Juxtaposition: the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Squishy SnowSnowToday I am thinking about contrasts. The contrast of warm and cold, bare ground and snow, winter and spring, light and dark. Last night we received 3.75 inches of snow in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Saturday is the first day of Spring Break, a time when we generally have temperatures in the eighties.

This is the most snow we’ve had since 2010 (which I know because they keep repeating it over and over on the local news). Though most of the rest of the country has been blasted with snow and wintry weather this year, last week was our first taste of wintry weather. Of course the kids are thrilled. Last week they were off of school on Monday and Tuesday, had a late start on Wednesday, a full day on Thursday, and then Friday off. They’re off today, and it’s likely that they’ll have tomorrow off as well since the temperature is supposed to stay below freezing all day.

I know most everyone else is understandably ready for winter to be over, but having grown up in Northern Michigan where we had snow on the ground all winter long, I’m thrilled with our little taste of winter, though I do empathize with everyone who will have their Spring Break plans messed up by the timing of this storm. Since we have to stay in town for hockey finals this weekend, it’s not an issue for us.

What’s it like in your neck of the woods? Are you ready for winter to be over?


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6 Responses

  1. bmonajem

    There are daffodils blooming in my yard, a sure sign of spring…but I hope it’s a long, cool one. It warms up way too quickly here in Atlanta. (But I do wish we’d had a bit more snow this year. We had maybe 1/4 inch, and it was gone the same day it arrived. Pout.)

    • Ally Broadfield

      Same thing here, Barbara. It’s way too hot here for six months of the year, and we rarely get snow.

  2. Collette Cameron

    We’ve had one of the warmest and driest winters on record, in Oregon. My yard is already full of flowers and it’s just the beginning of spring. We’re worried about water for the summer though.

    • Ally Broadfield

      I understand that problem, Collette. We’ve been in Texas for eleven years now, and all of them have been under drought conditions.

  3. jessicajefferson

    I’m in the northern most part if Indiana (one road up is Michigan) and we have a ton of snow! But still, less then last year. It was 24 this week and I went without a coat and opted for a light fleece if that tells you again. Last year we were lucky to see positive numbers and at one point the snow was as tall as my 9 yr old.
    Summer can’t come fast enough! I hope you warm up soon.

    • allybroadfield

      I can’t complain too much, Jess, as it will be too hot here very soon. 🙂 I hope things are warming up for you. Spring is near.