Planting a healer’s garden!

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Hey, it’s Scarlett, and I’m doing it. I’m finally planning my healer’s garden.

We moved into our new home three years ago and did a lot of the hardscaping. Laying patios and turf, that kind of thing. But planting fell by the wayside as other priorities took over. In fact, I’d have no plants at all if my dad hadn’t brought a cutting from his garden every time he came to visit.

img_20161012_082127But now, we are making plans to start shaking things up outside. Someone commented that it’s a funny time of year to be making garden plans, but I think it’s perfect. You see, I am following the Pagan calendar, and relying heavily on the lore of magic and the tradition of the healers of old, to decide what to plant, and when to plant it.

Had I attempted to do this in the late 1600s, I would likely have been hung along with the other “Salem Witches”, or burned at the stake like Geillis Duncan in Outlander. Throughout history, being a healer has not always been seen as something advantageous (although don’t get me started on how the male Knights Templar skills were revered while the female midwife skills were treated with suspicion. The double standard has always baffled me.)

I’m relying on a number of books as reference. The Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja was a great starting point, as was The Book of Magical Herbs by Margaret Picton. It is fascinating to read the different ways herbs were used, and most had two major uses … as a healing herb and as a magical herb. It is easy to see why healers, who used the herbs medicinally, were often confused with witches, who used them magically.

I decided if I was going to do this the old fashioned way, I was going to get down with my inner white witch. Using The Magical Garden by Sophia (with Denny Sargent), I cast a spell to get a vision of my future garden. The easiest part was finding a goblet of red wine (I’m an author on perpetual deadline so that wasn’t a problem!). Harder was finding a spot to sit facing north. I can’t remember the last time I owned a compass, but thankfully, there’s an app for that. Full moon was a pre-requisite. The first full moon was rainy, so I sat inside and drank my wine while catching up on Vikings. But the second full moon was a success. Here is the spell:

img_20161012_082120Draw down, moon!

Draw down, Moon!

Grant me a vision.

Grant me a boon.

Diana Tharna,

Bring it soon!

Draw down, moon!

Draw down, Moon!

So did it work? You’ll have to wait to find out, but I promise to update you in future posts. What’s your favorite element of your garden, or park near where you live?




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6 Responses

  1. Christy Carlyle

    I find this absolutely fascinating, Scarlett! I can’t wait to hear about how your garden progresses as the seasons change. I agree that this feels like the perfect time to start planning for spring and growing season.

    • Scarlett Cole

      Hey, Christy… the pagan calendar at this time of year is very much focused on this notion that fall/winter is not so much about death, but a period of reflection, and a gathering of strength for strong growth in the spring. I love that idea, in nature and in life <3

    • Scarlett Cole

      Thanks so much, Barbara … I think it will be a whole lot of trial and error to begin with, and hopefully that will be part of the fun 🙂

  2. Alyssa Alexander

    Absolutely love this! I’ve always viewed winter as “death” and spring as “life”, but over time I’ve adjusted my thinking. I love the idea of rebirth, of reflection, of gathering strength. That’s what the earth is doing to get ready for the spring!