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Riverwalk 1Where can you find over two thousand romance writers in one place? The answer to that is this week in Texas. Every year in July, Romance Writers of America holds its annual conference, and this year we’re in San Antonio. The unique thing about San Antonio is there is a river running through town.      Riverwalk

Eloisa James
My first fan girl moment happened on the plane from Atlanta to San Antonio. Sitting four rows ahead of me was Elosia James. If you look closely, that’s her getting her luggage out of the bin.

The next fan girl moment was later that night in the restaurant when my pal, Jenny, and I looked over at the next table and there was Jade Lee. We waved and she waved back.


Cathy Maxwell


On Wednesday, the keynote speaker at my Golden Network retreat was Cathy Maxwell. By the time she finished, she had most of us in tears. Her talk was sometimes moving, sometimes funny, and just fantastic. I want to pass on one small part of what she said. * Never give up. * Never let fear decide your future. * Trust in yourself. * Listen to your inner voice. * Trust your process. * Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. * Learn to break the rules. * Be ready for opportunity. * Writing a book is like driving through pudding.


Wednesday night was the Literacy Signing, and here’s Nora Roberts signing her books. No surprise that her line stretched all the way to the back of the ballroom!

Nora Roberts 1 Line for Nora Roberts

RWA14 Vicky Dreiling


I have more pictures, and when I return home, I’ll post them on Facebook, but I’ll leave you with this one. Here I am with Vicky Dreiling.



Trivia Question: What does Cathy Maxwell say writing a book is like? (Answer is in this post.) Enter your answer here

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  1. ki pha

    LOL You’re too funny and cute! Your fan girl momments about Eloisa and Jade is adorable. Having met and chatted with them frequently, you’ll have a blast with them.

    Can’t wait to hear and see more about it. =)

    • Sandra Owens

      Ki, later that night, Jade tweeted about us waving to her. We now have permission to grab her at any time. 🙂

      Jade Lee ‏@JadeLeeAuthor
      @jennyholi @SandyOwens1 WAVING HELLO! Grab me anytime! #RWA14

      • ki pha

        Oh you’ll definitely have fun with Jade. She’s a handful of fun and humor. Plus, you never know what she’ll do next. 😀

  2. Collette Cameron

    I still haven’t seen you in San Antonio, though I think I may have walked right by you on the sidewalk outside Rivercenter. Love the pictures!

    • Sandra Owens

      Oh no, Collette, did we really walk right by each other? I think we need to carry around our avatars, holding them in front of our faces. 😀