Who Needs Valentine’s Day?

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I’ve recently come to the realization that I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I mean, I like it in theory. I like getting gifts as much as the next girl and honestly it’s kind of nice to have a day set aside for that because my hubs, as much as I love him, isn’t always great at the “traditional” romance stuff. In fact, there have been many Valentine’s Days he’s forgotten about it until late in the evening. But the flowery, poetic declarations of love I find a bit corny. And if there are diamonds involved, I don’t want to wait for the 14th, I’d like them now please πŸ˜€208079_166025970121252_5759763_n

581453_432313473492499_1370293153_nIn the early days of our relationship, itΒ bothered me a bit, that he didn’t make a big production of Valentine’s Day. And then came careers and children and deadlines. And I found out what true romance was. What really made my heart skip a beat.

The texts when he’s out on an overnight job. Not to tell me anything special. Just to be playful, to talk to me. Offering to drive the gymnastics car pool (and sit at the gym for 4 hours because it’s too far away(i.e. too much gas) to drop the girls off and come home) when I have a deadline looming or just really really don’t feel like going. 206384_165507593506423_1268011_nThe gourmet dinners he cooks just because he likes to do it (and I don’t). The sink full of dishes that is all washed and drying by the time I come downstairs from tucking our kids in. The Twix bar or hot chocolate he brings home for me just because he was at the gas station and thought I’d like a treat. 555032_333021286755052_1544417021_nThe sweet kiss on my forehead when he leaves for the day. Dancing with me in kitchen even though he really doesn’t like that kind of thing. Kissing me until the kids squeal and gag πŸ˜‰ Holding my hand in the car while we drive, or when we’re walking down the street or into a store.

THAT’S true romance to me πŸ™‚ And I get that every day. It’s been almost fourteen years. And he still calls me ten times a day when he’s away from the house, just to say hi. I don’t need February 14th…every day is Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚10397047_816406655083177_8585515178143718009_o


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10 Responses

  1. Ally Broadfield

    Awesome post, Michelle. That’s just the sort of relationship we all strive for, and how I hope the heroes and heroines of my books end up. πŸ™‚

  2. sarahballance

    I 100% agree! (Shocking, isn’t it? LOL.) I am NOT a fan of Hallmark holidays. The every day stuff means so much more. You guys are adorable, btw. πŸ™‚

  3. Alyssa Alexander

    Oh, I love this! It’s so true, too. Because it’s not the corny declarations (or, honestly, even diamonds) that shows love. It’s the little things!

  4. Sandra Owens

    Very nice, Michelle, and it’s true – it’s our everyday actions that count.

  5. Barbara Monajem

    Aww, that’s so sweet! I don’t like Valentine’s Day much, but it’s because I think it’s artificial to pick a certain day to express love. (And way too commercialized, too.) I’d rather the expression came naturally. You’ve got it great, girl!!

  6. Michelle McLean

    Yeah, he’s a keeper πŸ˜€ I will say though that I do hold him to three days a year where I want a fuss made. My birthday, our anniversary, and Mother’s Day πŸ˜€ He does a pretty good job πŸ˜‰