Where I Watch Gone with the Wind with my Ten Year Old Daughter… Ramblings by Jessica Jefferson

picture from fanpop.com
picture from fanpop.com

My ten year old is home sick today and just as I did at her age, I thought we could sit down and watch Gone with the Wind. GWTW is such an important American literary achievement, but it’s the movie that truly captured my heart and has been a staple in my video, now DVD, library for years.  I thought it would be interesting to get feedback from a new generation on a classic that has rooted itself not only in the history of cinema, but really American culture as well. The following are replies to her questions and some general thoughts as we watched the movie together.

  1. Seriously, I’m still fast-forwarding the overture.
  2. Yes, these are what fancy movie graphics used to look like.
  3. Wow, these credits are taking forever. This is why it’s an 8 hour movie (okay, so it’s like 3, whatever)
  4. No, the French actually have nothing to do with the Civil War. Let me give you a hint – North and South.
  5. Nope, there’s nobody from England involved. Well, the actors in this movie maybe, but neither side in the actual Civil War were from England.
  6. Yep, that Civil War (*finally).
  7. It is like Star Wars with the prologue going across the screen like that – never thought of it that way before.
  8. I’m not really sure if the twins are really gingers or if it’s the technicolor making it so.
  9. Fiddle-de-dee is the period appropriate equivalent to whatever.
  10. Well, people married their cousins back then. Yeah, it is a little gross.
  11. So, that’s her nanny. She helps raise her because her mom is super busy doing…stuff. (*Seriously, what is her mom so busy doing? They have a house full of servants.)
  12. For some reason, women felt that wearing a dress shaped like a bell made them more appealing.
  13. Yes, this a family of all sisters. I suppose they are a little like the Kardashians. (*wth? I just died a little inside.)
  14. Tara is the name of the land, not a sister. No, we are not naming our house. You only name big homes, not small subdivision plots.
  15. They prayed a lot. There wasn’t television or radio, so why not? Right?
  16. Women had to cinch in their waists to fit into their gowns. Right, just like the Kardashians. (*again, wth?)
  17. Yep, that’s the guy marrying his cousin.
  18. I know – fingerless gloves were cool then too. Some styles just never go away.
  19. Yes, eating barbecue with someone was a thing.
  20. No, it’s not right to promise to eat barbecue with multiple men. Especially when they’re other women’s beaus. That is breaking girl code.
  21. Not bows before bros, bows before beaus.
  22. Well, the war is not going to go well for these folks.
  23. Yes, Charles Hamilton really is that excited about getting Scarlett dessert.
  24. Her eyebrow does that the whole movie. Don’t try it, yours won’t stay like that.
  25. Naps were super important. You’ll realize just how important when you’re my age.
  26. Well, they were wrong on that one. Cannons actually mean way more than being a gentleman when it comes to war.
  27. Yeah, Dreamy McBaggy Britches (Ashley) isn’t really my cup of tea either. I’m Team Rhett. I bet Etsy has tee shirts we can buy.
  28. She doesn’t actually hate him until she dies. If she had then the movie would have been a lot shorter.
  29. I don’t know why she’s marrying Gene Wilder look-alike guy either.
  30. Gene Wilder was an actor. We’ll watch Young Frankenstein later.
  31. Women wore black and had to stay in mourning for some time. Men, not so much.
  32. Right, it’s not fair. (*note to self – discuss the suffragist movement, sexual revolution, and feminism after lunch)
  33. Yes, they’re auctioning off dances with women (refer to number 32). That’s how they’re raising money for the cause.
  34. It’s for the best that Aunty Pitty just passed out – she’s pretty annoying.
  35. It would be nice to just pass out whenever something bad happens. Bad grade? Pass out. I don’t like what’s on TV? Pass out.
  36. There was a lot of spinning when they danced – I might have puked. But, you’ve got to admit , it looks a lot better than twerking.
  37. Truth be told, I thought the bonnet looked pretty funny when she put it on the right way too.
  38. Gettysburg was a pretty significant battle. Remember, we went there. Seriously, you don’t remember? Big field, in the middle of Pennsylvania? Yes, that Gettysburg – the one with the really nice gift shop where you got sit on a bench with Abe Lincoln.
  39. Melanie’s like this the whole movie. It’s like the very act of speaking leaves her breathless. It’s excruciating to watch. Spoiler alert: she dies.
  40. I have to admit. I don’t see how they fit up the stairs or through doorways either. Very impractical, those hoop skirts.
  41. Really, he’s leading her on. You are not allowed to tie any sort of belt onto any boy ever. EVER.
  42. Belle Watlin is a lady of the night.
  43. No, that’s different. Um, she’s more of an entertainer. But, let’s focus on something else, okay?
  44. I’m not sure if unmedicated amputation is more painful than childbirth. Hmmm. Good question.
  45. This is the big action scene. There are no transformers, nor will there be. Stop asking.
  46. No he is not eating her face, this is not a zombie show. Rhett was kissing her.
  47. Well, then close your eyes because Rhett likes to kiss Scarlett a lot.
  48. Twelve Oaks is gone, but Tara will make it. It has to, there’s like 6 more hours of this movie.
  49. Disease spread quickly, took out whole families. (*segue into conversation about handwashing)
  50. So, she’s really hungry.
  51. Intermission is when people are supposed to get up to go to the restroom at the movies. It’s like the half way point. What do we have – 4 hours left?
  52. Right, they’re still in dresses. I know it’s hard to work in a skirt, but pants were not an option. (*again, refer back to number 32).
  53. Police weren’t really available then. You had to defend your land yourself. (*note to self, educate on fire arm safety)
  54. There’s not a lot of room and board options in the South at this point. Tara’s all they got.
  55. No, Ashley is not being a good guy. Do not date the Ashley’s of the world.
  56. Yes, Scarlett is absolutely breaking girl code again.
  57. Don’t worry, she’ll get the tax money.
  58. Yes those are curtains! I know, right? There’s this hilarious Carol Burnett skit…
  59. You don’t? I suppose we can You Tube Carol Burnett later.
  60. Right, that was Sue Ellen’s beau.
  61. No, Scarlett’s hand does not belong in his pocket.
  62. Well, she did what she had to do. Women didn’t have the same options then, that they have now (*refer back to number 32)
  63. And now she’s a female business owner. Way to “Lean in”, Scarlett!
  64. Well, she’s really not supposed to be riding through bad neighborhoods by herself.
  65. And she’s passed out. I’m telling you – passing out is the ultimate way to avoid subjects that you don’t actually want to deal with.
  66. Yep, another husband has passed on. She’d have her own Lifetime movie for sure.
  67. I know she’s saying no, but she really does like him. But, you don’t get to be like that. Ever. For you, no really does mean no.
  68. Eating her face again.
  69. I also dream of being allowed to do a remodel without any sort of budget.
  70. Babies were not born in hospitals, they were born at home.
  71. Yes, that was messy.
  72. Right, she is still obsessed with Ashley.
  73. Well, Belle is Rhett’s good friend. So, he likes to visit her when he needs advice. And for other things…
  74. They are awfully dressed up all the time, but there’s not really such a thing as leisure-ware.
  75. Uh oh! Oh no they didn’t! It doesn’t matter if they weren’t kissing or not, it’s the appearance of impropriety that’s the issue.
  76. Why yes, that is an inappropriate gown to wear to a birthday party.
  77. I know, I know. Melanie is still being nice.
  78. And we are just going to fast forward through this little scene.
  79. Well, he’s going to London because he’s angry and would rather run from the problem instead of confronting it head on.
  80. She’s letting him go because she can’t put aside her pride to tell him how she feels, plus she still has this ridiculous dream of Ashley. It’s really a tragedy. If only they had couple’s therapy, you know?
  81. Well, he feels bad because he kind of made her fall down the stairs.
  82. Right, little kids should wear helmets when they ride horses.
  83. This is sad. (*spends a few minutes wiping off tears while pretending neither one of us are actually crying)
  84. So, she’s very sick with some mysterious ailment that makes her chronically weak.
  85. And here is where she decides that Ashley is a jerk.
  86. No, he’s not coming back.
  87. Really, I’m being completely honest with you – he isn’t turning around.
  88. She has a tendency to deflect issues and put things off so she never has to actually deal with them.
  89. Well, I suppose the idea is that he’ll come back but you’re not going to see it. I’m 100% telling the truth. There is no happy ending here.
  90. I suppose it is a bit like The Wizard of Oz. She does need to get back home again.
  91. No. There is no sequel worth watching.
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23 Responses

  1. hollybushbooks

    Fabulous and funny! Perfect start for my day! I remember (ages ago) renting Hitchcock’s The Bird’s for my 10 year olds sleep-over. They laughed the whole way through and kept rewinding to try and see a motor on the birds.

    • jessicajefferson

      That’s a great idea – she would love The Birds! Kids just don’t appreciate the lengths Hollywood went through to create special effects before computers!

  2. nmayer2015

    This list was hilarious and much better than the movie. It has been ages since I saw the movie or read the book but I could almost follow the story by your comments. I do not think GWTW a romance though many people think It romantic. Good character sketch of Scarlette but she isn’t the sort of person I enjoy knowing. Really funny list.

    • jessicajefferson

      Scarlett’s awful, that’s what makes her great! This is hardly a romance, like you said. My kid was angry all day – she really thought Rhett was coming back!

  3. allybroadfield

    LOL! This is awesome. I haven’t considered watching GWTW with my daughter yet .We did watch the MTV Scream series this summer, though. No? Not the same as GWTW? I can’t get her interested in Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, either. The only one she has any interest in is Outlander, but that’s not gonna happen.

    • jessicajefferson

      My kids want to watch Outlander so bad! There’s only one or two episodes I allowed them to watch (limited nookie factor), and in the end they didn’t understand what the big deal was.

    • jessicajefferson

      Thank you. I knew she was truly sick and not just skipping school when she agreed to watch it. I had a piece written about Regency games, but when she started making comments – I couldn’t resist!

  4. Alyssa Alexander

    Oh my gosh, Jessica, this is HILARIOUS! I recently had something similar when I watched The Wizard of Oz with my 7 year old!!

    • jessicajefferson

      I’ve blogged random thoughts before and think sometimes the spontaneity works better than the best planned piece. And if you throw in a kid – even better! They have no filters!

  5. Barbara Monajem

    OK, so now I have to watch the movie with the list beside me. 🙂 Because comedy is more fun than draaaaaaaaaaaaama.

  6. Andrea Sommers

    “And we are just going to fast forward through this little scene.” heeheeheeheeheee.

  7. ginaconkle2013

    Numbers 58 and 66 are my favorites. 88 is insightful. GWTW is epic (movie and book). I read it in 5th grade and loved it then and I love it now. Your list gives a great spin and had me smiling the whole way through.