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Emily Greenwood

9781402276378Please join me in welcoming author Emily Greenwood, writer of playful, sexy Regency romance. Her newest novel, Mischief by Moonlight is out now. This marks her third book in the “Mischief” series.

Hello, and thank you so much for having me here today!

  1. What were your five favorite books growing up? Feel free to share why you loved these books.

A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. This is the book that comes after A Wrinkle in Time, which I also loved, but I liked the second one a bit better, perhaps because of the odd but helpful creature that’s part of the cast of characters. Also, the story has to do with mitochondria, which I was learning about in science class, so I felt very in the know. The book is full of symbolism, but I probably noticed this more when reading the book to my own kids.

Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself by Judy Blume. I read every one of Blume’s books that was available when I was a kid (including Forever, which my mom accidentally bought me when I was 11. I thought it was pretty interesting, LOL). But I especially liked this one about a girl growing up in the late 1940s, and her crushes and worries, which included whether a neighbor might be Hitler. She liked to make up stories about herself and other people.

All Creatures Great and Small, by James Herriot. Or any of the books from this series images (3)about an English country vet. Guess my obsession with things British started early.

Flambards, by KM Peyton. It’s a little series that takes place in England around the time of WWI, about an orphaned girl who goes to live with her uncle and his two sons on their country estate.

The Moon-Spinners, or anything else by Mary Stewart – her romantic suspense stories were a favorite escape in my high school years.

  1. Please share your process on how you developed the “Mischief” series.

9781402276316_p0_v2_s260x420The first book in the series, A Little Night Mischief, had a different title when I signed with my agent, who suggested I make the book into a series. I decided I wanted to focus on the lighthearted mischief in the first book, and a theme was born—each of the books has a mischievous element meant to add playfulness to the story.

  1. What’s interesting about Josie and Colin in Mischief by Moonlight? (please list 3 traits each)

Miss Josie Cardworthy is impulsive; for example, she engaged herself to a handsome army9781402276378 captain after knowing him for just six weeks. When the story opens, her fiance’s been away at war for a year, and she’s starting to worry—what if it wasn’t love after all? Josie’s also lively, and hopeful—though her older sister has given up on ever getting married, Josie still believes it can happen.

Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood, is introverted, smart, and disciplined. He’s also the best friend of Josie’s fiancé, who asked him to look after her while he’s awat. An author of several historical volumes, Colin’s used to burying himself in research—and now he needs this escape even more, because he’s fallen for Josie, a woman who can never be his. Or can she? A love potion causes things to take a surprising turn.

  1. What is your favorite period in history? Why?

The Regency. I love the country estates and the balls and the emphasis on wit. My husband likes to point out that if we’d lived back then, we would have been the servants and thus had time for little beyond unrelenting physical labor, which is doubtless true. But a girl can dream J.

  1. What’s next up for Emily Greenwood? Would you be willing to share a little about works in progress or an upcoming book(s)?

My next release will be the first book in a new Regency series. It’s the story of a tomboyish woman who must flee her home when some naked drawings of her made without her knowledge begin circulating in society. She finds a hiding place at the home of an embittered viscount who really wants to be left alone…he’s about to get his world shaken up.


Five Favorites:

  1. Favorite color? Green
  2. Favorite animal? Dog, though cat is a close second
  3. Favorite vacation spot? Maine
  4. Favorite food? Chocolate
  5. Favorite holiday? Christmas


Emily GreenwoodTo connect with Emily Greenwood, please find her here:

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Author Bio: Emily Greenwood worked for a number of years as a writer, crafting newsletters and fundraising brochures, but she far prefers writing playful love stories set in Regency England, and she thinks romance is the chocolate of literature. A Golden Heart finalist, she lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.

9781402276378To purchase Mischief by Moonlight:

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Books A Million | IndieBound | Indigo

Here’s an excerpt:

Colin had no idea what Josie was saying because he was so distracted by the feel of her arm against his. He alternately wished she would not touch him and lived for those moments when she did. They were always accompanied by bitter scolding from his conscience reminding him she was Nick’s fiancée, as if he could forget.

She seemed to be waiting for a reply.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” he said.

She laughed. “I said that you look especially brooding tonight. No doubt your thoughts are caught on some historical old man. King Canute? Edward the Confessor?”

He wished his thoughts were on old men, as idiotic as that sounded. Instead, he was trying not to notice the way her new short coiffure played up the light in her eyes, and directing his arm to stop sending him excited little missives about the delicate curves of her arm.

He made himself think of Nick, off fighting a war while Colin lived a soft earl’s existence. How he wished he might change places with him. Nick should be here with Josie, and Colin ought to be out there being shot at. He deserved to be shot for wanting Josie. His fascination with her was wrong for so many reasons, and if there was a way to cut out the part of him that wouldn’t stop thinking of her, he wished he might know it.

She squeezed his arm again as if to encourage him. She had no idea.

Lately he’d felt like a powder keg whenever he was around her, ready to explode with the slightest touch. He’d been thinking of a trip to conduct research for the history he was writing, and he knew he’d been putting it off, but he was weak, and he wanted to be with her. He told himself he was only doing as Nick had asked him to do, but that was a lie.

He shouldn’t have come tonight.

The door to the salon opened just then, admitting Sally to announce the Biddles: Vicar, his wife, and his brother. Colin hoped they would distract him from Josie, though he had to acknowledge that was not likely to happen.


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Emily Greenwood

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