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As a planner and list maker, I find lots to be excited about in the days before New Year’s. The turning of the calendar from one year to the next feels like a new start. A signal to review what I accomplished in the past months, to assess where I fell short and why, and create new intentions for the coming year.

Whether my aspirations are for better fitness, more writing, or getting organized, the process of evaluating and making a plan for the future energizes me.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Some shy away from the term, since many people ditch their promises to lose weight or build a new habit within a few months of January 1st. I actually like the word resolution, because I know it takes determination and steely resolve to stick with goals and put our aims into action.

To help me as I map out 2017, I rely on lists. Actually, I rely on them all year long. I have one to remind me what to buy, what to make for dinner each week, and what I need to do from month to month. They help me break down projects into manageable chunks and keep me on track when everything I need to accomplish feels overwhelming.

Being a list maker means I’ve learned to keep note-taking materials on hand. I can’t tell you how many rogue sticky notes have disappeared from my life, or how many story ideas img_0061were accidentally thrown away on the back of a grocery store receipt. Nowadays I always have a small notepad in my purse and a series of them for various subjects near my writing desk at home. However, I also take advantage of the many list-making apps available on my computer, tablet, and phone.

Here are a few of my favorite free options that might help you too:

Wunderlist – I use this one most, because I can sync the list between an app on my phone or through a web browser on my computer. I share lists with others, and it’s my go-to app for meal planning, gift lists, household tasks, etc.

Todoist – This one also syncs between phone and computer, and it’s become my day to day list keeper for tasks I need to accomplish during a given week. It has easy scheduling and color prioritization features that make my lists easy to manage.

Evernote – So much more than a note taking app, but still useful for that purpose. Evernote can be used to store photos, lists, even capture the content of webpages for easy reading later.

Simplenote – The name says it all. Simplenote is a super simple note storing app that, like all mentioned in this list can be accessed from a web browser or used as an app on your phone or tablet. There are no bells and whistles. You can’t even make your font bold in Simplenote, but its clean look is a lot of its charm. I find Simplenote useful for storing notes and random ideas, and I’m currently using it to store my master list of 2017 goals.

Are you a list maker? Do you have any resolutions for the coming year?

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  1. Barbara Monajem

    No resolutions. I have goals, but planning and writing things down take time I would rather spend otherwise! I’m pretty disorganized, though, so I usually have a to-do list, mostly of things I’ll forget or do too late otherwise. Happy New Year!