Fangirling over Eloisa James by Alexa Aston

Alexa Aston with you today at Embracing Romance, here to share with you that even romance authors have fangirl moments when meeting other authors.

Last month, I went to Burbank for InD’Scribe, and the highlight of that trip was meeting my publisher and mentor, Kathryn Le Veque. Kathryn is one of the most generous souls on the planet and it was a thrill to meet her in person. She is as warm and witty as I knew she would be from our many emails and her Facebook posts.

I also got the goosies when I recently attended a showing of Love Between the Covers, a documentary about the romance writing industry ( It featured big industry names such as Nora Roberts, Beverly Jenkins, and Jayne Ann Krentz. The bonus was that Eloisa James, who’s also spotlighted in this documentary, gave a short talk after the film—and signed autographs! (SWOON!)

Eloisa James is the pen for Mary Bly, who is a Shakespeare professor at Fordham University. I love her story of becoming a romance writer! She began writing historical romances while a student at the University of Virginia. Her husband wanted to put off having a second baby because they both still had student loans to pay off. She wrote Potent Pleasures and received an advance for this novel that paid off those loans in full. By the time it, she’d landed a university job—but was an untenured professor—and feared her colleagues wouldn’t deem her academic enough if they learned of this published romance novel, which was far from her academic papers. Hence, the pen name.

She kept Eloisa James a secret until she realized hiding her identity was a disservice to her readers and gave the appearance that she was ashamed of her romance writing career. At a faculty meeting, she revealed her second career and has gone on to be both a respected professor and New York Times bestselling author, with books translated into nine languages. Her chat after the documentary was humorous and interesting and she was delightful as she autographed a copy of Seven Minutes in Heaven for me.

I find her personal story to be fascinating and I’m wild about her books, including Wilde in Love—which I just finished reading. Eloisa’s writing (and characters) are sharp, sexy, and witty. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the delightful Eloisa James and hope I entertain my readers as she does hers.