Spring Teaser

Spring had sprung!

Or so I thought.

I’m from the Chicagoland area, so it’s not like the concept of snow is new to me.  But after three months of not seeing grass, even this life-long Midwesterner was getting stir crazy.

So imagine my excitement when it finally hit forty degrees!  Forty degrees—that was balmy after a winter of temperatures dipping to nearly twenty below.  There were actual flip-flop sightings, motorcycles roamed the streets, and heck—I didn’t even wear a jacket to run my errands.  Can you imagine the ensuing madness had we hit sixty?

I was contemplating finally putting away the outdoors Christmas decorations (don’t judge, it’s only March and I had a deadline), when the weatherman announced he was expecting 8 more inches of snow the next day.  More snow?  How dare he rip spring away from me after only one glorious day? “Winter of my discontent”(Thanks, Will Shakespeare)? Try Spring of my rage issues!

And then it hit me—this wasn’t crushing disappointment.  This one day of warmth had been a teaser.  Mother Nature had provided me with a back cover blurb for spring.

It’s hard to think that an entire book can be summed up in just a couple paragraphs, or even a couple lines.  But some authors are so great crafting the art of the blurb; they hook a writer with just that.  The blurb is a brief promise, selling me a vision of what is to come.  It’s meant to delight the reader, tempt their sense of romance, and convince them they’d be worse off for not having read that book.

So, as I suffer through yet another wintery day, I encourage you to enjoy some of the teasers available on this site.  I can promise you that just a taste will not be enough.

Some judge a book by its cover…but what about the back cover?  Are you hooked by “the blurb”? Let me know your thoughts.

Jessica Jefferson is an avid reader and writer of regency romance.  Her debut novel, Compromising Miss Tisdale from Soul Mate Publishing, is available now on Amazon.  Click here for more.