Release Day for Lords, Lairds, and Legends: Magical Tales of Timeless Passion! #Giveaway!

I’m smiling today!

My latest 4-book collection Lords, Lairds, and Legends: Magical Tales of Timeless Passion is now available. Release days are always exciting, but this one is special. It’s a joint offering, shared with my long-time friend and fellow author, Brenda Jernigan.

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If you’re wondering, Allie Mackay is my pen name. I use it for my light-hearted and sexy Scottish time travels.


Brenda and I had great fun putting our bundle together. Deciding which books to use, coming up with our wishes for the perfect cover, considering how to best promote our ‘baby,’ and all the other prep work that goes into such a project. Through it all, one thought keep returning to my mind…

‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’

This observation is attributed to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-90), a French novelist. I imagine he wouldn’t be surprised to learn that his quote remains true in the 21st century.

The world of romance (at least as far as writers are concerned) has been completely upended in recent years. So much that was written in stone just a short time ago, no longer applies. Brenda and I started writing in what I now think of as the ‘dark ages’ of the biz. The following intro from our bundle illustrates how times have changed, and how they haven’t…

The Authors on Lords, Lairds, and Legends…

In a long ago time, a world almost forgotten, writers walked a lonely path. The Internet, social media, and digital books were as unknown and unimaginable as the sun falling from the sky. Snail-mail letters, long distance dial-up phone calls, and – if you were lucky – local RWA chapter meetings were the only ways to communicate.

We began writing in that world.

In fact, we were critique partners ‘back in the day,’ exchanging expensive overseas packets of chapters-to-be-read-and-critiqued. Comments were written by hand on the papers, and then sent back across the ocean. Weeks and even months often went by before a single chapter was polished to perfection.

Much has changed. But one thing remains the same: the magic of writing.

Throughout the ages, writers’ imaginations have sparked story ideas and kept them going – no matter what. For writers are dreamers. They spin tales despite the odds, falling in love with lords and lairds, ladies and lasses, even dragons, and other mythical beasts. No legend is too tall, no love too impossible, no adventure too grand.

If the writer’s pen has ink, the story will be told.

Over the years, we went on to write and publish many books, always weaving our own legends into tales of romance, chivalry, and magic.

Those were the things we loved best, you see. We still do. And we’re thrilled to offer you a chance to be whisked away to a more exciting place and time with the wonderful heroes and heroines you’ll meet in Lords, Lairds, and Legends.


It all comes down to Karr’s quote, doesn’t it?

So much is different today, yet so much is exactly the same. Authors still write books they hope readers will love and readers still want to lose themselves in a wonderful story.

We may no longer spend hours prowling the romance section of our local mall’s Waldenbooks looking for our next great read, and we may not depend on the snailmail copy of RT Magazine to learn which favorite authors will be releasing what new books in a month. But the desire to write and/or read those books is still there, alive and thriving.

A bookworm is a bookworm in any age, no matter the means.

And romance will always reign supreme – it’s the ‘feel good’ genre, after all. Who doesn’t love a HEA ending?

You’ll find four wonderful HEAs in Lords, Lairds, and Legends: Magical Tales of Timeless Passion…

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Highlander in Her Dreams by Allie Mackay… A young American travels to Scotland only to lose her heart to an irresistible medieval Highland chieftain.

Christmas in Camelot by Brenda Jernigan… Desire does battle with duty as a young noblewoman and a dashing champion knight must fight for true love.

Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay… A centuries-old legacy ignites passion between a Scot and an American visitor to his picturesque North Sea village.

Black Magic by Brenda Jernigan… Magic and mystery abound when a modern day woman is swept back to the Old South where she and a skeptical plantation owner struggle to save everything they hold dear, including their hearts.


If you need an escape after the stress of the holidays, Lords, Lairds, and Legends: Magical Tales of Timeless Passion is ready to sweep you away!

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For a signed print copy from my available NY print backlist, leave a comment about how your reading (or writing) habits have changed since ‘back in the day.’


Launch Party & More Giveaway Fun!

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Please join us tonight at our Facebook Release Day Party 5 – 10 p.m. EST! We have a great line-up of guest authors, lots of fun and giveaways, and a very special Grand Prize: a chance to become a Scottish Laird or Lady!

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18 Responses

  1. Linda

    I’m terribly ashamed of my handwriting now. I used to have quite neat penmanship but now I can hardly read my own handwriting. Comes from using the computer most of the time & hardly having to write anything by hand.

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Oh, my gosh, Linda, that has happened to me, too. My handwriting is like chicken scratch now. Can type at lightspeed, but my once-lovely handwriting is no more. 🙁

  2. Barbara Monajem

    Congrats on the new release! I just purchased my copy, yay! Looking forward to the Facebook party tonight. 🙂

  3. Lisa M

    I have expanded my reading genres … I am not longer afraid to step outside the box of what I was comfortable in … turns out I like a lot more writing styles 😉

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Great observation. I could say the same. I read in a broad variety of genres now and used to only read historical romance, time travels, and cozy mysteries. Have found some really wonderful authors in all kinds of genres. Love that.

  4. Heather santoro siguenza

    Hi Sue Ellen, my reading habit has changed a lot I use to only read history book and classic litature till I was about 26 then came romance I guess I was late bloomer with romance lol. The bride by Judy garland had me hooked in to this genre and my first book by you was devil in a kilt, then under Allie Mackay my first book was highlander in her bed and being a fan of you’re had open me to other authors .

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Oh, that is great to hear, Heather! I am so happy that you enjoy my books under both names. Love that you’ve been reading my books since Devil in a Kilt and Highlander in Her Bed. And that you’ve found more authors to enjoy as well. There can never be enough books. xx

  5. Colleen C.

    Over the years, I have squeezed in more reading time, added more romance subgenres to my TBR pile and enjoying reading more than TV and movies. 🙂

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      That is the way to do it: adding more reading time to your day! I love that. And I’m delighted to see that you enjoy a variety of genres. I do, too. A good book beats out the TV any day. 🙂

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      ~*~*~ WINNER is Heather Santoro Siguenza ~*~*~ Heather, please email at welfonder @ msn dot com with your mailing address and I will send you a signed print copy from my available backlist. Congrats!

      Everyone else, thank you so much for looking in today. It was good of you to join me on Release Day! xx

  6. Leah Weller

    Just now seeing this (was offline yesterday and most of today). I have my copy on my Kindle and plan on starting it soon. I love your stories and am looking forward to reading Brenda’s. I think it’s a wonderful thing, this friendship you two share, that’s lasted through the years. True Blue. 🙂

    • Sue-Ellen Welfonder

      Waving at you, Leah, my Champion of the Guard! Yes, Brenda and I go way back. We were friends (across the ocean) when I still lived in Germany.