My love of alpha-male heroes began with movies

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Maggi Andersen
One such movie is The Quiet Man with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. Our local movie theater is showing it next Sunday. I’ll be there. I’ve seen the movie many times, but never on the big screen.
A good movie love story will have you glued, traveling with the lovers to their happy ever after, as any great romance novel will do. And what better when the hero is an alpha male and the heroine a stubborn, fiery redhead, who, despite their obvious desire for one another, battle until the end? Image

The Quiet Man has it all. Your heart soars one minute and you smile the next as you follow their journey, absorbed by the beauty and charm of a beautiful mythologized Ireland, inhabited by quirky characters. Image

What a perfect example of an alpha male is John Wayne as Sean Thornton. Image

Sean has refused to fight Mary Kate’s brother for money (and her hand). Mary Kate embraces the traditional marriage customs, and insists Sean court her in the proper manner. When she refuses to consummate their marriage until her dowry is paid, Sean kicks the door open, grabs her, kisses her, hefts her into his arms and throws her onto the bed, which then collapses. “There’ll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate, except those in your mercenary heart.” He strides out leaving her to her thoughts. We sense that the high-spirited Mary Kate rather hoped he’d stayed.
An American born Irishman, Sean has a secret; he is a retired boxer, who accidentally killed a man in the ring.

And there’s a wet shirt scene to rival Darcy! It smolders! Image

When Mary Kate makes the mistake of accusing Sean of being a coward, sparks really fly! Image

That scene:

Some very fine alpha-males inhabit my Regency Spies of Mayfair Series. Book Three, What a Rake Wants is released August 26th. Here’s a  taste. Meet Flynn, Lord Montsimon and my heroine, Lady Althea Brookwood:

On reaching the hackney, Montsimon gave her address to the jarvie and opened the door. When Althea stepped forward to enter, a loud ripping sound brought them both to a startled halt. She looked down.
Without an apology, Montsimon lifted his foot off her gown’s trailing flounce.
“I must have torn my gown coming down the tree,” she said, bunching up her skirts to enter the carriage.
“I find myself unable to continue the conversation at this time, Lady Brookwood,” he said, as he thrust the torn flounce in after her. “I shall call on you at home tomorrow at two o’clock. I am all agog to learn what brought about the need for you to climb trees in Manchester Square on a freezing winter evening.”
“And I look forward to learning how you came to be on hand to assist me,” she said crisply.
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Romantic Pursuit Trivia Question: What happened to Althea’s flounce?


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8 Responses

  1. Sandra Owens

    Although I never thought he was the best actor in the world, Maggi, John Wayne did have that certain something. Who the hell cared if he could or couldn’t act. 🙂

  2. Barbara Monajem

    I’m still not sure whether I’m an alpha hero fan. I guess it depends on whether he has a sense of humor along with his alpha characteristics… Many of my favorite heroes are more beta until they are obliged by circumstances to take on an alpha role. So maybe they’re just gentle alphas???

    • Maggi Andersen

      Good point, Barbara. Now that I think about it my heroes are alphas who exhibit beta characteristics later in the story.

    • Maggi Andersen

      I think The Quiet Man works, Violetta, because we know this guy has a big heart for all his bluster.

  3. Gina Conkle

    Hi Maggi,
    I have The Quiet Man on DVD. It’s one of my top 10 all time favorites. I can’t tell you how many times I watched the movie growing up! My dad is the HUGEST John Wayne fan. He still has a painting of The Duke hanging in his house. But, I really connected with Sean Thornton and Mary Kate as a kid. For me, you really struck a chord with this one. I think in this movie, John Wayne played the epitome of the honorable alpha male hero. Funny, I dedicated Norse Jewel to my husband who I call my “Quiet Alpha Male.” 😀 Great post!

    • Maggi Andersen

      Thanks Gina. I think the movie has collected a huge number of fans since it was first shown in the early 1950s. Just one of those special movies which don’t come along often. I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the big screen on Sunday.