I thought writing a full length novel and a series was a challenge, but boy, did writing two short stories make me rethink that. 

Tender love-Sizzling romance A Regency novelette
Tender love-Sizzling romance
A Regency novelette

Personally, I haven’t been much of a fan of short stories or novelettes, because I often feel like something is left out, and I didn’t want my readers to feel the same way.

Then I read several novellas and short stories by authors I knew well and those wonderful quick reads changed my mind. 

I was tickled to hear a couple of my readers echo my thoughts, but claim A Kiss for Miss Kingsley didn’t leave them feeling like something was missing. 

“This is a sweet short story. Although short, it does provide all of the information you need which some short stories don’t.” ~Donna

“I’ve never been a fan of short stories because they usually leave me with a taste of unfulfillment but Ms. Cameron has changed my mind.” ~Booklover

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley is a short Regency novelette I wrote on a whim, because I wanted my readers to see what else took place at the Wimpleton’s Ball which has scenes in Triumph and Treasure and Bride of Falcon (Captivated by His Kiss novella set-January 12, 2015). 

Here’s a snippet from A Kiss for Miss Kingsley


Olivia didn’t want to consider having to compete with others for Allen’s affections.  If any chance remained that he still cared one iota for her. She would find out tonight precisely where she stood. “No doubt this Rossington miss is excessively lovely.”

If only auntie would say she’s homely as a toad with buggy eyes and rough, warty skin. Oh, and missing several teeth.

“Hmph. If you consider a heavy hand with cosmetics, dampened gowns, and bodices that nearly expose entire bosoms lovely, I suppose she is.” Aunt Muriel resumed her preening. 

Bradford’s mouth curved into a devilish smile. “I quite like dampened gowns—”

“Brady!” Olivia kicked his shin. Sharp pain radiated from her slippered toe to her knee.

Bloody he—

Proper ladies do not curse, Olivia Antoinette Cleopatra Kingsley, Mama’s voice admonished in Olivia’s mind.

“—and exposed bosoms,” Brady dared to finish, nestled in the carriage’s corner with his arms crossed.

(Yes, Brady gets his own story!) 

I have another short story, Heart of a Highlander releasing this month too.

(Gifts from the Heart -A Valentine Anthology releasing January 2015)

updatedGiftsfromtheHeart_200x300If you’ve read my Castle Brides series and are familiar with Ewan McTavish, Viscount Sethwick, you’ll want to read Heart of a Highlander. It tells his mother and stepfather’s, Giselle and Hugh Ferguson, story.

Here’s a sneak peek at

Heart of a Highlander

Hugh allowed himself a leisurely examination of Giselle as she approached. Such perfection of form and features belonged in heaven amid the rest of the angelic beings.

Gazing up at her son, she smiled and patted his knee. “Non, mon amour, you will be—are—Craiglocky’s laird. However, you are wise to think a knight is the most noble of professions.”

Chest puffed out, Hugh gave an exaggerated theatrical wave. “Aye, we knights be fierce and brave and chivalrous and—”

“Loyal.” Ewan squirmed on Hugh’s shoulder. “Knights always be loyal.”

“Aye, they be, laddie.”

Giselle straightened Ewan’s coat, a wry smile quirking her pretty mouth. “Don’t forget humble and modest . . .”


What are your favorite historical novelettes or novellas? 


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  1. Barbara Monajem

    I love novellas. I like to sit down and have a good, quick read in the evening, and novellas are perfect for that. My favorites (not sure if they’re classified as short stories or novelettes) are in Georgette Heyer’s collection, Pistols for Two.

    • Collette Cameron

      I tend to like them on vacations when I know I’ll have lots of interruptions. I hate getting immersed in a novel and then having to stop reading over and over.

  2. jdh2690

    Collette, I noted that Gifts From the Heart came out on January 2nd but only in print. Will it be published in eBook format as well? I would like to read Heart of a Highlander…digitally 🙁