What Alarms Men About Conversation? ~excerpts Gina Conkle

iStock_000020927096SmallWhether on the page or in real life, men get funny about words like “Let’s talk.” From going green around the gills to ducking out of a room, men generally avoid conversation for the sake of conversation.

Women, on the other hand, thrive on communication.

In honor of this male/female dilemma, today my Meet the Earl at Midnight excerpts highlight this fun difference in the sexes.  Enjoy…

Discourse between a man and woman…

His jaw tightened.  Best to lay down logical parameters now.

“You also need to know that I can’t abide hysterical women.”

“Good heavens, no hysterical women allowed?  Then, last night must’ve been quite a trial for you.” Then she tapped her fingers with rapid counting. “Let me see if I’ve got this right: one, no coming in your greenhouse; two, no going in your room, and three, no hysterical women.”

This was deteriorating quickly.

He took a deep, calming breath and cradled his mug in both hands. “You’re getting perilously close to histrionics, and no, last night was enlightening.  You are enlightening.”

Her eyes narrowed on him as if to gauge his sincerity.  She snorted in a most unfeminine manner, but his sincere compliment must’ve taken.  His pretty, dark haired interloper fidgeted and gave her attention to the Chinese pear tree while speaking to him in a world weary voice.

“Discourse between a man and woman will from time to time become heated—” She crossed her arms tightly over her bosom and looked him in the eye. “—even passionate.  To expect otherwise is foolish.”

Trade Secrets of Every Maleshhhh

“I may be revealing trade secrets of every male, but the trick is knowing when to listen and when to tune a woman out while giving the appearance of attentive listening. I’ve done that all my life…perfected the skill to an art form.”

“At least you’ve mastered an art.” She batted the pillow against his encroaching thigh and laughed a deep, sensual sound. “And how will I be able to tell when you’re truly listening and when you’re faking it with me?”

“That’s my secret. Something you’ll have to figure out over the years to come.”

Make Amends?

9781402294273-300“I came looking for you because I was less than gallant in the green house. I wanted to make amends,” he said. “And then I found you violating the sanctity of my room.”

His lordship shut the cabinet doors with a click and turned to face her with both hands at his hips. “An appalling lack of good manners, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, twice now, you’ve entered my room uninvited.  Do you have a habitual disregard for others? Or is my charm growing on you and you find me irresistible?”


Sometimes they get a tad commanding

“Is something wrong, milord?”

“Come here.”  He spoke with his lordly, commanding tone.

 Warning bells went off in her head. Lydia rooted to the spot. “I…what do you want?”

 “For you to come here.” One side of his mouth slid up. “In fact, I’d find it    refreshing if you did whatever I asked the first time I issued a          command.”

“Wha…” Eyes rounding at that, she couldn’t finish the word in her indignation.

        “Please,” he said, tipping his head in gentleman’s fashion.

 His high and mighty lordliness had the upper hand, but he softened the advantage with that please.

But eventually they catch on… shutterstock_61288258

“I find I’d like to continue our discussions tonight, if that meets with your approval,” he said for her ears alone.

His voice vibrated over her skin, and her body turned putty-like by his presence. When she responded, her voice kept their quiet, intimate thread. “You mean such as we had last night? Your talking with a woman for no particular reason over no particular subject.”

One corner of his mouth hitched up.

“Exactly the kind of discourse I had in mind.”

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