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FrogHere at Embracing Romance, on Fridays we feature guest authors. We love introducing some of our favorite authors to you, sometimes with a delightful interview with them, sometimes we turn the spotlight on them, featuring all their books, and sometimes the author will write a post, something relative to the genre they write. A favorite with our readers was Cindy Nord’s post on Regency morning garments.

The guest interviews always fascinate me. I love the insights and fun things I glean about an author whose books I love. For my post today, I thought I would conduct an interview with myself. Who knows, I might learn something about myself I didn’t know. ☺


ER: What’s the first thing you’d like us to know about you, Sandra?

That I’m an introvert. It’s very hard for me to put myself out there, which is totally necessary in today’s publishing world. Unless I know someone personally, I get tongue-tied when it comes to conversations. That applies to social media, too. Twitter scares the daylights out of me because things happen so fast there, and I’m paranoid about saying something that comes out all wrong. It’s happened to me and it’s mortifying.

I’m much more comfortable on Facebook, as I can take my time to compose a post. I worry—probably too much—that I’m going to bore people. This carries over into making phone calls. I hate it when my husband asks me to take care of something via phone. What if they’re busy and I’m bothering them? I think that’s one reason why I love writing books. I can lose myself in a world that exists only in my head. If I’m bothering my characters, too bad. They’re mine, so I can bore them to my heart’s content. Also, I can delete anything said that I don’t like before anyone sees it.

ER: Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants?

I’m a panster through and through. I’m trying to learn how to do a little plotting – not chapter by chapter, or anything like that. I find if I try to plot everything out I just freeze up. It might be the Gemini in me. From How To Recognize a Gemini – “It’s extremely rare to find a Gemini who likes to write personal letters.” Why? Because two minutes after we mail that letter, we change our mind about what we wished we’d said. I hate writing personal letters for that very reason. For me, this spills over into trying to plot. It’s a useless endeavor because I’ll just change my mind, and plotting makes me feel boxed in, and I start getting all panicky inside.

I’m in the process of writing a proposal for my next series, which means I have to write a synopsis for books not written yet. Someone hand me a paper bag to breathe into. Quick!

ER: What is your favorite part of writing?

When my characters take over the story and the words are coming almost faster than I can keep up. My second favorite thing is typing THE END.

ER: What’s your least favorite part of writing?

Two things. The first, when my characters decide to go silent on me. That usually happens when I try to force something on them that they don’t like. They’ll give me the silent treatment until I give in and let them have their way. I have to admit that most of the time, they’re right. The second is the middle of the book. I guess because the beginning and end of a book comes so easily to me, that it’s only fair that I have to struggle over something. This is always the part where I’m positive I suck as a writer.

ER: Do you have to have the hero and heroine’s names before you are able to begin a story? Do you ever change them at any point in the process?

Absolutely. No names, no writing. I will have the seed of an idea for my next book, but gotta have those names. And they have to be right for the character, which is a little hard because I don’t really know much about my hero and heroine at that point.

As for changing them, I’ve only done that once. In book four of my K2 Special Services series, Lost In Her (due out early next year), I changed my heroine’s name three times. I needed a name for her that also could belong to a man, so for the whole first draft of the book, she was Jacqueline/Jack. During revisions, I realized I had characters named Jack, Jake, Jamie, Joe, and Julie. Not good. Since Jake and Jamie were characters from previous books in the series, I couldn’t change theirs. So I changed all the others. My heroine became Samantha/Sam during round one revisions, but that just didn’t seem quite her. Finally, I settled on Charlene/Charlie and bingo! The name felt right and she was also happy with it.

ER: What’s next for Sandra Owens, and would you be willing to share a little about works-in-progress, or an upcoming book?

Right now, I’m writing the first draft of book five (the final one) of the K2 Special Services series. As for what’s next, finishing the proposal for a series I have in mind so I can get it in my agent’s hands. Then it will be cross fingers and toes time that someone wants it.

My next upcoming book is Falling For Her, book three of the K2 Special Services series, due out this fall.

Fast Five:
Favorite Holiday: Christmas!
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Drink: Wine
Favorite Animal: Cat

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Sandra lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She is a 2013 Golden Heart Finalist for her contemporary romance, Crazy for Her.

A few highlights of Sandra’s life she fondly recalls are jumping out of a plane, flying upside down in a stunt plane, and riding her Harley in the mountains of Southern California and along the coast of Maine. Although those events in her life were great fun, nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction she gets from writing her stories.

Connect with Sandra:

Website:  http://www.sandra-owens.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandraOwensAuthor

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SandyOwens1

Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/sandraowens9404

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  1. bmonajem

    High five, sister. I’m a tongue-tied introvert pantser who hates making phone calls and the middle of the book, too. (But I change characters’ names all the time.) BTW, you didn’t seem introverted when you came and sat beside me at the Montlake signing last year. You hide it well. :)) Loved this interview so much!!

  2. allybroadfield

    Great interview, Sandra. Maybe you’re not as introverted as you think. 🙂

  3. angelinajameson

    I’m a panster as well. I also need names of at least my hero and heroine before I can start writing. 🙂 Great interview. As far as book rec’s. I’ve had some DNF’s lately so I’m not a very good source.

  4. Alyssa Alexander

    This is the best interview, Sandra!! And I hear you on both the introvert part (I consider myself an extroverted introvert) and on the middle of the book. I hate that sagging middle…

    • Sandra Owens

      Thanks, Alyssa! Looking forward to meeting you in NY and cheering for you at the awards ceremony.