Her Majesty’s Scoundrels by Christy Carlyle

I took a plunge this year and did something I’ve never done before. I decided to organize a boxed set anthology. I knew I wanted to make it a Victorian romance set, because I’m passionate about the time period and the genre, and I’m always eager to read more stories set during the sixty-three years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Lana Williams, who writes both medieval and Victorian historical romance, helped me brainstorm. We eventually gathered a small but stellar group of authors, including Laura Landon, Anthea Lawson, Rebecca Paula, Lana, and myself, to create original novellas around the theme of HER MAJESTY’S SCOUNDRELS. In other words, every story needed to feature a character who was directly connected to the queen herself, and a scoundrel, of course.

Here are the stories we came up with:

To Lure a Lost Duke by Christy Carlyle
Killian Graves, Duke of Strathmoor, doesn’t wish to be found. An unforgivable act in London and haunting memories of war have turned him into a recluse. Not even Octavia Fowler, the fetching lady detective Queen Victoria set on his trail can lure him back from seclusion. Though she may prove a danger to his heart.

A Spy To Call My Own by Rebecca Paula
When her brother dies mysteriously, suffragette Vera Attwater travels to Africa to track down her brother’s best friend, Owen MacKenna for help. But the Scottish adventurer is more than her brother’s friend, he’s also the man she’s been secretly in love with since childhood. They might fight their attraction, but there’s no denying the dangerous secrets they discover as they travel through the jungle. Will love win out or will Owen lose the real mission of keeping Vera safe?

Tempting the Scoundrel by Lana Williams
Elliott Walker, the Earl of Aberland, leads a double life, working for British Intelligence while playing the scoundrel. His grandmother’s new companion, Sophia Markham, is observant and tempting, threatening his secrets. Sophia knows all too well rogues should be avoided, but dare she trust this one as her heart longs to do?

Cast in Scandal by Laura Landon
Edward Waverley, Duke of Townsend, has put his undercover work for Her Majesty far behind him. But when she calls on him to find a missing agent, every clue leads him to the same woman—a woman accused of murdering her husband.

Everyone in Society assumes Lady Alyssa Lindleigh is guilty of her husband’s death. Now, if she wants to make her way back into their favor, she must prove her innocence. If she can only find the real murderers without losing her life. And the man she has come to love.

The Viscount’s Secret by Anthea Lawson
Anthony Blake, Viscount Percival, is renowned throughout the ton for his handsome face and his foppish ways. Only a select few know that beneath Lord Percival’s foolish exterior is a keen intelligence able to ferret out diplomatic secrets for the Crown. Nobody suspects his secret until Lord Percival meets a quiet, unassuming young woman who sees far more than she should.

HER MAJESTY’S SCOUNDRELS is a limited time release that’s on sale for a special first-week price of 99 cents, but only through Sunday. Price will go up on Monday, May 8. Grab your copy now!

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Do you like reading linked stories in a set? We hope you’ll give ours a try and let us know what you think.