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three isolated christmas ballsMerry Christmas to you!

Thank you for stopping in to share part of your holiday with us. The year is winding down and so is our BIG “Favorite Things” giveaway. We’re all looking ahead to some exciting new things for 2015, but first…Each of us want to share a little of our Christmas holiday with you.


Gina Conkle, writer of Viking and Georgian romance with a softly sensual side.

50 percentThis year I’ll celebrate Christmas in a big way with family in Minnesota. Seventeen of us will gather at my parents house to celebrate the holiday.

The spirit of adventure is alive and well in my family. My parents announced they want to move further out into the middle of nowhere on a river and build a small farm from scratch. Pretty crazy considering most people of an “older age” move into bigger towns. Next spring marks the beginning of that adventure. So this will be the last Christmas in the old 1910 farmhouse they took 3 years to renovate (it is beautiful).


In that spirit of adventure, I said I’d bring pies (read that as “some will be store bought and some will be homemade). Dutch apple pie is a comfort zone pie for me to make. I’ve made the recipe for years, and this year I even made a pretty design with the apple filling.

20141222_225826This year I also decided to tackle lemon meringue from scratch —no gelatin or boxes, but the kind where you squeeze fresh lemons and mix in cornstarch. One “pie adventure” turned out fine, the other a disaster. The meringue didn’t cooperate, so I don’t have those high peaks, but I think the lemon filling turned out well.

Is it it just me…or does that pie look like it has a sad face? Maybe those flat brown peaks look like tentacles reaching from outer space…or maybe I’ve been on my feet all day, midnight’s not too far off, and I’m beat. We’ll see what my dad says; the pie is for him, the ultimate homestead adventurer!

What’s your adventure this Christmas? Are you trying a new recipe? Going someone place new? Please share. And from my family to you and yours ~ Merry Christmas!

Tree 1

Merry Christmas from Sandra Owens

Tree It’s Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days of the year. Even though I’m no longer a child, the anticipation of opening those presents under the tree with my name on them is almost more than I can bear.

I only want to say Merry Christmas to each and every one of you who celebrate the birth of Christ. If you don’t, then I’ll wish you a happy holiday. Pretty soon, the calendar will roll over to 2015. Although I don’t know how I’m even saying it’s about to be 2015, I hope the coming year is your best ever and that all your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas, y’all.


A Holiday Message from Victoria Vane

old paper texture on white

I’d like to take this opportunity to share my warmest wishes with all of you who have faithfully “followed,” loyally “liked,” and tirelessly “Tweeted”  our posts and our books. We appreciate you all as both readers and friends and wish you many blessings in the year to come.- Much Love from Victoria

Cafe au lait and beignets 5-16-14A toast from Barbara Monajem:

I wanted to raise a glass of virtual wassail, but my wassail pic is in my other computer, which I don’t have with me. Or maybe a glass of virtual lamb’s wool — same problem, the pic is elsewhere.

So since I’m in Louisiana for the holiday, here’s some virtual coffee and beignets, along with my wishes for a great holiday season. 🙂




xmas2Waving from a very summer day Christmas in New Zealand – Bronwen Evans

It’s summer down-under and it’s about 25C/78F and I’m having Christmas with my two sisters and their families, and my mother and step-father. My Dad has just left NZ so it was great to catch up with him before he went home to Canada. I’ve traveled about 4 hours by car today with my 8 month old puppy, Brandy, to Lisa’s house, that they are in the middle of renovating. Lisa has a Burmese Mountain Dog and Brandy is a bit nervous, as she’s much bigger than any dog she’s used to.

We are having the normal barbeque for a Christmas lunch and then lazing around in the afternoon sun and maybe a stroll along the beach.BrandyLola This is always a family time for me, and I love it when we are all together.

I hope wherever you are celebrating the holidays, that you take the time to bring love and good cheer to those around you. Safe and happy travels.

PS. I also intend to catch up with all the books I meant to read this year and never got to. What’s on your to read list these holidays?


Happy Holidays from Jessica Jefferson

This Christmas I’ll wake up to my three year old and nine year old jumping on the bed, begging me to wake up.  It’ll probably be 5am.  I’ll spend the day assembling toys, trying to keep the dog from eating the toys, making dinner, and attempting to create happy memories for my kids, even if it kills me.

Next year, I’ll remember it as the happiest Christmas ever.  Much like childbirth, the pain and turmoil of the holiday season is quickly forgotten and all I’ll recall is how much fun I had and how great it was to spend this time with my kids.

Thank you to all the readers, bloggers, authors, reviewers, and friends who have supported me this year and may you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by those you love.

Holiday Wishes from Ally Broadfield

IMG_0975Whether you celebrate, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or something else, I hope you are surrounded by friends and family as you enjoy the wonders of the holiday season. My kids are growing up so quickly, but I’m trying to slow the clock as much as possible and enjoy every moment with them as we wrap presents, bake cookies, and enjoy one another’s company. Best wishes to all for a prosperous new year!

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