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In three weeks I will be in Charleston, South Carolina for a writers’ retreat my agent is holding for her authors. I’m excited because I love writers’ retreats, meeting and getting to know fellow authors, sharing our writing relating problems, as well as cheering for each other’s successes.

Courtney (my agent) has rented an amazing house right on the beach, Casa Margarita

Retreat - House 1 Retreat - HouseRetreat - House 3

Each room is themed and I have been assigned the Pig Pen. Now, I’m not going to take that personal, but Jenny, my friend and critique partner who also shares the same agent, has been assigned the Love Nest, featuring a mirror on the ceiling. Really I’m not jealous since that’s about the nicest pig pen I’ve ever seen.

Retreat - Jenny Love Nest                       Pig Pen Retreat - House 2

But…yes, there is a but. Someone decided we should have a dress up like Madonna or David Bowie day. (I can’t remember who to blame for that, but I do know that Jenny has a serious thing for David Bowie, so I’m thinking that not only does she get the Love Nest, but she’s the reason I found myself shopping for Madonna costumes.)

Then someone mentioned the Sunfire Girls series, and that we could also pick one of them to dress up as. Who the devil were the Sunfire Girls? So off to Goggle I went. How did I not know about these girls who had fabulous adventures? Written in the 1980s by a group of authors, each book had two themes – history and romance, and each featured a teenage girl who experienced a particular event or period in American history. With a few exceptions, the girls were torn between two potential lovers, and each book title was the girl’s name. To this day, there are Sunfire Girls fan clubs, women who grew up reading the books and love talking about them.




Curious, I went looking for one. Since they’re out of print, I found some used ones and ordered Amanda because my friend, Jenny—did I mention she’s getting the Love Nest Room?—said that one was her favorite. After reading it, I didn’t have the desire to read all thirty-two books. If I had read them as a teen, however, I would have devoured them the way I did Nancy Drew.

After looking at all the covers, I decided for our dress up day, I’m going to be Roxanne, because I love the blurb about her.

Sunfire Girls

Roxanne has come from a small town to Hollywood with one dream: to become a star. And she will do anything to succeed: change her looks, her name and her friends. She has to decide if she should succumb to John Randolph, the movie producer’s son, who can introduce her to all the right people. Or if she should follow her heart to Gary Marlowe, a glittering star who has eyes for all of the beautiful bit players and extras on set. But Roxanne knows she is not going to settle for being just another extra – to Gary or Hollywood…she’s going to have it all!

I bought a wig just like Roxanne’s hair, and it looks horrid on me, but that’s half the fun, right? It doesn’t show up well in the picture, but there’s a sparkly R on her pink sweater. I wasn’t going to bother with that, but my husband didn’t think I was getting in the right spirit of things, so he went shopping one day and came home with a large glittery stick-on R.

On dress up day, the house will be full of Madonnas and David Bowies and Sunfire Girls. Yes, I promise to take pictures!

I’m curious if you knew about or read the Sunfire Girls series. If so, which was your favorite?
Sunfire Girls - 3



Author pic Sandra lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She is a 2013 Golden Heart Finalist for her contemporary romance, Crazy for Her.

A few highlights of Sandra’s life she fondly recalls are jumping out of a plane, flying upside down in a stunt plane, and riding her Harley in the mountains of Southern California and along the coast of Maine. Although those events in her life were great fun, nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction she gets from writing her stories.

You can connect with Sandra on Twitter @SandyOwens1 and Facebook at SandraOwens.94043. Her website is: www.sandra-owens.com

23 Responses

  1. Lateia Elam Sandifer

    My sis and I were huge fans of the series. As adults we replaced our entire set so that we both have all the books. I loved so many of these novels, many of which were written by fantastic authors who never got the credit they deserved. If I had to pick my top three, In would choose Julie (Continental Railroad), Roxanne (Pearl Harbor) and Laura (Women’s Suffrage). Not only were they romantic page turners but they taught us a lot about American History. My set is always in sight and I’ve reread many of them. Sounds like a delightful party!

    • Sandra Owens

      I wish I had known about the series long ago, Lateia. I don’t know how I missed it. I really enjoyed Amanda, and was definitely impressed with the writing. I think I would definitely like Veronica, the Pearl Harbor one. They’re not in print anymore, but I found a used Amanda in good condition for one penny, which was great except for what they charged to ship it. LOL The copy I received has a girl’s name written on the inside cover with her Texas address. I’m tempted to write to that address to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her book, just to see if she lives there. Probably not, though.

  2. Maggi Andersen

    That looks like such fun, Sandra. What a great spot! I’ve never read the series.

    • Sandra Owens

      Well, it’s supposed to be a working retreat, Maggi, but it’s definitely looking like there will be some fun involved! Also wine. 🙂

  3. Ally Broadfield

    How did I not know about these books? I wonder if I could get my daughter to read them (assuming I can find some!). Have a wonderful time at the retreat!

  4. ginaconkle2013

    Okay, I want to see photographic evidence of the Madonna Day! Looks like you’re having a blast and in a beautiful place. I hope you’re inspired to write many more great books.

  5. Sandra Owens

    Ally, I would have loved them as a teen. If she’s a reader, I think she would enjoy them. You can find used ones through Amazon.

  6. Barbara Monajem

    I’d never heard of them, but I love the covers. Enjoy yourself!

    • Sandra Owens

      I hadn’t heard of them either, Barbara, but there are Sunfire Girls fan clubs, so I guess many teens did know about them. Even though I’m not a teen anymore, if they were still in print, I would read them.

    • Sandra Owens

      Oh, if you should find them, Denise, would love to know which ones.

  7. jessicajefferson

    My favorite series!! I remember the exact spot in the library where I could find them. My favorite story was about the hurricane in Galveston – though I can’t remember her name. Seriously – what a flashback! Now I’ll be thinking about those books all day.

    • Sandra Owens

      LOL, Jessica, the more I hear about them, the more I want to read the others. Darcy sounds like a good one.

  8. Alyssa Alexander

    I’ve not heard of this series! Also, I SO want to stay in a room called the Pig Pen. Oh, wait. That might be my home office. 🙂 Have fun!

    • Sandra Owens

      LOL, Alyssa. Not many pig pens have a view of the ocean, so I’m not complaining. 😀

  9. piperhuguley

    I should have known–that was a red flag to me that I was destined to write historical back then. The only black one was Corey and I thought they could do better. I kept trying to write one and send it in. By the time I got something down in my typewriter all that time ago….they stopped the line. I was devastated. Thanks for the column Sandra!

  10. Sandra Owens

    Piper, you are making up for that with the books you are writing now! I love that you tried to write a Sunfire Girl.