Loving Her Crazy Release Day!

Today’s release day! 😀 My contemporary side, Kira Archer, has a new romantic comedy releasing today with Entangled’s Lovestruck line. Loving Her Crazy is book 3

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in the Crazy Love series. The story is set in Chicago, a city I’ve written about before. Only the first time, the story was set in the 1920s in my book Romancing the Rumrunner. It was fascinating researching the same city, set almost a century apart in time, for two different books. 05-14--Bridge

Two of the three main locations in Loving Her Crazy, Navy Pier and Adler Planetarium, were actually present (or almost) in the late 1920s when Romancing the Rumrunner took place. Navy Pier is actually getting ready to celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. So it’s a place that Jessie and Tony could have visited in Rumrunner. Adler Planetarium opened in 1930, so it wouldn’t have quite been ready during Rumrunner, but almost. Nash and Iris definitely had an amazing time there in present-day set Loving Her Crazy, that’s for sure 😉

I’ve actually never been to Chicago, aside from a few brief layovers at the airport, but after researching both the city’s rich history and incredible present-day attractions, it’s one of my top cities I’d like to visit.

Here’s a peek at Rumrunner for our history lovers….

And if you are like me and also love contemporaries, here’s a taste of Loving Her Crazy.

Iris Clayton is supposed to be on a tropical island, soaking up the sun and a few dozen mojitos. Instead, she’s snowbound in Chicago overnight, holding out hope the morning flight isn’t cancelled. Good thing there’s a hot cowboy to keep her company. And it doesn’t hurt that Mr. Tall, Calm, and Sun-Streaked can make her tremble with one sultry look from under his well-worn hat.

Montana rancher Nash Wallace sucks at ice skating, has no clue what a selfie is, and may be a tad averse to breaking and entering, but being with Iris makes him want to bend a few rules. Or, hell, throw them out the window altogether. She’s fun, spontaneously crazy, and can rock a Muppet fur coat like no one’s business. He’s falling hard and fast, but wanting to spend his life with someone after one night is insane.

Except, nothing has ever felt so right, and neither of them wants the night to end…

If you’d like to read the first chapter, head over HERE 😀

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  1. Barbara Monajem

    What an awesome story premise. I like love stories where the characters fall fast and hard. 🙂