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Last week VIKINGS UNEARTHED aired on PBS/NOVA, revealing new evidence that Vikings ventured even further south into the Americas. As an avid Vikings fan (not the football team), I was thrilled to see that archeologists, scientists, and historians haven’t given up on my favorite culture. Its been over fifty years since the last Norse site (Canada) has been discovered.

Using satellite technology, excavation, and investigation of archaeological evidence, space archaeologist Dr. Sarah Parcak (National Geographic Fellow, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and winner of the TED 2016 prize), archaeologist Douglas Bolender (University of Massachusetts, Boston), historian Dan Snow (winter is coming), and a team of leading experts from around the globe have discovered, excavated and examined a new archaeological site at Point Rosee, located in southern Newfoundland.





Though the findings are preliminary, the lab results left no doubt that Vikings walked the land surrounding Point Rosee. Which brings into question the findings along the coast of Massachusetts and well into Minnesota. How far did our beloved Norseman press into the United States and Canada?

The Viking Sagas spell it out in detail, even describing a trade relationship with the native people of Canada and America.

Why did they leave?

Outnumbered and with limited resources, the Norse knew when to go.

Which brings to mind the idea of Explorers Day or another special date that recognizes all the cultures that impacted/changed our world.

I highly recommend watching Vikings Unearthed.



I have double releases this month…

April 19, 2016

Love's Fury final cover


Caught between duty and passion…

After losing a drinking wager with his eldest brother, Konal the Red finds himself drafted by the Danish prince and fighting in Northumbria. Once his military contract expires, he intends to return to Norway where he belongs. But his exploits have earned him respect, lands, and a few enemies. Rewarded with a Saxon beauty who inspires more than simple passion, he’s determined to win her trust and body.

Caught between a heart locked on revenge and seduction…

Silvia, the only child of the church undersecretary, vows to avenge her beloved father after he’s killed in a siege. It doesn’t matter which Viking wielded the axe—an eye for an eye is the only thing that will satisfy her. When Konal claims her as a spoil of war, she sees it as the perfect opportunity for revenge. She never expects to discover a pure heart buried beneath Konal’s barbaric exterior.

As Konal slowly rekindles a spark of life inside her, their fates become hopelessly entwined. Not only must they withstand the violence of the envious lust-mongers who threaten them, Konal and Silvia must choose what’s most important—tradition or love that cannot be denied.





April 12, 2016 (today)…



Ambitious young attorney Tina Bethel doesn’t have time for commitment, but she wouldn’t pass up some hot, no-strings sex with the right guy—like Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos. Six feet, five inches of solid muscle and biker masculinity, he revs Tina up like no man ever has. The trouble is, every time they get physical, Tina’s cravings are never quenched—because Vincent always pumps the brakes before the point of no return.

With her sexy body packaged in a short skirt, Tina’s enough to drive any man crazy. Vincent isn’t sure how he’s resisted her shameless come-ons. He just knows that if he gives in, he won’t be able to stop—and after two failed marriages, he can’t afford any more broken promises. But when a disgruntled client of Tina’s starts stalking her, Vincent has to make up his mind about his true feelings—fast. Because if he’s willing to put his body in the line of fire, he should be able to risk his heart in the name of love.

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