Archery in the Victorian era and a new release

Hello all! Amanda Mariel here talking about archery in the Victorian ear and my new release: Georgina! What have the two in common, you ask? Well, Georgina is a Victorian era lady who happens to love archery. Archery was a popular sport for both men and women during the Victorian era, one which really bloomed in 1844. Georgina and her friends are a bit ahead of the trend and making some waves in their books which take place in 1825 and onward.


Fun facts:

By 1840 archery was extremely popular it was considered a graceful exercise that encouraged dexterity.

The Victorians revived the long bow as a sport in the parks, clubs, and at the country house’s of the mid 1800’s.

Archery was among the first sports where women could compete alongside men in tournaments and belong to the same clubs.

Victorians used 26-30″ arrows and bows with a weight of 40-60 pounds at full pull.

Now allow me to introduce you to my feisty 1826 lady archer, Lady Georgina Seton and her friends!


A determined woman…

Wild and reckless, Lady Georgina Seton has plans for her future. Driven by the pain of past heartbreak, she will do whatever it takes to gain what she wants… and she is determined to control her own destiny. By becoming the best female archer England has ever known she will safeguard her future without the need to marry.

An ambitious man…

Born the spare, Felton Crauford is hell bent to secure his own future by amassing wealth. The mineral vein he discovered promises to be a boon, but there is one problem…the deposit runs into a neighboring estate. To his fury, the hoyden next door does whatever she can to get in his way. All while presenting a temptation he cannot ignore.

Felton and Georgina are caught up in an unstoppable yearning that threatens to destroy both of their plans. Worse, they are powerless to stop the white-hot desire blazing between them. Georgina must place her wager: Open her heart once more or risk losing everything.


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