Release Day for Code of Honor by Alexa Aston

Alexa Aston with you today, grinning from ear to ear because it’s release day for Code of Honor. This medieval romance is the 3rd book in my Knights of Honor series. Each book can easily be read as a standalone, but I’m enjoying writing this first-ever series.

My anchor couple from Word of Honor (the first book in the series) is Geoffrey and Merryn de Montfort. In my new release, they are attending the wedding of Geoffrey’s niece, Elysande Le Cler. Accompanying them is a knight whom Geoffrey mentored when he was a squire and Michael was a chubby, bullied page. Michael Devereux now is in service to the de Montforts, and sparks will fly—while the hero and heroine help a mare give birth to her foal.

(And yes, that included doing research about horses and what’s involved in them giving birth . . . but I’ll save that for another blog!)


1365 A.D. – After the Earl of Sandbourne banishes his supposedly unfaithful wife to a convent, his young son Michael swears never to set foot on the family’s estate until after his father’s death. Michael will then claim his title as the new earl and restore his beloved mother to a place of honor.

Fifteen years pass, and the now-knighted Sir Michael Devereux serves Lord Geoffrey de Montfort at Kinwick Castle. He accompanies the nobleman and his family to a wedding, where Michael unknowingly falls in love with the bride before he even knows her identity.

Lady Elysande Le Cler is angry that her usually indulgent father went against her wishes and betrothed her to a stranger prior to his death. Now as her wedding day approaches, dread fills her—until she meets a dashing stranger who helps her deliver a foal. Elysande loses her heart to this knight, frustrated that they can never be together.

Join Michael and Elysande as they find fate has other plans in store for them.


As Michael made his way to the front of the stables, a voice startled him. He looked around but saw no one. Curious, he retraced his steps and went beyond where the de Montfort horses had been located. Rounding a corner, he continued till he found the source. He looked into the stall and saw a young man.

“Now Morningstar, you must be patient, my love. ‘Tis best if you let me wrap this around your tail. It will keep from having all the hairs in your tail swish and get in the way when your sweet babe comes.”

The clothing might be a man’s, but the voice was that of a woman. He saw her profile now. The delicate, upturned nose. The flawless, milky skin. She was tall for a female, her breasts small, her willowy figure like a young sapling. A long, dark blond braid spilled down her back to her waist.

She must have sensed his presence because she turned toward him. Large, amethyst eyes dominated her face.

The most beautiful face he’d ever seen.

He sucked in a quick breath. His stomach lurched oddly as their eyes met.

“I am Michael. Do you need help?”

She pursed full, pink lips in thought. “I suppose you can stay in case I need an extra pair of hands. Have you ever helped foal a horse?”

“No.” He grinned. “But I’m a fast learner.”


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One commenter will be randomly chosen to receive an ebook copy of Code of Honor or the first (Word of Honor) or second book (Marked by Honor) in the series—your choice!


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9 Responses

  1. Teresa Broderick

    What a wonderful cover!! Covers are important to me in a book and a lot of them lately have been very off putting. But this is lovely. Makes me want to get to know the couple.

    • alexaaston

      Thank you, Teresa! I have the same cover artist for this entire series. She’s created 4 covers so far, and I have loved each one of them. I can’t wait to see what she does for the rest.

  2. hillenbrandfamily

    You are new to me, so I haven’t been able to read Word Of Honor yet, even though I do have it. The series sounds wonderful, and I am looking forward to reading your books. I don’t enjoy reading about sex in the books, because I prefer a well written story instead. I was delighted to read that one reviewer thought Word Of Honor was a low heat level. I’m not a prude, but I think implied sex can still denote great romance if written well. However, if it’s not graphic or prolific, I can still enjoy the story. I also noticed that you love movies and dark chocolate. Me too! Thanks for the chance and have a great day! 😊