The Seduction of Lady Charity – The Baxendale Sisters, Book #4 (Released this month)

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Maggi here.

I had planned this to be the release day for The Seduction of Lady Charity, but the best laid plans… The book will be published before the end of this month. Each of these stories can be read as a standalone, although, you might enjoy learning more about each of the five sisters and their journeys to matrimony.



Here’s an excerpt.

Robin, now the Duke of Harwood has sought Charity’s advice on his art collection.

Charity walked over to the dark oil painting. She examined it closely. “This obviously needs restoration. It’s a fine work by Rembrandt.”

“My secretary has a catalogue of all the artworks, but says it needs updating.” Robin consulted his notes. “I believe this to be The Blinding of Samson.”

“A ghoulish subject, although any of his work is worth keeping.”

They continued along the passage discussing those they came across, two of which Robin insisted should be replaced.

“They are all very fine paintings, Robin. It’s a matter of taste.”

“I have one more to show you before we go to the portrait gallery.”

They entered a blue-and-gold bedroom. Charity went straight to the painting he had in mind. A naked lady in her bed welcoming her lover.

“The mythical character, Danae,” he explained, eyeing her carefully, “who later bore Zeus’ son, Perseus.”

“Your uncle had a keen eye for art. He could hardly go wrong with Rembrandt,” she said pragmatically.

“Indeed.” Aware that he and Charity were in a bedroom, standing before a naked woman in the throes of passion, he tugged at his cuffs. “I should keep it?”

“Oh yes.” She sounded breathless. “I would. It’s perfect for this lovely room. Whose bedroom would this have been? We’re not in the guest wing, are we?”

“This is the duchess’s suite. There’s a dressing room through that door, which opens into the duke’s bedchamber.”

She walked to the door and peered inside. “My, what a big bath. You could almost fit two in it.”

He raised an amused eyebrow. “I believe it might be possible.”

She spun on her heel and walked to the window. “There’s a wonderful view of the rose garden from here.”

He came to stand beside her and leaned forward, his head close to hers. “And the ornamental lake. See?” He pointed. “In the distance.”

“I can see it shimmering. One day, I should like to visit it and the gardens.”

“I’ll be pleased to give you a guided tour. When would it be convenient?”

She turned around to face him. Before she could answer, someone knocked on the door.

Robin sighed. “Enter.”

His butler came in. “Lord Bellamy has arrived, Your Grace. As he has joined Lady Mercy in the salon, I thought I’d better advise you.”

“Thank you, Franklin.”

Charity was already heading for the door.



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