LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP – Released today!

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As the second novella in my Baxendale Sisters Series, LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP is released; I thought I’d talk a little about writing it.

‘Flying into the mist’ best describes my writing technique. I envy writers who are plotters, and while I employ a certain amount of structure to prevent my first draft ending up shaped like the jumper Holly Golightly knits in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (she fears she is knitting a ranch house), I remain a ‘seat of the pants’ writer. I find it suits me.


Faith appears in the first book of the series, LADY HONOR’S DEBT. Vaughn and his large family the Brandreths, in TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY.


I thought I was fairly well acquainted with them both, but as I write, the characters talk to me, and begin to reveal their idiosyncrasies. Once I’ve dealt with one situation they’ve landed themselves in, (and some are apt to shock me!) another magically pops up to be dealt with. It’s a mystifying process. I am sure of one thing before I start on their journey, however. My hero and heroine will have that ‘Happy ever After’. One of the satisfying things about writing a series is the opportunity to give a glimpse of the hero and heroine after they’re married.


When Faith takes a surprising leap, I gasped, stared at the page, shook my head and wandered off to the washing. But later, I decided she was right, for her impulsive act set in motion what she subconsciously knew she needed, and what I trust is a good story. I hope readers think so too.


LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP – The Baxendale Sisters Book #2





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  1. Barbara Monajem

    LOL, Maggi. The surprising moves characters make are one of the joys of writing. 🙂 Congrats on the new release! 🙂