The Language of Flowers by Maggi Andersen

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I like to use flowers in my stories. In my Baxendale Sisters series, Charity’s husband, Robin, the Duke of Harwood, likened the girls to roses, and this theme was adopted In THE SEDUCTION OF LADY CHARITY and also in my new book, THE SCANDALOUS LADY MERCY.

The language of flowers is called floriography and has been around for thousands of years. Jane Austen used floriography in her writings. So did the Bronte sisters.

Due to the publication of Le Langage des Fleurs in 1819, Floriography grew enormously popular during the stricter Victorian era when flowers were employed as coded messages, with the use of Floral dictionaries.


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I love lilacs and roses. Do you have a favorite flower?


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Maggi Andersen is an Australian author of historical romance, mysteries, contemporary romantic suspense and young adult novels. She lives in a pretty historical town with her husband, a retired lawyer. Maggi is a bird lover, she supports the RSPCA, IFAW and Youth off The Streets. Maggi's latest Regency series is The Baxendale Sisters. Book #1 Lady Honor's Debt is available on Amazon, and relevant sites.

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  1. Teri

    Love your books! My favorite flower is the carnation. The scent is pure magic for me.
    Happy New Year!

    • Maggi Andersen

      Thanks Teri! You’ve made my day. I love carnations too. They remind me of my childhood. We used to have them in the garden.

    • Maggi Andersen

      Gorgeous choices! Love them all! We have a tulip festival here every year.

  2. Teresa Broderick

    My favorite flowers are the Tulip and the Bluebell but I love all flowers. Lovely post.

    • Maggi Andersen

      A carpet of bluebells in the woods, Sigh. Is there anything more appealing?