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It’s no longer enemies to lovers for the Blind Series (Viking romance). This time, I challenged myself and wrote a redemption story. Something I’ve never done before. Blind Redemption features Aaron McNally, the family outcast from Blind Mercy who ended up in Norway mooching off his cousin for years. After his kinsman finds happiness with the woman of his dreams, Aaron betrays him.

How do you atone for so many misdeeds? Very carefully.

Blind Redemption opens with Aaron converting—swearing allegiance to Odin.

Of course, later on, my heroine makes this keen observation…

The rogue represented a Norse king but slept under his clan colors. She shook her head. Another reason she doubted him. Just who did Jarl McNally serve? What god did he pray to? What country did he love?

Very reasonable questions for a lady to ask before she falls head over heels for a Scotsman turned Viking (sort of).

Ultimately, what started out as my biggest writing challenge ended up my favorite story in the series. The moral—the more you write outside your comfort zone, the better you get.

Blind Redemption releases on June 25, 2014.


Here’s a sneak peek…

Hours later, Kara winced. She’d never ridden a horse so far. Gone without food for so long. And never wanted to gut someone with a knife so badly. Her legs and arse were numb. When Aaron finally chose a place to stop for the night, she was too weak to dismount. Damn his underhanded tactics. He knew she’d never complain. Knew she’d fight to keep pace with him the whole way. And knew she’d be as stiff as a board come nightfall.

As he unpacked, he whistled as if he hadn’t a care in the world. Then, he unrolled his fur and spread his tartan over it. The rogue represented a Norse king but slept under his clan colors. She shook her head. Another reason she doubted him. Just who did Jarl McNally serve? What god did he pray to? What country did he love? He continued his preparations without stopping to check on her. Kara slumped in the saddle, nearly too tired to hold herself up. She bitterly refused to ask his assistance.

By now, her arms were tingling. She’d probably suffer a permanent disfigurement just so the jarl could make his point—she wasn’t as strong as him. She envisioned herself as a cripple, hunch backed from leaning over so long. Finally, she managed to drag her left leg over the saddle. When her feet touched ground, she staggered to the nearest cluster of trees. Before she went too far, Aaron called for her.

He caught up with her. “I told you to stay close.”

At first there appeared to be two of him. She closed her right eye—getting the same result. “I’m not in the habit of asking permission to see to my personal needs.”

“Look around Kara,” he said. “There’s no chamber pots. No safety.”

Bullying swine. “I’m sure I’ll find my way back.”

Aaron’s strong fingers fastened around her arm. “It’s late. I’m tired. You’re exhausted. Don’t fight me.”

Kara took a deep breath, suddenly feeling wide awake. The smug look on his face infuriated her. She jabbed a finger in his chest. “Fight you? You cast more insults than a stable boy slings shite.” She walked him back several feet. “I deserve respect. Unless all of this is because you wish to peek under my skirts.”

His lips twitched. And then he came dangerously close, making her feel very small and helpless. “Careful with your words, lass.” His hot gaze swept over her. “And your body…”

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