Is it too early for Christmas stories?? And a #giveaway

Barbara Monajem here. Like it or not, the Christmas anthologies and boxed sets are coming thick and fast, and it’s only late September, with more coming next month. I think the reason they come out so early is because 1) people love heartwarming stories and want to work up to a Christmas sort of mood, and 2) come December, many people are too busy preparing for the actual event to have time for reading.

So anyway, I’m in two of this year’s offerings. They’re fabulous 99 cent deals!

The first one (first because it’s already out) is Once Upon a Historical Christmas. It contains my slightly Gothic mystery romance, The Christmas Knot, which has star-crossed lovers, an irritable ghost, and a family curse. If you’ve already read it, this is still a great deal, as there are stories from seven other authors as well. And quite a few brawny Scottish heroes. 😉 Check it out here.

The second one, which is up for pre-order and releases October 18, is A Very Wicked Christmas. It’s an anthology of six brand-new novellas. Mine is Love at First Dance (aka Jane and the Vile Seducer), and it’s a sequel to The Reluctant Seductress in the boxed set Rakes and Rogues (which is also available for 99 cents). My two novellas have just a touch of the paranormal in the form of erotic dreams. Here’s where you can pre-order A Very Wicked Christmas.

As for the GIVEAWAY… I have a gorgeous **paperback** of A Very Wicked Christmas sitting on my desk right now. Just comment on why you do, or don’t, like seeing Christmas romances out so soon, and you may just win it. (USA only, I’m sorry to say, because the postage is too high to send elsewhere.)

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Barbara Monajem started writing at eight years old. She has wandered from children’s fantasy through mystery to paranormal and historical romance. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.

23 Responses

  1. Amy Hart

    I like seeing them out soon. I love Christmas, but I do prefer to read the Christmasy books near the holidays. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  2. Barbara Monajem

    Hi, Amy. One advantage of having them out early is you can have a whole bunch ready to read over the holidays. Last year I read two anthologies of Mary Balogh’s Christmas stories. 🙂

  3. Barbara Bettis

    Never to early for a Christmas story, Barbara, or for another of yours. I’m looking forward to reading it. Best of luck.

    • Barbara Monajem

      LOL, that’s not crazy, that’s fabulous, Denise. 🙂

  4. Angie Garn

    I love seeing them so soon! Gets me into the spirit of the holidays. I work in retail, so the holidays are not as fun as they used to be!

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Angie. Yup, retail means extra work during the holiday season. But I’m glad you like seeing the stories out early.

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Josie. I’m looking forward to reading the set you have a story in, too. 🙂 I’ll be posting about that here on Friday.

  5. Glenda

    I’m ok with seeing Christmas anthologies and novels out this early. I’m not ok with seeing Christmas decorations and hearing carols in stores before Halloween.

    • Barbara Monajem

      I agree, Glenda. I love all the spookiness about Halloween and prefer to enjoy it before the Christmas stuff appears. There was an awesome talking skeleton in a Michael’s store near us — so much fun to watch and listen to. 😉

  6. ohmeagain

    I suppose I’m in the to soon camp. Where I live it is 100* today. So, Christmas and the stories that surround it are something I’m not yet ready for. Not just yet, give me another month and I’ll be on board.

    • Barbara Monajem

      LOL. It was about 90 F here today, I think — way too hot for the end of September!

  7. ki pha

    LOL I do enjoy seeing Christmas stories but I don’t usually read them this early in the season. I have to go through my mysteries and horror first, and then Christmas and mistletoe can snuggle me.

    • Barbara Monajem

      LOL. Get yourself all freaked out with blood and gore, and then comfort yourself with Christmas?? Sounds like a plan! I don’t read horror, but I do love mysteries. I think I’ll download a bunch of Christmas stories and hoard them for when I’m in the mood. 😉

  8. Lee Garcia

    I love Christmas….. The smell, the colors, the attitudes, the music, the Hallmark tv shows, the feel of winter, the ability to wear my boots!…lol. If I could celebrate all year long I would…. Yes I love Christmas books and I can read them all year long!

    • Barbara Monajem

      Hi, Lee. LOL. I must say I do miss wearing boots. I wish it snowed a bit more here in the south!

  9. Barbara Monajem

    And the winner is…..Angie Garn! Angie, I will contact you about sending your prize. Thanks for the comments, everyone.