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Jessica Jefferson here and I love television. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit among some crowds. It’s really similar to when I admit to loving McDonald’s and I just get a bunch of judgmental looks. I can’t believe everyone else has forsaken cable and only eats at Panera, but I think it’s just a more popular stance to take. Well, I actually like Big Macs and bad TV and I’m not ashamed to admit it. There’s one thing I love more than Real Housewives of *insert city here – it’s historical television. Outlander, Poldark, Downton…love. Today I’m sharing with you my initial reactions to watching Versaille, the newest historical drama on my list. It’s been around on BBC for a while, but I’m just catching on.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Warning Again: No, for real. This whole blog is full of spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know what’s happening.



  1. Ovation? What channel is that? Have I ever watched Ovation before?
  2. Oh, yeah! Ovation has the Battle of the Nutcrackers every Christmas. Love it!
  3. *Chants to self – Please don’t have bad wigs, please don’t have bad wigs*
  4. Two hour series premiere? Impressive.
  5. Crap, roman numerals. *figures out which Louis a few seconds later after some intense thought*
  6. Okay, spelled Versaille correctly.  Where’s my medal?
  7. Did the other guy get scared in the night? Is that why he’s sleeping in his room?  My kids do that all the time.
  8. I don’t think it’s a wig. Extensions, maybe. That I can handle.
  9. There’s a lot of forehead and a lot of hair going on.
  10. It’s a bit risqué. I can dig it.
  11. Is he washing his belly button?
  12. Wth.
  13. Is he being kidnapped? Is this like Taken, Versaille?
  14. These men have some fabulous hair going on. It’s like a full on Pantene commercial at Versailles.
  15. It’s hard to be taken as a tough guy when there’s sniffling. Just sayin’.
  16. Who’s the helper? I like him.  *pause for Google search*
  17. Bontemps, got it.
  18. A lot riding on the title sequence.
  19. Super abstract with a groovy soundtrack.  It looks like a landscape planner with a protractor took a mind-altering substance.
  20. What’s with the quaker?
  21. Good luck finding the King in that house.
  22. Don’t jump!
  23. Seriously, wolves? This just took a turn toward Twilight.
  24. Stare down with wolves. He’s totally going to be eaten. *no wolves were harmed in the making of this series*
  25. Of course he doesn’t get eaten. He has to produce an heir and become the beginning of the end of the French monarchy.
  26. Hair twins, together again.
  27. I haven’t seen this much hair since my days spent obsessing over the band Poison.
  28. Nope. He’s just not going to replace my Mr. Fraser. Maybe it’s the wispy mustache? I’m not feeling it.
  29. He said “deliver the boy.” That’s so not how that works.
  30. There’s a strange situation with the little person going on. Can’t wait to know what’s up there.
  31. I’m just not thinking the King’s brother’s boyfriend should be discussing potential death of the King. He doesn’t appear to be that understanding.
  32. He already seems a bit egotistical, perhaps drawing a picture with him at the center of the universe isn’t a good idea?
  33. This should be commercial-free. Talk about taking someone out of the mood. Not cool, Progressive. Not cool.
  34. Oh my! That’s her husband! *censored – I did not say ‘Oh my’*
  35. That’s not appropriate behavior for church. Back of a carriage, maybe. Not church.
  36. And how many women are carrying the King’s baby simultaneously?
  37. That’s a snarky remark, boyfriend of the King’s brother. He may just be my favorite now.
  38. And here we have a random female questioning the medical field and the practice of blood-letting. Wondering how this fits.
  39. He’s talking numbers, serious numbers. The King is not just a pretty face with long, lovely locks.
  40. Something has happened with Bontemps. I don’t like it.
  41. Is the laundress really keeping tabs on the menstrual cycles of the Court?
  42. What the Kotex is going on in that basement?
  43. “Bring the rivers here,” he says. Sure, no problem. We will just move geography to make your swimming pool.
  44. How many amputation jokes are we going to make here? I get it, the gardener lost a hand.
  45. Really, this lake business is a little ridiculous.
  46. Dramatic elevator pitch by the King. If this had been a query, he would have totally landed an agent.
  47. Something going down in the tunnel. Intriguing.
  48. Bontemps! So happy to see you again!
  49. I don’t like this. This is making me sad. Poor Bontemps.
  50. The nurse in me is screaming for some sort of Isolation protocol in this situation.
  51. I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to wash his hands after this. *shudders*
  52. The lady of the laundry has quite the operation going on. She monitors menstrual cycles, she opens letters before they’re sent. She officially knows everything that happens in that place.
  53. All those toy soldiers on the board? They’re playing Risk, aren’t they?
  54. 50,000 on shoes? I see nothing wrong with that.
  55. Is he really volunteering to go to war? The guy with all the shoes?
  56. Blatant sexual jokes abound.
  57. Brothers fighting about a toy. Typical.
  58. Well, I don’t like the brother much anymore.
  59. It’s a full audience for the birth. That must have been awful.
  60. And the King is just watching from the sidelines. Typical child birth.
  61. Something is wrong with the baby! What is happening?
  62. WHAT THE WHAT-WHAT??????
  63. *Instantly queues up next episode*

Hope you get the chance to enjoy Versaille! What’s your favorite historical television show?

Photo: Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Michelle McLean

    lol I was wondering how that series would be! I’ll have to give it a shot 😀

  2. allybroadfield

    Darn it, Jess! I still have cable and I keep ignoring this series because I already have too many shows to watch (like Scream Queens and Younger with my daughter), and now I’m going to have to add this. *dramatic sigh*