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Do you enjoy true alpha heroes? If so, what's more alpha than a Viking?  I had never had much interest in Vikings or romance set in ancient times until my E.R. buddy Violetta Rand introduced me to the History Channel's Viking series. I watched the first episode with skepticism only to become totally and immediately hooked! I ended up watching the entire first season in a single night Vikings marathon! 3f046b2bafef57f15443e243f43e0477

I later went on to read Violetta's fabulous Viking romances (BLIND ALLEGIANCE, BLIND MERCY, BLIND REDEMPTION, BLIND CONFESSION).



At the time, I never could have imagined that I would also venture into ancient worlds, but one year ago I did exactly that when asked to contribute a story to Kathryn LeVeque's De Wolfe Pack Kindle World.

Although Kathryn's fabulous stories are set in the medieval era, I decided to go further back in time and write about her character's ancestors in a story called BRETON WOLFE , that is currently a finalist for IND'Tale Magazines' prestigious RONE Award.


Breton Wolfe by Victoria Vane

(The Wolves of Brittany #1) A De Wolfe Pack Novella

She swore to defy him to her dying breath... But passion blurs the line between love and hate...

The bluest blood and the hardest heart... at least when it comes to marriage... The daughter of a duke and granddaughter of a king, Adele of Vannes was bartered at birth in a marriage treaty for the sole purpose of producing a royal heir. When her philandering husband is slain by Norse marauders, she is coerced to wed again in order to protect her home and her people. Adele knows that her beloved Brittany needs a strong hand to survive, but how can she ever reconcile her bitterness and hatred with the desire she feels for her mortal enemy?

She’s the jewel he seeks for his Breton crown...A Barbarian bent on building a dynasty, Valdrik Vargr, ‘the Norse Wolf,’ is renowned for both his bravery in battle and shrewdness in statecraft. Setting his sights on claiming the kingdom of Brittany, he knows that siring sons from royal blood would solidify his hold, but the woman he would claim as his queen refuses to have him. Will he fuel her hatred by taking her to his bed, or will the man who strikes terror in the hearts of men be reduced to wooing his bride? AVAILABLE FOR $1.99 EXCLUSIVELY FROM AMAZON


Surprisingly, what began as an "experiment" for me has now become an entire series! I just released the second title in the series (Ivar The Red) and will be working on Book #3 (The Bastard of Brittany) for an early 2017 release.

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Ivar The Red by Victoria Vane

(The Wolves of Brittany #2) A De Wolfe Pack Novella


As the epic struggle to rule Brittany continues, Ivar the Red unexpectedly finds himself in charge of the Norse army after his brother, Valdrik, is severely wounded. Intensely loyal, Ivar is prepared to do everything to see their victory through—except taking a Breton wife. Nevertheless, Lady Emma of Quimper fascinates him more than any woman he’s ever known. Although her highborn status protects her from bondage, Ivar vows to claim her as his own.

Lady Emma of Quimper is determined to defend her home as fiercely as any knight, until she opens the gates to save an old friend from Viking invaders. But her trust has been misplaced, and she finds herself at the mercy of a bloodthirsty heathen—Ivar the Red. Pride keeps Emma from fully surrendering to the conquering lord of Quimper, even when she realizes he’s not quite the devil she imagined.

Ivar has always enjoyed a challenge, especially one from a beautiful Amazon with the heart of a warrior. Though she defies him at every turn, Ivar deals gently with Emma—until she betrays his trust and escapes. Refusing to be made a fool, Ivar sets out to recover his captive who is determined to return to Quimper at the head of an army. When Ivar finds her in the clutches of death, he suddenly realizes she matters far more than his injured pride and sexual desire. He will do anything to save her and give up everything to make her his.  AVAILABLE FOR $1.99 EXCLUSIVELY FROM AMAZON



For a chance to win an e-book copy of my award-nominated BRETON WOLFE, tell me what you like most about alpha heroes?

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  1. Violetta Rand

    In case I didn’t clarify. I meant your books are fantastic. And thank you for mentioning my wee books, Victoria. Hugs.

  2. vvaught512

    While they can be very arrogant, they are also very protective of their loved ones. They are loyal to their friend and staunch supporters of their country.