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The Romantic Times Convention was held in Dallas last week, which happens to be my hometown, so of course I went. This was my second year to participate after attending in New Orleans last year. This convention is designed for both readers and writers, and it’s non-stop fun all week long. It’s also a bit exhausting to keep up, but well worth the effort. One of my favorite aspects of the convention is that I get to meet so many people who I’ve previously only known online.

RT2015 Historical Costume Party


Though there were some events beginning on Sunday, the convention really got Vicki Table RT2015rolling on Wednesday, when the workshops and parties started. I was thrilled to meet fellow Embracing Romance authors Gina Conkle and Victoria Vane. We were all part of “Take a Walk on the Historical Side,” a fabulous event where we dressed in costumes in the period we write in and got to spend time chatting with historical romance fans. This was definitely the highlight of the convention for me, especially since I got to fangirl on Sabrina Jeffries.  Victoria is the on far left in her fabulous Georgian costume; I’m next to Victoria in my Regency costume, pretending to be a teenager at her first ball; and Gina is on the far right in her gorgeous Georgian costume and mask. We each had our own table at this event, and an autograph book with each author’s picture and book covers was given to the first 350 attendees.

DSC_0918My next event at the convention was my publisher’s party, Entangled’s Candy and DSC_0922Spoons, which is always a wild ride. Things get very interesting as authors deal the cards and readers fight to win a giant stack of books. Luckily, those who don’t prevail are able to console themselves with candy. As an author at this event, it’s fun to see your book cover on the decks of cards we use to play spoons. Yes, that’s me in the tiara with my Cinderella t-shirt.

Next on the agenda for me was another card game on Friday, Texas Hold ‘Em. This was Texas Hold Em RT2015another non-stop, rollicking event that brought out everyone’s competitive side. Luckily we had plenty of prizes to go around. I’m on the bottom right in this picture. Since I was driving back and forth to my house instead of staying at the hotel, I decided to wear my dress for the awards ceremony being held  that night all day long so I wouldn’t have to change. That’s why I’m I was rocking the cowboy hat/evening wear look.

On Saturday was the Giant Book Fair. And they are not kidding when they say Giant Book Fair RT2015 giant. It’s difficult to get noticed in such a large crowd, but I was pleasantly surprised to sell some books, meet lots of people, and be lucky enough to sit across from Gina so we could wave to each other through the crowds.

Last but not least, RT added a new event to the convention on Sunday, the R & W Roundup RT2015Readers and Writers Roundup, which was a meet and greet event with historical authors in costumes, contemporary authors with lots of giveaways, cover models available for photo shoots, and much, much more. This was also one of my favorite events because it was smaller than the book fair, and I had lots of time to talk with several historical romance readers.

If you’ve never attended an RT Convention, I highly recommend it. You’ll leave with tons of free books, swag, autographs from your favorite authors, and most of all, lots of wonderful memories and new friends.

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  1. Barbara Monajem

    You gals look so cool in your period costumes!!

    • Ally Broadfield

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun to dress up, and my gown wasn’t too uncomfortable. I’m not sure Gina and Vicki would say the same.

    • Ally Broadfield

      It is a ton of fun, Collette, but also exhausting. I need a week to recover, but these edits aren’t going to finish themselves. 🙂 I hope you have a chance to go.

    • Ally Broadfield

      Thanks, Sandra. Some of the pictures people tagged me in were truly hideous, but I’m trying not to care. 😉

  2. jessicajefferson

    Thank you for all the pictures! You guys looked like you had a blast! And you were seriously cute in your costume. There is no other word. 🙂

    • Ally Broadfield

      Thanks, Jess. It was a lot of fun. And I’m going to pretend I didn’t read your “cute” comment. 😉