Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post!

Readers read historical romance for rare glimpses into the past. For the FANtastical indulgence of magnificent manor houses, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, budding love, and to escape the mundane. Writers write historical romance to experience adventure, weave stories within a fascinating time period, and bring the past to life. And oh! when historical fact and fiction collide, magic happens. Huzzah!!!

As a historical romance author, I love adding historical information to my stories. The right amount of history and the perfect historical tidbit gives a book three-dimensional qualities. In my Nelson’s Tea Series, research on Admiral Nelson led to a multitude of historical inclusions: the Admiralty’s order to protect England’s shores in 1801, Baroness Chauncey’s attempt to save Nelson’s life at Covent Garden, the Trafalgar Dispatch and Lapenotiere’s 37 hour ride, poetry spawned from Nelson’s death, and the fascinating 16 day trial of Lord Melville, which inspired my third book in the Nelson’s Tea Series, The Rogue’s Surrender.

In my new Regent’s Revenge Series, I spent a lot of time researching Exeter, England. What better way to discover how people lived than reading historical documents, journals, and newpapers? Sometimes fact is more stranger than fiction!

Newspapers are a great source of information on daily life and the mores of the times. In my case, weekly newspapers Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post (1800-1900), the Exeter Gazette (1827-1999), Sherborne Mercury (1748-1867), and the Western Times provided a refreshing addition to my series

Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post evolved from Trewman’s Exeter Mercury or West Country Advertiser of 1763, and was run by Robert Trewman until his death in 1802. His widow and son, Robert, and grandson, Robert James Trewman, continued the newspaper until it was sold to James Bellerby. A weekly paper, Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post was the oldest and most widely circulated conservative newspaper west of England, truly the first of its kind. It was also firmly established at 225/226 High Street throughout the 19th Century, “an address that would become synonymous with newspaper publishing in Exeter. Its rivalry with Thomas Latimer‘s Western Times, published from Fore Street would galvanize public opinion for reform and better conditions, throughout Victoria’s reign.”

Trewman’s Exeter Evening-Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser
(Produced between 28th April 1769 and the 21st December 1770.) ~ 86 issues.
Trewman’s Exeter Flying-Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser
(Produced between 28th December 1770 and the 10th August 1848.) ~ 3933 issues.
Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Wilts and Gloucester Advertiser
(Produced between 17th August 1848 and the 13th April 1887.) ~ 1915 issues.
Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post – incorporated with the Evening Post
(Produced between 16th April 1887 and the 6th June 1902.) ~ 4650 issues.
Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post
(Produced between 7th June 1902 and the last issue on 21st April 1917.) ~ 776 issues.

After the last issue was printed, the plant and machinery were auctioned on the 25th April and the office files and records purchased by the Exeter City Library. ~ Source: Exeter Memories

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 1813

*Pictured issue 2510 for Thursday 14th October 1814. Printed and published by R. and M. Trewman, nearly opposite St Martin’s lane, High street.
Trewman's Exeter Flying Post

*Pictured issue 11,657 for the 21st April 1917, this being the last Exeter Flying Post produced. The front page is covered with notices and adverts apart from the right hand column which covers war news.


What better way to introduce chapters of The Pirate’s Duchess than present fictional clippings from Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post, describing the Black Regent’s activities and the reactions of revenue men chasing my successful, fictional Robin Hood-inspired pirate along the Devon and Cornish coast, eh?

This is the lead-in to Chapter One of The Pirate’s Duchess!

SMUGGLING! If ever there was a need to TERMINATE this ill-timed enterprise, Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post insists the BLACK REGENT and his intolerable crew occasion the greatest enthusiasm and the hopes of mortals! Let it be known, ANYONE caught AIDING the cunning villain will be held LIABLE for damages and sent to ROUGEMONT.

~ Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post, 1 February 1807

In order to write these magnificently over-the-top newspaper snippets, I had to read through the old newspaper clippings to get an understanding of the melodramatic methods these newspapers employed. History proves very interesting indeed!

In The Pirate’s Duchess, one of eight tantalizing kiss-and-tell Regencies in the Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss box set, Lady Osgood frequently supplies Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post with delicious gossip. In her eyes, it’s a calling to watch over the good people of Exeter and a proper way for a society maven to entertain the masses.

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Do you still read the newspaper? What sections do you focus on? One lucky commenter will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!


48 Responses

  1. Kathy Davis

    My husband and I still enjoy the newspaper. I usually skim the headlines and then head for the life styles section, then I work on the crossword puzzle. My hubby reads the front section with the “real news” stories, then he slims the obituary section.

  2. Katherine Bone

    Ahoy, Lady Kathy! I do the same thing you do, skim headlines and then head to the lifestyle, entertainment section. LOL! My rogue reads through the first section and glances through the rest. 😉

  3. Ally Broadfield

    Great post, Katherine. I’m a major history geek. My editor nearly always has to rein me in on my use of historical details so it doesn’t bog down the story. My newspaper reading is limited to the NY Times on Sundays (please don’t enter me in the giveaway).

    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, Lady Ally!!! Isn’t that the way of it? I always have to pulls the reins back on my historical details. LUV them!!! So happy to know I’m not the only one who gets lost in the details. LOL!!! 😉

  4. dholcomb1

    we receive a newspaper, I tend to gravitate toward the ads, special features in the Sunday paper, coupons, and the crosswords.


    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, Lady dholcomb1!!! I used to be a big coupon saver but haven’t kept up with it recently. Always good to see savings add up on the grocery receipt. Woot!!!

      Wish I was good at the crossword puzzles in the paper. Whew! They can be mindbogglin’ so hats off to you!!! 😉

    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, Mary!!! I do check out the comics. My spyglass aims for juicy pirate snippets. Occasionally, I find a nice surprisin’ nugget! LOL!!! Those ARR great days! 😉

  5. Jane Aschtgen Bowen

    No don’t read the Newspaper printed hear..cause they aren’t worth the money the charge for it!!

    • Jane Aschtgen Bowen

      Printed here..oh auto correct do your job for ONCE!

      • Katherine Bone

        Ahoy, Lady Jane! We used to get a newspaper everyday and then they decided to deliver every other day. Strangely, people want to get their news online. LOL! After that, our paper kind of sucked cannonballz too. Rogue gets the USA Today paper and it’s actually quite good! 😉

  6. Julie McDonough

    I still read all the parts of the newspaper except for the sports. it will be a sad day when there is no longer an actual paper newspaper.

    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, Lady Julie!!! Thanks for commenting here! I’d hate to see newspapers run out of business because of the Internet. I think there are still plenty of people who want to get actual papers delivered to their doorstep.

      Depending on the time of year, I’ll check out the sports section. LOL!!!

  7. Nicole Laverdure

    I don’t buy the newspaper anymore, because our Journal is not printed anymore during the week, I browse the headlines online and television.

    • Katherine Bone

      I’m so sorry to hear that your newspaper doesn’t go to print anymore, Lady Nicole! What a bummer!!! The wonderful thing about tv and the Internet is that you can get news whenever you want to find it though. Convenience and paper-free are changing the world. 😉

    • Katherine Bone

      Thanks for commenting today, Lady Jennifer! Do you get most of your news from the tv or Internet? Or are you like me, sometimes wanting to stop hearing about all the bad things in the world? 😉

  8. Aleen Davis

    I have never been one to read the newspaper, but when we used to get it I focused on the comic section lol!

  9. Celeste Jonkman

    Ahoy Katherine, Yes I do read the newspaper, section A, for the most recent news and the obituary notices, because where I work at, we need to update the patient chart with the date of death….bummer I know. But, it’s all about accuracy

    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, Lady Celeste! Interesting that your occupation stretches in to the obituary section. I never thought of that! 😉

  10. Laurie Bergh

    I still read the newspaper. I like to do the crossword puzzle. I read everything except the sports.

  11. BookLady

    What an interesting post about newspapers! I enjoy reading the newspaper, especially the local news, lifestyle section, and the puzzles.

    • Katherine Bone

      Ahoy, BookLady! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my post! There’s a lot of goodness in a local paper and a paper providing world news! I luv both!!! 😎

  12. Audrey Stewart

    I read our local paper every day. I read the obits first. Then I read the local news. World news is next. Then is the entertainment section. I read “Dear Abby” , horoscope, “The Lighter Side” , then I do the crossword puzzle. I do the NY Times Sunday crossword every week.

  13. Jolan

    Ahoy! Used to love looking at the old print! Haven’t been out to do it in forever. I only read the paper to see local crime section and flyers. Sometimes I get stuck on the puzzles, but it’s usually short lived.

    • Katherine Bone

      Lady Jolan, I’m impressed you want to read the crime section! And I’m envious you only get stuck on the puzzles momentarily. Lol!!! I’m hopeless with newspaper crosswords. My Grandy did them everyday to keep his mind sharp and that always impressed me growing up! 😉

  14. Mary Preston

    I read the news online. I have a newspaper as my home page, so I get updates and headlines all day.

  15. Glenda

    I’ve moved to online news sources. Though we still have a limited subscription to the city newspaper since we are friends with the editor. Just don’t tell her I never read the paper version. 😉

    • Katherine Bone

      You reminded me why I read the newspaper, iamshortnote! I love our Go magazine and the Parade magazine for entertainment purposes. I’m always checking out movies, books, museum articles and more. 😉

  16. iamshortanote

    I still read the newspaper. I like political cartoons and articles. I check out the obituary column. I read the funnies, weather, what’s happening around town. I check what movies are playing, what food is on sale and in spring/summer/fall I check out garage sales and any articles on books or authors.
    Thank you for your giveaway.

    • Katherine Bone

      You reminded me why I read the newspaper, iamshortnote! I love our Go magazine and the Parade magazine for entertainment purposes. I’m always checking out movies, books, museum articles and more. 😉

  17. Linda

    I do but may miss days depending on how busy I am. Mainly the sport news, international news & comics. Oh & recipes!

  18. Dawn Morse

    Used to deliver newspaper as youngster since inherited brothers route. . I read second hand from parents copy now.

  19. Marilyn

    No my family does not buy the newspapers. There is enough news on the internet and cable channels. Thanks for the giveaway.