The Guardian Angel w/ #Giveaway

A - SE in RedSeason’s Greetings! This is my first Embracing Romance post, and I’m so happy to be here. I should probably tell you a bit about my books, why I write what I do, where I live, my hobbies, etc. But you can find all that on my website or FB page. So I’ll just say that I write Scottish medieval romance and also ‘paranormal lights,’ most often Scottish time travels.

I will say that I’ve been published for a long time. Sixteen years and counting, which means I sold my first book back in the day. Before social media, before ebooks, before pretty much everything as the biz stands today.

So I’m jaded. A writing career is a roller coaster ride and I’ve seen its giddiest heights and lowest dips. I learned fast not to take anything for granted. Golden times can tarnish overnight and dark pits can reveal hidden treasure. Throughout it all, one thing has remained constant…

My belief in magic.

All of my books have magical threads. As an example, if you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know Devorgilla. She’s a magical crone who spreads a bit of mischief and matchmaking in my stories. At times I’ve had to battle editors to keep the Highland magic in my books. I’ve also seen review commentary about the ‘impossibility’ of this or that bit of legend, lore, or enchantment in my tales.

So I’m going to share a vignette from my life that illustrates why I will never doubt magic…

In my airline days, I lived in Germany. My home was a long distance to the airport, so I’d drive halfway and then board a commuter train. Quite often, I’d find myself waiting for a train. So I’d huddle in the glass shelter and read a romance novel. They were precious – treasures picked up on US trips and lugged home to Germany. These were the days before Kindle.

One bitter cold morning, I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t hear the train. When I did, I jumped up and dashed aboard, forgetting my book on the bench.

It was a really good story, so I decided to get off at the next station and trudge back to retrieve my book.
Off I went, slogging through the snow along the train tracks. Thick pine woods stretched between the stations and within a short time, I was in the heart of the woods.

A - Snowy Train II

Seemingly out of nowhere, an old German man stepped in front of me. He had a kindly air and a gentle face, and he warned me that ‘it was dangerous to walk so close to the tracks.’ He said that a high-speed train would soon race along this route. Walking as near to the tracks as I had been, I could be sucked beneath the train, he cautioned. Then he pointed to a slight gap in the pines alongside the tracks.

He told me that if I nipped through the opening, I’d find a path that would take me directly (and safely) to my destination, the previous station.

I thanked him and hastened to the gap he’d indicated, immediately seeing the path. Wanting to thank him one more time, I turned back – but he was gone.

It surprised me that such an old man could move so fast. It seemed I should have seen him walking away. Then I figured he’d ducked into the pines, disappearing as quickly as he’d appeared. But then I noticed something startling…

He hadn’t left footprints in the snow.

The only tracks were my own.

As I stood at the wood’s edge, marveling over that mystery, the high-speed train roared past. Had I been beside the tracks, I probably wouldn’t be typing this account of that long-ago encounter on a frosty morning in Bavaria.

I believe the old German man was a guardian angel.

Perhaps my own, or maybe he simply watches over those train tracks. Whoever, or whatever he was, he remains a reason I believe anything is possible. And why I’ll always infuse my stories with elements of enchantment.

Speaking of which, I’m so excited to have a truly magical 4-book collection releasing January 10th!

LORDS, LAIRDS, and LEGENDS: Magical Tales of Timeless Passion is available for .99 PRE-ORDER at all e-venues. This is a great collection of wonderful full-length books – two of my own top faves, and two by my author friend and first critique partner, Brenda Jernigan.

LLL Bundle 3D PNG FINAL- Box set PNG





For a $10 Amazon Gift Card, tell me if you’ve ever had an encounter with a guardian angel. (sometimes their help can be as subtle as a powerful urge to do or not do something)

I’ll announce a winner late tonight.

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USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder is known for her strong heroines, Alpha heroes, and weaving Highland magic and humor into her tales. Her passions are Scotland, medieval history, Celtic legend and lore, the paranormal, and animals. All can be found in her medieval romances and the contemporary paranormals she writes as Allie Mackay. She lives on Florida’s southwest coast with her husband and her muse, Snuggles the writer cat.

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  1. Barbara Monajem

    Sue-Ellen, what a fabulous experience. There’s something special about Bavaria… I met a white cat there who was actually the king of the fairies in disguise. It was after that that I began seriously to put the Fair Folk in some of my stories. It’s a little too much to stick to “reality” all the time. Welcome to Embracing Romance.

    P.S. Devorgilla is awesome. 🙂

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Barbara, I would love to hear your white cat story. So glad you have been to Bavaria. I miss it so much. Living there was like being inside the pages of a fairytale – every day! Agree about magic. Absolutely. Besides, how boring and bland would life be with the whimsy?

      Thanks re Dev. I swear the old gal is real. I now ‘take her with me’ to special places, like the InD’Tale Conference in Palm Springs this past September, or Highland Games. My friend Kathy Garuti gave me some red plaid shoe laces and I tie them into a ‘bow-tie when I go to events. For good luck. 🙂

  2. charlene

    yes, I was on a date and it got to be a little scary, i ran out of the car into the wooded area and he chased me and all of a sudden a man appeared in front of me and told me don’t be afraid, the boy came running up to me and saw the man and ran back to his car and drove away, i turned around and the man was gone, I was able to call home for help and my dad came for me. I have always felt this was my angel guarding me.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Wow, Charlene, that is so very similar to my own experience. Gives me chills. Thank goodness your guardian angel appeared when he did. You were very, very blessed and lucky. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. cbjake

    I don’t know if it’s a guardian angel of what but there’s many times I’ve lingered longer than normal leaving my house to go somewhere and have missed an accident that’s happened not long before. I’ve often thought if I left on time that could have been me. Maybe it was an angel holding me back, because there was no reason for me to linger like I had.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Those kinds of ‘nudges’ are also what I meant. Not as direct as seeing a real, solid-looking guardian angel before you as I believe happened to me that day, but just as powerful and strong. A sixth sense, or whatever you wish to call it. As I believe, such things come from guardian angels and/or spirits. Perhaps loved ones who have passed on and watch out for us. Clearly, your instincts have been spot on. Thank goodness.

  4. Linda

    No, unless you consider my mum. She’s my guardian angel & conscience for whom I strive to be a better person.

  5. Sharon Frizell

    never had an sighting with an angel but i sure do believe in them , i find that little voice in in your head at times and listen to it and sure enough when you things come out right , thanks for the smile for today and you know how much i love your books, have a great day.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Sharon, you know that I believe that ‘little voice’ comes from your very own Devorgilla. Such ‘messages’ are just as valid and strong as the experience I had, just different in expression. I imagine the old German man appeared to me as a physical being because of the urgency of the danger – the high-speed train roared past only moments after I moved to safety. Had the threat not been so imminent, I probably would have received a more subtle nudge to get away from the tracks, So glad you heed those messages.

      I know you love my books. Your kind words about them always brightens my days. Thank you!

  6. highlandlove

    Wow what a great experience! And yes you have been in the “business” a long time. That just means more books for readers to enjoy and devour, more love to walk with, more magic to watch take shape.

    Let’s see have I experienced magic……………well I have. On Several occasions. The time my grandmother was dying and she left a note on her mirror saying she loved us(she was in the hospital over 20miles from where I was, at home). The time my grandmother lay dying in her hospital bed in our living room while I “slept” on the floor near her and watched an Angel come in and visit with her, she got better for a time after that. Said that God thought I needed her a bit longer,which I did. There’s the time I felt her put her arms around me after we learned a close friend had died in a car accident, she rocked me as she had when I was a child. There’s the first time I slept “alone” in a bed and my Grandfather who’d been gone for years slept beside me and told me “baby you’ll never be alone”. And I never have been, either he or Grandma are always with me or they send me another angel. Grandma always said God sends us Angels in forms we’ll accept be it a lost loved one or a stranger, they don’t always look like Angels, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t. There’s the times my mom and I have felt things, heard whispers, felt hugs, or had help when we didn’t expect it. There’s the fact I meet my DH and we believe we actually played with each other yrs ago as kids…….there’s the magic of hearing your child laugh for the first time, or watching as your husband and mother hold your children for the first time and you SEE the love they have for that child just grow even more. There’s the time I “KNEW” my unborn child had died, I dreamed my grandmother took my baby’s hand (a dark haired little girl) and said “don’t worry she’ll be back but for now we’ll keep her, she’s safe” and I just KNEW my baby died that moment. I knew up til then I was having a girl. Had my mom come 2hrs to go with me to the doc who was wonderful and did an ultrasound to prove the child was alive. But from that moment on I knew I had a boy. And sure enough I had a son, who’s never acted like the older child. My younger dark haired daughter has always acted like the “older” of the two. There’s the fact that at each birth my grandmother held my hand and stood by me even though she’d been gone many years. With my baby girl she told me what to do, and I remember when they handed me my daughter I said “sorry it took so long baby”. I know she was to be born first but for some reason it was decided she’d stay a while longer and my son would be born first. Personally I think it’s because my Grandma knew I’d always wanted a son first then a daughter. So she made it happen. There’s the magic I see each time my son says “I’m a Grandma’s boy and I’m proud of it” even though he’s 14 and as far as he’s concerned there is nothing better than spending time with his grammie. There’s the magic of watching my kids laugh with their daddy and learn how to not stress over the details but to enjoy the world. There’s the magic of watching them see nature and they see and feel the beauty there as well as knowing how to survive by using what God gives us………………so yes I’ve seen and been touched by magic. It’s all around every day, every breathe we take…………and your books help to remind us of that.

    Thanks Sue-Ellen!


    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Wow, Wendy, your experiences give me chills – in the best-ever way! You have been very, very blessed, and many times. I agree about your son and daughter. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful moments. You are also fortunate to be sensitive and open-minded enough to recognize these moments for the blessings that they are. Too many people lose that ability as they leave childhood. We get ‘conditioned against such things’ by the ‘real world.’

      Thanks so much re my books. You’ve been around throughout my entire career, since Duncan and Devil in a Kilt days, that’s for sure. You always make me smile. xx

  7. Brenda Jernigan

    What an interesting story! I believe in guardian angels and always have. It give you a good feeling to think that someone is watching over you. Like the times that you are running late to go somewhere only to find that once you leave you would have been in a wreck if you’d been 10 mins earlier. I can remember one time when I was having a really bad time and I was on my knees praying, it felt like someone touched my shoulder and from that moment on I felt peaceful and knew everything would be OK. I will add that my guardian angel has to work real hard to keep me out of trouble. 🙂
    Mark your calendar for our book release on January 10th. We will have some nice prizes for you.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Great to see you in here, Brenda! Love your experiences. I knew you also believe in magic. It is just such times, indeed, when our guardian angels, spirit guides, and/or those loved ones we’ve lost, look after us like this. xx

  8. Lori Purtel

    Loved your first entry. A beautiful story about meeting a guardian. I personally am drawn to stories with a hint of magic or spirit animals.

    I guess the closest I’ve come to meeting a guardian or spirit was after my Mom died. She had endured a lengthy illness but because she had passed away at the age of 51, we were all having problems with the loss. Anyway to make a long story shorter, for about 6 months after she died I could feel my Mom’s presence in my house that I would turn around and be surprised that she wasn’t sitting in my living room. It was a weird feeling. Her presence was so strong that I felt like I could reach out and touch it.

    Keep up the good work you do, Sue-Ellen. Your stories are magic.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Oh, my gosh, Lori, that is heartbreaking – to lose your mother at 51. That is just tragic. It is beautiful that you sensed her near so strongly. She surely wanted to bring you comfort. Thank goodness you sensed her. That surely meant a lot to her as well.

      Thank you for your kind words about my books. They mean a lot. xx

  9. catslady

    I have goosebumps reading all these stories. I think I’m still waiting for mine. I do believe anything is possible and always have. Maybe because I grew up watching Twilight Zone lol. There is so much “out there” that we know nothing about. I can’t say I am religious but I am spiritual. For me reading is magical. Words on a page that make you believe you are in other times and places and worlds. And authors like you that take me there.That’s definitely magic 🙂 Love your stories.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Great to see you in here, Catslady. You are surrounded by the magic of love. You give so much to so many needy souls, every day. Perhaps you don’t see the magic I am talking about happening to you because you ARE the magic in this life. Love how you speak of reading. I agree – books are indeed magical.

      PS – I grew up watching and loving Twilight Zone, too. xx

  10. Glenda

    Many years ago my boss asked for volunteers to take a temporary job assignment halfway across the country. Something told me I HAD to go. I’m met my husband and we’ll be celebrating our 24th anniversary in a few months.

    I’m looking forward to more of you posts, Sue Ellen!

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Wow, Glenda!!! That is wonderful!! I love this. You were definitely being sent straight into your husband’s arms. Someone knew he was just the man for you and vice versa and played matchmaker. Truly a beautiful thing. Thank you so much for sharing this.

      Thank you for the warm welcome. I love blogging and am delighted to be here. 🙂

  11. Alyssa Alexander

    Welcome, Sue-Ellen! And, I believe in magic too. Absolutely. I believe in faeries and leprechauns and guardian angels. There’s magic everywhere, if you just look for it!

  12. Trudy Miner

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you tell that story before but I believe it; I believe in angels or whatever people think they are. As for me, many years ago, on my way to work early in the morning in the county north of me, I rolled a Subaru Forester on a rainy country road! By rights I should be dead but I walked away with only a scratch that’s only visible on my arm in certain light. My thought when the car stopped was, “I guess God isn’t finished with me yet.” Of course the car was totaled. This isn’t the only time something like that has happened but the most spectacular.

    At the beginning of the month, I went to Pennsylvania to visit family. My aunt and uncle are both 93 and I thought maybe I’d wait until Spring but I got the message very clearly, “No, you’ve got to go now.” So I went. I’ll see exactly what that meant but it was a strong stirring in my spirit when it came through.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Dear heavens, Trudy, you were very lucky. Blessed, indeed. That isn’t the kind of accident to walk away from with a mere scratch. Thank goodness you did. I agree – it was not your time. Know you were in Pennsylvania recently. Loved seeing the pictures of you with your family. Going when you did, because of such a strong urge, surely was the right thing to do. We should always heeds such gut feelings. xx

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Thanks so much for looking in here, Leah! I think you have heard this tale before. It still gives me shivers. As we both know and often discuss, there is so much more around us than we see with the naked eye. Souls and hearts see and hear deeper. xx

  13. Tina B

    What a great story, Sue-Ellen! I have heard many from family and friends, though I haven’t really experienced any of my own. I, too, believe in magic. 😉
    Welcome to Embracing Romance!!

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Thank you, Tina! You will surely be able to share such a tale of your own, one of these days. You are right – there are so many stories like this. So many people have such experiences. That alone, the similarity, gives them credence. One of the first commenters this morning, Charlene, related a tale very similar to mine. The same kind of male guardian angel appearing in a very dangerous / threat situation. Like me, she was very fortunate that day.

      Thank you, too, for the warm welcome in here. I love blogs and blogging and even ran one with a reader/friend, Kathy Garuti, for some years. I’m delighted to be here. xx

  14. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

    Ladies, it is almost 10 p.m. EST, so this is my last hurrah for the Giveaway. I will draw a random name and announce the winner at 11 p.m. EST. For now, heartfelt thanks to everyone for sharing your own magical tales and also for the warm welcome to Embracing Romance! See you shortly…

  15. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

    OK. Ladies, I have a winner ~ Lori Purtel! Actually, I have two. It’s always so hard for me to announce winners as I want everyone to win. So I often draw a second name and did so tonight. My bonus winner is Glenda! Ladies, please email me at welfonder @ msn (dot) com with your email addresses so I can send you your $10 Amazon Gift Cards.

    Everyone else, thank you so much for looking in and sharing your own wonderful experiences with the mystical and magic! I’ve enjoyed them all so much. Also, please watch for the announcement to my LORDS, LAIRDS, and LEGENDS Launch Party on FB on Jan. 10th. There’s a fabulous line-up of authors participating, and Brenda Jernigan and I have some amazing Giveaways for you. I might even give away a few audio books, so please stop by on Jan. 10th. The party page will go live soon – watch my FB pages for the announcement.

    Thanks again, everyone! See you next time! Oh, and…


  16. sonia Bissonette

    I have had many experiences of the paranormal, supernatural or divine intervention! One of my favorites happened about 12 years ago.
    It was good Friday.
    I was wearing one of my favorite t- shirts at the time. It had Jesus one it with a close up of a little girl looking at his hands. She asks ” what happened to ur hands”?
    I had gone to our local mall to pick up a few things. I was standing at a counter in the food court when all the sudden there was a very good looking younger man next to me. He looked at my shirt and said ” I really like that shirt”! I said thank you. The odd thing I first noticed was that he had a radiance or glow about him. I also had a strong feeling of love, peace and total acceptance that just rolled of him in like waves that I could ” see” when I looked into his eyes! He had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever see, light the held the light and love of the world in them. i turned to check on my daughter and when I turned back the guy was gone. I could not find or c him anywhere in that food court, it was not overly crowded either so he should have been easy to spot, he was just gone!! I can still see his eyes when I think about him.