Sarah Ballance: I Write Historical Romance. By Accident. (#Giveaway)

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HER WICKED SIN Sarah BallanceHi. My name is Sarah Ballance, and I write historical romance. By accident.

Yep, you read right. I never, ever intended to write historical. It wasn’t that I disliked historical romance, but that I so intensely loved romantic suspense I didn’t venture outside the genre. In fact, when my foray into historical began, I’d read precisely five historical romances. Ever.

So how the heck does this happen? It was so not my fault—in fact, I blame my friend. I’d recently signed with Entangled Publishing for a supernatural novella and loved it there SO MUCH (because ERMAGERD, they rock) I went to the submissions page for Scandalous, their historical imprint, so I could send some info to my historical-writing bestie. While perusing details for her, the words “Salem witch trials” jumped off the page and positively glared at me, daring me to look away. Salem? Who knew you could write a Salem witch trials romance?  Intrigued, I made a casual comment to my editor that went something like this: Oh Em Gee! I should totally write a Salem historical one day. And, well, she took me seriously. She checked with Scandalous, and they wanted a proposal. Erm, wait. What? Though I was in absolute denial (ie, whimpering in the corner) there was no way I wasn’t going to write this proposal. So I did.

I rocked that proposal, y’all.

And the book was contracted. Two more books were contracted thereafter to create the Sins of Salem series. HER WICKED SIN debuted last fall to great reviews, and I couldn’t feel any better about this new venture of mine. Not only have I expanded my writerly horizons, but I’ve met some of the most incredible authors and have since read some amazing work. I may have found the genre in the most bizarre, backward way possible, but I’m so blessed to count myself as a historical author, and even more so to be a part of this stellar, talented group.

I hope you’ll stay to get to know us all a little better, and to help you out we have a most excellent introductory GIVEAWAY courtesy of author BJ Scott. Then, when you’re all partied out I invite you to head over to Entangled Publishing for a smexy excerpt from HER WICKED SIN. (Yes, Puritans can be smexy!)

Thanks again so very much for visiting Embracing Romance. The party continues tomorrow–hope to see you right back here for a brand new post by another author! In the meantime, click here for the Rafflecopter giveaway. I look forward to your comments and hope you have a fantastic day!

Have you fallen in love with historical romance? What was your first unforgettable historical read? 


SARAH BALLANCE is a multi-published author of contemporary, historical, and supernatural romance and romantic suspense. She’s been married to her own romantic hero for what he calls a “long, long time” (and no, he’ll never hear the end of saying that). Together they have six children…and clearly too much time on their hands. She currently writes for Entangled and has upcoming releases from both Entangled and Samhain Publishing. For more information, click here.

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