention that in spite of the trending hashtag #whydoyoureadhistoricals on Twitter, there were still some people left on Earth that weren’t aware of the event!  So, I thought it would be fun to post a few of the highlighted memes that were cluttering the Internet that day.  A special thanks to Ally Broadfield (again – visit her at http://allybroadfield.com/ and author Kris Kennedy (http://kriskennedy.net/) for assisting in the word-smithing of some of these!

You can't beat the views - why i read historicalssexy guymetrosexuals - why i readhorsepower - why i writeduke hotter than billionaire - why i writebedazzled jeans - why i writebecause I prefer a fixer upper - why i readBecause I'm mad about Plaid - why i write

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  1. allybroadfield

    I love all of these, Jess! Thanks to you for putting them all together. 🙂