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“My home is wherever I am.”
Mary Poppins
While Mary Poppins’ home is the carpetbag she carries with her, the love and importance of ‘home’ is a common thread in my books.

P.L. Travers’ novel, Mary Poppins was a favorite of mine as a child. It fired my imagination. Fancy my delight when we moved to a small town in the Southern Highlands of Australia a few years ago, to discover that Pamela had lived in our street in the early part of the 20th Century. The Victorian house still stands.


We now have a statue of Mary Poppins, in P.L. Travers’ honor in our park.
Pamela Travers was born in Queensland, but after her years in Australia, she lived in Ireland, England, and spent time in America. She wrote Mary Poppins while recuperating from a serious illness‒“to while away the days, but also to put down something that had been in my mind for a long time.”
Pamela read books on myths and legends and her mother’s library books (which involved sneaking into her room while she was asleep!) She worked as a secretary, a dancer and an actress and went on to become a journalist. She was made writer in residence to both Smith and Radcliffe Colleges in Massachusetts. Pamela died in 1996 aged 97.
Her novel, Mary Poppins has since inspired countless books, movies and musicals. My favorite is still the Julie Andrews version. Enjoy A Spoon full of Sugar:
Like many writers, Travers’ characters are drawn from life: Mary, from her spinster aunt, a crisp no-nonsense woman with a heart of gold. “Spit spot into bed” was a favorite phrase of her mother’s.
Mary Poppins was one of the books which opened my eyes to the whimsical and fanciful. While my heroes and heroines don’t dance on rooftops, fly around holding umbrellas, or arrange tea parties on the ceiling, they are thrown into adventures. In my Regency series, The Spies of Mayfair, they are faced with life and death situations while falling in love.

What a Rake Wants-The Spies of Mayfair, Book 3 is released in August.
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  1. Sandra Owens

    That’s really cool that you ended up living on the same street as P.L. Travers once had, Maggie. After seeing the movie, my sister and I decided to jump off the roof of a garden shed holding onto umbrellas so we could fly like Mary Poppins. Fortunately, our mom caught us before we did it. 🙂

    • Maggi Andersen

      That was fortunate, Sandra! I was positive I could fly when I was a kid. I’m sure that’s why I have a bad back now, lol.

  2. ginaconkle2013

    Hi Maggi,
    Thanks for sharing that fun post on PL Travers. I loved “Mary Poppins” as a little girl and recently watched the movie “Saving Mr. Banks.” Really interesting what motivates us and deep seated influences. I cried.
    Have a great day-

  3. Maggi Andersen

    Hi Gina, I’ve yet to see that movie. It sounds great!

  4. dholcomb1

    how cool! I had learned some from the Saving Mr. Banks movie, but it’s nice to know a little more.