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Scottish Shortbread Recipe & Book Baby #19

To Love a Highland Rogue, Heart of a Scot Series, Collette Cameron Scottish Romances, Highlander romance novels, Scottlish Highlander Romance books, Book Nineteens Debuts-To Love a Highland Rogue

Book Nineteen Debuts-To Love a Highland Rogue

Heart of a Scot #1

Only 99¢  August 28th-31st!

Then the price goes up, and I don’t know when it will be 99¢ again.

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Collette here today! Boy has it been a busy past few months with a book release (or two) every month since April! My latest release, TO LOVE A HIGHLAND ROGUE is the first book in my Heart of a Scot Series and is my nineteenth historical romance novel. It’s available at all major eBook retailers. The print version will be available soon too!

As many of you know, I just returned from a research trip to Scotland. I have all sorts of ideas percolating for the rest of the series now! Oh, and while I was in Scotland, I met one of my readers, Fiona Murphy. She’s contributed the portion about shortbread below. Thank you. Fiona! You know how I adore my shortbread. An informal poll I conducted on Facebook had Walker’s Shortbread the favorite by far; behind home made, that is.

To Love a Highland Rogue, Heart of a Scot Series, Collette Cameron Scottish Romances, Highlander romance novels, Scottlish Highlander Romance books, Book Nineteens Debuts-To Love a Highland RogueTake a peek at what readers are saying about TO LOVE A HIGHLAND ROGUE

“Collette has a great writing style that engages the reader. I love reading her stories and am looking forward to the next one.” ~Cynthia
“… witty sense of humor create[s] a fantastic story of finding love in unlikely places.” ~Dee
“The characters were lovable & approachable, making the story even more endearing. It has definitely left a lasting impression on me.”~Jonel
“This romance is very well written. I highly recommend this book if you love Scottish romance set in Scotland! Caution: you won’t be able to put it down!”  ~Nicole 






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A Scottish lass determined to end her betrothal.

As an infant, Mayra Findlay’s hand was pledged in marriage. So closely has her virtue been guarded, she’s never been permitted a beau—has never even flirted with a man. However, after a chance encounter with a dashing rogue who sets her pulse and imagination cavorting, Mayra initiates a scheme that’s sure to force her affianced to call off their union.

The laird who must make her his at all cost.

Until Logan Rutherford, Laird of Lockelieth Keep, inherited a near bankrupt estate, he had no intention of wedding the lass he was betrothed to as a wee lad. Now he needs Mayra’s remaining dowry to save his beloved Lockelieth. However, before they exchange vows, he’s determined to know just what type of woman he’s reluctantly taking to wife. So he assumes his cousin’s identity; a decision that soon has him snared in a tangled web of deceit.

Caution: This historical romance contains one rakish fiery-haired Scot accustomed to getting his own way, a lass who’s fed-up with men dictating her life, and stubborn gelding with a superior attitude.

Buy this first installment in the Heart of a Scot series for a gripping, emotional, Highland adventure you won’t want to put down.


Logan entered The Dozing Stag, sorely tempted to seek his chamber and indulge in a long nap. After another sleepless night and rising before dawn again today, sand scraped across his eyes each time he blinked his millstone-weighted eyelids.

Later returning to the village than he’d intended, his hours exploring the acreage Findlay dowered Mayra had proved most satisfying. Logan had found prime grazing lands, as well as several acres suitable for crops. A rocky crag, tunneling along the property’s northern perimeter separating the dowered lands from the rest of Dunrangour’s, needed further exploring, too.

Da swore that piece contained copper and silver ores, though he never revealed how he’d come by the information.

Logan blinked drowsily, the movement sluggish and forced as he plowed his fingers through his thick hair in an effort to calm the wind-blown strands.

Head wooly from lack of sleep, he inclined his head at the smattering of patrons gawking to see who entered on such a blustery afternoon. A yawn escaped him as he scanned the common room.

No striking lass with moonlight gleaming in her silken hair, peaches tinting her cheeks or summer’s sky reflected in her winsome eyes, sipped tea and nibbled shortbread.

By Odin, Mayra even had his musings waxing poetic.

Must be the exhaustion causing the whimsical ramblings.

Had she come and gone already?

Disappointment, leaden and bitter, left a sour taste in his mouth.

He couldn’t ask someone.

Too obvious.

Coburn was bloody right about him—he usually was, the irritating, confident arse.

Logan was an imbecile, caught neatly in his own trap.

This skulking around was unworthy of him and Mayra. Rash and stupid to not tell her his real identity. His ill-conceived impulse would make winning her more difficult. And each time they met and he continued the charade, it became harder to reveal the truth.

For God’s sake, she was his betrothed.

He ought to ride straight to the Keep and claim her this instant. Except, his innocent boyhood vow yet echoed in his guilty conscience, and her repeated requests to have their betrothal ended intrigued as much as puzzled.

Book Nineteen Debuts-To Love a Highland Rogue, Walker's Shortbread Cookies, Collette Cameron Blue Rose Romance Blog, To Love a Highland Rogue, Heart of a Scot book 1

A Wee History of Scottish Shortbread

By Fiona Murphy

Scottish cookery developed more slowly than that of our southern neighbours since the Romans
did not make it far into Scotland. Not until the time of Mary Queen of Scots, with the influence of
French court cuisine, did our cooking change much.

Shortbread in medieval times was known as biscuit bread. When making bread cooks would
retain leftover dough and dry it out into a type of rusk. The word ‘biscuit’ means ‘cooked twice’.
Over time the yeast in the bread was replaced by butter and ‘shortbread’ developed into the kind
of biscuit we know today. One of the common shapes for shortbread is ‘Petticoat Tails’, where the
mixture is placed in a large round tin and cut into cake slices. The title comes from the traditional
shape of a lady’s full, circular petticoat. The other two are small rounds, using a normal biscuit
cutter and long, thin shapes.

Shortbread has always been regarded as a luxury and was made for special occasions such as
weddings, Christmas and New Year. In Scotland it is customary to offer ‘First Footers’ shortbread.
(First Footers are those who visit friends and family just after a new year commences. They don’t
visit for the shortbread, though: We are party animals in Scotland and the best parties happen at
New Year!

Nowadays shortbread is a very popular souvenir for tourists and, as well as traditional plain
shortbread, you can buy chocolate and other flavoured shortbread.
Source: Ben Johnson – The History of Scottish Shortbread

My Family Recipe
Traditional Metric

Unsalted Butter 8oz 250g
Plain Flour 12oz 380g
Cornflour 2oz 65g
Caster Sugar 4oz 140g

Cream the butter and sugar.
Mix the flours together and add about 5oz/150g flour to the creamed butter and sugar.
When it starts to come together empty it onto a clean table.
Knead in the remaining flour gradually. Yes, this is messy baking!
Do not over mix.  Try to keep your hands cool. If the mixture seems to be creamy in texture add a
little more flour. The consistency should be short or a bit crumbly.

For Petticoat Tails or rectangles put into a shallow baking tin, using a palette knife to event the
surface. Fork the top well. This helps to dry out the biscuit evenly.

Bake in a moderate oven (350°, 170°/180°, Gas 3/4) for 30 minutes or until a light golden colour.
When ready, cut the shortbread into the required shapes and sprinkle a little caster sugar over the
top. Then carefully lift the pieces and cool on a wire rack.

Tip: I have experimented recently with adding flavour and suggest using the rind of 3 oranges and a
drop of orange essence. But honestly? I prefer it plain. Using unsalted butter gives the shortbread
a richer flavour.

What a treat! I’m going to try this recipe. I’m curious what the cornflour will taste like in it.

Book Nineteen Debuts-To Love a Highland Rogue, To Love a Highland Rogue, Heart of a Scot book 1, Collette Cameron Highlander Romance, Scottish Highland historical romance books

Don’t forget-TO LOVE A HIGHLAND ROGUE is only 99¢ until August 31st! 


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