Let Them Eat Cake

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I think every writer needs to have at least one hobby outside the world of books (I know, shocking right? 😀 ) I mean, I LOVE books. I’d really rather do nothing else but sit and read if I get a few spare moments. But sometimes it is a little nice to do something different. And for me, that means cake 😀

I love decorating cakes. One of these days, I’d really like to take a class on how to do this stuff, but for now, I cruise Pinterest and do my best at copy-catting 🙂

My hubs hates cake (I’m not sure he’s human) so I don’t get to make them for my family often (well, I could but that would be extremely dangerous to what’s left of my waistline lol) so I usually only make them for birthdays. And I occasionally make them for friends.

Those “naked” cakes are popular lately, and are something that my characters would probably be more likely to have on their tables. I wasn’t sure about them at first, but some are really quite lovely. I’d love to make one one of these days.

(For some gorgeous examples of these, check out the Storyboard Wedding blog)

Today I’m actually up to my elbows in fondant putting the finishing touches on a cake order, so I’ll share with you a few of my favorite cakes that I’ve done over the years and dive back into the modeling chocolate 😉


My son is a Star Wars nut – he requested a cake depicting the Battle of Mustafar LOL


For my daughter’s 8th Bday 🙂



This was for the 10th birthday of a friend of my daughter’s.


This is my favorite cake 😀 I made this for my son’s Indiana Jones themed 10th birthday. It took forever…I’d love to do another one to fix a few things I figured out along the way but so far I haven’t had anyone request a snake cake for their birthday LOL


I love the quilted design with pearls. Simple but so pretty 🙂

20130928_144642_resizedAnother shot of it 😀 See those gummy snakes around it? Those are on the inside of the cake also, along with a few gummy spiders. My son wanted to replicate the Snake Surprise scene from The Temple of Doom lol

Update: Here are the two I was working on today 🙂 They are for a girl on my daughter’s gymnastics team 🙂



(The inside is tie dyed 🙂 )

What hobbies do you have besides reading?

Trivia question – what was the theme of the party the snake cake was made for?



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8 Responses

  1. Maggi Andersen

    How clever and creative! I love the snake!

  2. Glenda

    Great cakes! I took the ‘lazy’ route with many of my kids birthday cakes and created scenes from the movies/shows they were into on a basic rectangle cake. We had several Star Wars ones over the years as well as many, many Disney themed ones. 🙂

    • Michelle McLean

      LOL I did that for my daughter’s bday this year – iced the cake white, stuck a bunch of Frozen figurines on it and used the back of the box the figures came in for the background (it had the Frozen castles, scenes, etc) 😀 My daughter loved it 😀

  3. Barbara Monajem

    Snake cakes. Wow. Have you ever done a frog cake?

  4. Mishka Jenkins

    I like to decorate cakes to 😀 I loved doing the classes!

    I am also a big fan of gardening, it really helps to take my head out of the world and just concentrate on plants for a while 🙂