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I have to confess a secret. I have a bit of an obsession with dimples in general and a particular fascination with chin dimples. I don’t know why, but I find a man with a chin dimple almost irresistible. I recently realized that several of my heroes have them (Philip Drake in Fortune’s son, Hadley Blanchard in Treacherous Temptations, and Wade Knowlton in Slow Hand) as do almost all of my favorite film stars.

Check out my gallery of favorite dimpled stars! (Lawrence Olivier, Erroll Flynn, Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Afleck, Aaron Eckhardt, Colin Firth, Eric Stoltz, Timothy Dalton, Ewan McGregor, Leo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Henry Cavill,  Jason Lewis, Jude Law, Patrick Dempsey, Russell Crowe, Tom Selleck and Viggo Mortensen).

See what I mean? How hot can you get?? Now,  let’s take it a step further and couple the dimples with a cowboy hat!

In case you can’t imagine so much hotness at once, here’s a visual aid.  Pictured below is the legendary Chris LeDoux, country music singer-songwriter, bronze sculptor and rodeo champion (with fabulous dimples). What woman could resist this combination?

My heroine Nikki Powell in SLOW HAND shares my dimple obsession but is sworn off cowboys. So what’s the poor girl to do?

 EXCERPT  SLOW HAND (coming November 4, 2014)

“My office is right here,” he inclined his head to the false front building. “It was once Miss Ruby’s boarding house.”

“Boarding house or bordello?” she asked.

“Probably one and the same,” he grinned. “Half the reason I signed the lease was that I liked the irony of practicing law in a former bawdy house.”

She stepped up onto the ancient looking wooden boardwalk and gazed down the neat row of authentic nineteenth-century buildings lining both sides of the street. He opened the door with Evans & Knowlton Attorneys at Law etched on frosted glass, and gestured for Nikki to precede him inside.

“Mornin’, Iris,” he greeted a plump middle aged woman. “This is Miz Powell. She’s up from Atlanta and will be using the office to take care of some personal business. Please allow her free rein to the computer, fax, etc…”

“Sure thing, Wade,” Iris smiled at Nikki. “Nice to meet you, Miss Powell.”

Nikki extended her hand with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry to impose on you like this. I’ll try not to get in your way any more than necessary.”

“Get in the way? A little bitty thing like you?” Iris waved her hand with a chuckle. She then gave Wade an assessing once over, her brows meeting in a frown. “You look like you could use some coffee.”

“That rough, eh?” He rubbed his bristled jaw. It was a particularly nice jaw, strong and square with the sexiest dimple in the middle of his chin. Why did he have to have that? She was such a sucker for dimples. Nikki wondered what the ones above his ass looked like. She’d noticed that part of him too but acting on her physical attraction to him could only lead to trouble.

What was wrong with her? One moment he was aggravating as hell and the next she was checking out his ass? Her intense reactions to him bewildered and annoyed her. She’d been around a number of hot cowboys before—more than she cared to remember and certainly none worth wasting brain cells thinking about. What made this one any different? He’s your lawyer. Nothing else, she reminded herself.

“Now, I didn’t actually say that,” Iris replied. “I’d be happy to run down to The Cafe while you get cleaned up. The usual?” she asked.

“Just coffee,” Wade replied.

“Anything for you, Miss Powell? Coffee?”

“Yes. Please,” Nikki answered. “I could use the pick up. It was a long night and will surely be a full day.”

“How do you take it?”

“Extra cream, no sugar. Thank you.”

Wade hung up his hat, and then came behind the desk to glance over Iris’ shoulder. “What’s on the docket this week?”

“Not much. Just more disputes over grazing rights.

“Grazing rights again! I’m damned sick of environmentalists and special interest groups sticking their noses into our business. Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take it all, heedless that the majority of people here are just trying to eke out a modest living.” Wade raked his hand through his sandy hair with a curse. “Damned vegan tree-huggers will destroy our entire state economy.”

Iris rolled her eyes as if anticipating a full blown tirade. “Be back in a jiffy.” She winked at Nikki as she slinked out the door.

Nikki grinned. “I take it you’re not a card carrying member of the Green Party?”

“No.” His gaze narrowed and brows pulled into a frown. “You’re not one of them I hope.”

“Who me?” Nikki shook her head. “No, sir-ee, I’m a live-and-let-live Libertarian and a longtime omnivore. My grandparents had a chicken farm in Lavonia. I betcha didn’t know Georgia is the country’s biggest chicken producer.”

“No, M’am,” his shoulders visibly relaxed. “I didn’t, but then I’m not a big chicken fan myself.”

She let her gaze travel over him in a slow appreciation of his tall, lean, muscular frame. She guessed he stood at least six three in his boots. “I suppose not,” she said. “It would be only prime grass-fed beef and Idaho potatoes for you.”

He crossed his arms over his broad chest and leaned on the doorframe studying her. “Miz Powell, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were undressing me with those pretty blue-green eyes of yours.”

A guilty flush infused her face but she refused to give him the advantage. She opted for a strong offense instead. “So what if I was? Weren’t you quite fixated on my ass at Denver airport?”

He raised a sandy eyebrow. “You noticed that, eh?” His confession came with a shameless grin attached.

She jutted her chin. “Quid pro quo counselor. What do you say to that?”

He approached her slowly, the smile in his eyes transforming in a blink to a wicked gleam. A gleam that promised very bad things. His reply sent a warning signal to every nerve in her body. “I’d say, why just use your eyes?”


Slow Hand-300

In rural Montana…
Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.

Even the lawyers wear boots…
Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds-until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can’t resist a cowboy with a slow hand…









How many of Victoria’s heroes have chin dimples?

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  1. Taswmom

    Well, she mentioned 3 of them, but then went on to show and tell quite a few movie stars with them. Some of my favorites included!

  2. jessicajefferson

    After reading your list, I started thinking and sure enough most of my favorite actors have dimples as well. There’s just something about them…

  3. Victoria Vane

    I have a funny story to share. Hubby saw me posting pictures and made some disparaging remark about guys with dimpled chins.(He tends to show a tiny bit of jealousy when I ogle other men) I then pointed out that he has one too! LOL!

  4. JoannaM

    Shame on me but to be honest, except for Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, I had never really paid any attention to any of the above mentioned actors’ chins (don’t shoot me) but now that you mention it I can see the appeal because I do find most of them extremely attractive. Cary Grant is one of my all time favorite actors. I wonder why… 😉