A Warm Welcome to Embracing Romance!

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Romance Logo850x250As the winter season ends, we welcome the warmth of spring and the fellowship it inspires. Embracing Romance is a consortium of talented romance authors who share similar dreams, goals, and an unwavering love for the genres we write in. It’s our intention as writers and readers, to improve our craft, provide personal and professional support for each other, and most importantly, to sponsor a forum where readers can interact on a more personal level with the authors they admire.

Our motto, Heat, Heart, and History, defines the nature of our stories.

We believe in heat, the endless tension and attraction between our heroes and heroines. Whether it’s between the sheets or expressed through witty dialogue and elegant narrative, heat drives the story.

We believe in heart, the soul of any book. That happily-ever-after we all dream of.

We believe in history, resurrecting historical characters we admire or creating new ones. Capturing a moment in time that changes our lives forever.

We believe reading inspires miracles.

In keeping with this tradition, we invite our readers, family, and friends to discover something exciting and new every day and to contribute to our site.

Embrace the story, never forget the romance.


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