Why Books Over Money…

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…to change your life, that is.

Think about it. Examine the threads of your life and ask yourself, “What really affected me?”

The answer is easy for me. Books. By a mile in fact.books

Pivotal, life affecting moments from the big to the small came with a book in my hands. Sometimes change came slowly with microscopic tweaking to my character and intellect, but other times, books shifted my course with seismic force.

And romance? The genre has been a constant friend since my earliest years.

From Disney’s golden books to fabulous fairy tales, I was entrenched in the power of love Abstract photo of love conceptand the beauty of romance. Even now, book discussions with my teenage sons reveal basic truths. Their reading tastes veer toward military memoirs, zombies and dystopian worlds, but both grudgingly agree romance deserves its position of prominence in the reading world.


iStock_000011015681MediumBecause romance brings life back to the fundamentals. My sons enjoy their books with undercurrents of societal change, but romance takes the reader through an ancient rhythm: the journey of a man and a woman falling in love.

We’re all seekers on love’s path, no matter where we are in life. One-to-one human understanding never gets old and never truly gets mastered. And money? The stuff is nice and necessary, but like the old saying goes: Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

So, if love from sweet to scorching is what you seek, you’re in the right place.

Embracing Romance is for the book-minded. We’re looking to connect with readers who crave other times, other places, and romance….lots and lots of romance.

Come join us! ~Gina Conkle

Before you leave, why not share a comment on a pivotal book in your life, and please tell me why. Maybe it was a romance, maybe not, but I’d love to know what books touched you. And please, spread the news to your friends about Embracing Romance …one book at a time.