Release Day: Only a Duke or Laird Will Do! ~ Sue-Ellen Welfonder w/ Giveaway!

Sue-Ellen/Allie here…

Hello, Everyone!

I know, I know. Another bundle? Actually, yes. And I’m really pleased to be sharing this one with my long-time friend and first critique partner, Brenda Jernigan. We had great fun brainstorming the cover design and we’re really pleased with the outcome.


Before I share why I adore such collections, here’s the intro to our latest release…

Only a Duke or Laird Will Do

In this exciting collection of romances featuring noblemen and their ladies, USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning authors Allie Mackay and Brenda Jernigan have once again come together to bring you four full-length romance novels that will whisk you into a world of chivalry and honor, burning desires, forbidden passion, and even pirates’ treasure. You’ll escape to castles and country manor homes, but also rugged hills, windswept moors, and even vast, icy seas. Whether in a medieval great hall, a Regency ballroom, or the danger-fraught wilds of the New World, the heroes and heroines you’ll meet in these pages will bring to life all the romance and adventure of times long past.

DUKES 3D PNG - DL Box set3

Only a Duke or Laird Will Do is FREE with Kindle Unlimited or .99 to purchase.

For your copy, click here.


Taking off my authorly hat…

I’ll now share why I love boxed sets. Simply put, because I love to read. Bundles are a great way for readers to enjoy a variety of stories at a phenomenal bargain, usually free or .99. Even if you’ve read one or more titles in a collection, other writers and their books are often new to a reader, and so an awesome deal. But not necessarily one that hasn’t been around…

Avid readers will always find ways to feed their habit.

First it was the library. Later used book shops. As a child, nothing excited me more than a trip to the local library. Upon leaving, I’d have a huge stack of books in my arms. Forget dolls, bicycles, whatever. Those books were my idea of little girl heaven.

Later, as an airline stewardess traveling the world, my crew bag was filled 3/4 full with paperback romance novels. A feat accomplished by regular visits to my favorite used book shop. On off days, I’d drive there with a big brown paper grocery bag stuffed with romances I’d read and wanted to trade for ‘new’ ones I hadn’t yet read. Used books, of course. This was the set-up offered by most used book shops and it worked really well.

For readers, anyway.

I never figured out how the shop owners earned a living, allowing such trades. But they did. And my greedy bookworm heart loved it!

From the first heady whiff of old books and dust on walking into such a shop, then the thrill of scouring the oh-so-crowded shelves, to finding treasures, and then driving home eager to dive into bed (or onto the sofa) and start reading…

Such excursions were pure bliss.

They were also the forerunners of today’s multi-author romance bundles.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

Nowadays many of us ‘scour the shelves’ in the comfort of our homes (or wherever we happen to be). As long as we have a digital connection, we can search through -and then devour – so many wonderful books. The equivalent of having our childhood arms wrapped around a stack of library books. Or walking out of a murky old used book shop clutching a brown paper grocery bag almost bursting with previously-loved books.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those days.

I do.

There’s much to be said for the charm of dimly-lit and dusty bookshops, the lure of old-book-smell, and the joy of the hunt-along-the-shelves. But those days are gone, or disappearing. This is the now, and bundles are the new ‘fix’ for readers wanting lots of books, and at a bargain price.

My Kindle surely holds more than I can ever read, but somehow I can’t resist them.

I hope you will feel the same and grab a copy of Only a Duke or Laird Will Do.

Here again is the link: click here!

And because I believe there’s no such thing as too many books, I’ll give one lucky reader a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Books - Childhood reading

To enter the Giveaway, just tell me when you fell in love with books. For me, it was probably in the cradle because my mother read to me even then. I’m looking forward to your answers.

Winner announced late tonight! Good luck.

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USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder is known for her strong heroines, Alpha heroes, and weaving Highland magic and humor into her tales. Her passions are Scotland, medieval history, Celtic legend and lore, the paranormal, and animals. All can be found in her medieval romances and the contemporary paranormals she writes as Allie Mackay. She lives on Florida’s southwest coast with her husband and her muse, Snuggles the writer cat.

28 Responses

  1. Tammy Turner

    I fell in love with Romance books when I found out I had cancer at age 29. I’ve been cancer free for 12 years now but my love of reading never went away.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Thank goodness you made it, Tammy. You are one of the blessed. I’m so glad. Romance books are a wonderful escape, in a lot of circumstances. So happy they brought you comfort in such a frightening time. xx

  2. T Jacobs

    My grandmother owned a beauty salon when I was little. Every week my mother would go and have her hair done. After she was done we would go to the library next door and get books to read. Mom would let me pick whatever I wanted. My mother was an avid read. She still is. I got my love of reading from her and from those weekly trips to the library.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Wow, that is so similar to my own upbringing, though my grandmother didn’t own a beauty salon. She lived with us, though. What fun it must’ve been for you to have the library so close to where you often were.

  3. dholcomb1


    I was really young. I still have a few of my “Golden Books.”


  4. rwmckinnis

    Congratulations on your new bundle. I have it on my kindle and can’t wait to read it.
    I first started reading books when I was a senior in high school. I had a LOT of study halls, so spent a lot of time in the library. I started out reading “REBECCA” by Daphne du Maurier, and was hooked on gothic romances. I read every one I could get my hands onto. I progressed from there to Pirates, and onto Highlanders, where I found you!!. Your writing has given me endless hours of enjoyment and ‘escape’, and I also found a friend whom I admire greatly. Thanks, Hugs & Rainbows, Wendy

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Thanks so much, Wendy! You really brightened my day. Our path to becoming booklovers is so similar, though you started later than I did. But I, too, devoured gothics and adored pirate romances. Thank you so much for looking in here, and your kind words. xx

  5. Helen Bullard

    Outside of school, I started reading novels when my daughter was a wee bairn, 1966.. When I was holding her, rocking or feeding, etc. I would have a ‘book’ and read to her (a few were nursery books, LOL). It has served us both well. She is also a reader and now a librarian…

  6. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

    That’s a beautiful start to a lifelong love of books and reading, Helen. I love that your daughter grew up to be a librarian. That’s really special.

  7. Linda

    As soon as I learned how to read. I have fond memories of reading loads of Enid Blyton books as a child. Being the youngest I was definitely influenced by my older siblings as well as my father into cultivating a love of books and reading.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      You grew up reading one of the best, then. Enid Blyton was incredibly gifted. The books classics, every one. I wish they’d been better known here ‘back in the day.’ You were blessed to be raised in a family of booklovers. I was, too, and am forever grateful.

  8. bkj1608

    I’m the other part of Sue-Ellen’s new release. Thanks to everyone who is sharing. We really appreciate it. I found romance books when my son was going to story hour a libraraian hand me my first book. I was hooked. 🙂

      • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

        Forgot to say, story hours were so much fun. Our library did a summer reading program for kids. The more you read, the more fun it was. They’d put construction paper stars on the wall for every finished book. Spent lots of time there as a child.

  9. jeanne sheats

    Sounds wonderful. I think I was just meant to be a reader. From the first time I learned to read – See Spot run lol. It has truly kept me sane!!! I have two daughters and I read to them equally and often but one took right to it and still loves reading, my other daughter not so much. She’s more a hand’s on type person and very artistic. They each took a different part of me lol.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Ha ha ha, you can forget See Spot Run? Wish I had a copy for the good memories. You raised your girls right. Love that they are into books and creativity. That’s beautiful.

  10. Barbara Monajem

    Very very young. The first books I remember my mother my mother reading to me were the Winnie the Pooh stories by A.A. Milne, and also his poems for children. I like box sets too, but I do miss the used bookstore experience.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Oh, those were great stories!! Wow. So wonderful. Huge old sigh. No kidding re the classic used bookstores. I miss them, too. It was such a pleasure to visit one. Like going on a treasure hunt. Some are still around, thank goodness. But the old heyday of the ones that seemed to specialize in romance have gone the way of the dodo. Very sad.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Likewise, beautiful! These days I am cleaning lots of kittie poop!! No bother, though. I love cats and tending 5 (am cat-sitting four for a friend) is a joy. Am loving every minute. They are great kitties. I want them all and may not give them back! 🙂

  11. Karen Simpson

    I bought the anthology. It looks really terrific! I fell in love with books when I first started learning to read. I went through reading group after reading group and my thirst just kept growing. I think it’s because it was like a key that unlocked magic for me. I found the set of Childcraft books my mother had invested in- I still have them- and I read them cover to cover. Early is my answer. Very early.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Thanks so much, Karen, for picking up the collection. Brenda and I love these books. Some Like It Kilted is my personal fave of everything I have written, under both names. I hope you will enjoy the stories. My goodness, Childcraft books are my first reading memory, too. My mother also had a cherished set and I loved them so much. Magic, indeed, I devoured ours, too, but they are gone. Would love to find a set again. You are blessed to have yours.

  12. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

    ~*~*~ WINNER is Jeanne Sheats! ~*~*~ I let my cat Snuggles choose a winner. I numbered your comments and wrote the numbers on notepaper. (he LOVES to play with paperballs) I then scrunched the papers into balls and tossed them in the air. The first one he pounced on was the winner.

    Jeanne, please email me at welfonder @ msn (dot) com with the email address for your Amazon Gift Card. Enjoy!

    Everyone else, thank you so much for looking in today and for helping Brenda and I celebrate our new collection. Much appreciated. xx

  13. hillenbrandfamily

    I fell in love with reading when I was really little. My mom read to me and taught me my phonics before I even entered kindergarten. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t read! Thanks for the chance and the new bundle looks amazing!

  14. hillenbrandfamily

    Well shucks, I guess I missed it! Your time is different than mine. Congratulations to the winner!

  15. joneanc

    In 7th grade when an old teacher known as “Stoneface” (I was new and didn’t know) showed me how intelligent I was which came as a shock. He kept books in his room, and one day he said I should read books because I would soon learn more than he could teach. Mr. Stone changed my life in unthinkable, unknowable ways.

  16. Kathy Luehrs

    I think as soon as I could read – I remember laying in bed with a flashlight under the covers