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The Nashville Parthenon

I’ve had Greece on the brain for a while now. My newest release (a contemporary romance written as Kira Archer), PRETENDING WITH THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE, just released on Monday so naturally I’ve been immersed in release-day festivities. But Greece is always a place I’ve wanted to visit. I’ve been fascinated with Greek

gods and goddesses since I was a little girl. Then I remember watching a movie with Hailey Mills called the Moonspinners that was set in Greece and I was completely hooked. What an amazing, beautiful place! I’ve never been, but it is certainly on my bucket list.

My daughter at the feet of Athena

This summer, we visited my parents near Nashville, and knowing their daughter well, my parents suggested we go visit the Parthenon. There is a full sized replica of the Parthenon in Nashville that houses an art museum on the lower level, and the top level is home to a full scale replica of the statue of Athena that once stood in the real Parthenon in Greece. What an amazing trip! My son, also a history nut, absolutely loved it. And while it wasn’t the “real” thing, it gave me a little taste of what it could have been like so many centuries ago.

The Nashville monument was modeled in part on the ancient description from Greek name Pausanias who said:

As you enter the temple that they name the Parthenon, all the sculptures you see on what is called the pediment refer to the birth of Athena, those on the rear pediment represent the contest for the land between Athena and Poseidon. The statue itself is made of ivory and gold. On the middle of her helmet is placed a likeness of the Sphinx…and on either side of the helmet are griffins in relief….The statue of Athena is upright, with a tunic reaching to the feet, and on her breast the head of Medusa is worked in ivory. She holds a statue of Victory about four cubits high, and in the other hand a spear; at her feet lies a shield and near the spear is a serpent. This serpent would be Erichthonius.” Pausanias (1.24.5-7)13920776_1155728447817661_420268097597467337_n

What a sight that must have been!

While my latest release is a contemporary, I still had a lot of fun researching the setting and all the amazingly beautiful locations there. The book is set on the island of Mykonos, which, while small, seems to be the play land of the rich and famous and is full of breathtakingly gorgeous streets filled with little shops and surrounded by white sand beaches and the turquoise sea.

If you need me, I’ll be daydreaming about sunbathing on a Greek beach somewhere 😉 In the meantime, I have a blog tour going on and am giving away a $20 gift card, so follow the link to enter! CLICK HERE 😀

Luca's cover

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