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What do vampires, Mardi Gras history, and a food fight club have in common?

Not much, I guess, but they’re all there in my new Bayou Gavotte novella, Back to Bite You, which is out today!!


I’m excited to finally see this story published. It was written about four years ago and was originally intended for an anthology, but when the publisher went out of business, it was left without a home. It’s both a mystery and a romance, and it’s a prequel to the three full-length novels in the series which have already been published. (It’s not necessary to read it before the rest of the series—Ophelia, the heroine of Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil, plays a small role, but that’s it.)

A food fight club, you ask? Do such places exist? I really don’t know, but Bayou Gavotte, well known for its kinky clubs, is the perfect place for one. I got the idea from a reference book of my daughters used for a college paper. People do all sorts of strange things to get their jollies, and even more so in Bayou Gavotte, where anything goes. But Gerry, the hero of Back to Bite You, isn’t into that sort of kink. He doesn’t want to inherit his grandpa’s foot fight club, but he’s stuck with it. Mirabel, the heroine, is a hereditary vampire (not undead, but she is irresistible and has fangs) and Mardi Gras history buff who loves the club—and also happens to bake great banana cream pies.

If you’re going to plaster food all over your lover and then lick it off, banana cream pie is an excellent choice! (In a later blog, I’ll post a recipe in case you want to try it for yourself.)

Here’s a blurb:


A female vampire in hiding, a hunk with a mission, and a sinister history uncovered.

When vampire Mirabel Lane goes to Bayou Gavotte to hide out from the mobster she just dumped, the last thing she expects is to inherit a house. No, make that the second to last thing. What she really doesn’t expect is to fall for the previous owner’s gorgeous grandson.

When Gerry Kingsley goes to Bayou Gavotte to check out probable gold-digger and possible murderer Mirabel Lane, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with the irresistible twenty-something vampire.

No, what he really doesn’t expect is to unearth―once and for all―his family’s dark, convoluted past.

Click here to buy from—it’s only 99 cents, so it’s a good impulse buy. (I hope.) The link is below, as well.

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I would love some reviews. If you like the story and post a review on Amazon and Goodreads, just let me know, and I’ll give you a Kindle download of the first full-length story in the series, Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil, for free!

No only that, I’m giving away a download (Nook or Kindle) of one of my historical novellas (your choice – there are nine of them) to one lucky commenter. Just answer this question: If you went to a food fight club, what would you want to find on the menu?