I confess. I am an Anglophile.

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Anglophile: “A person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.”

map england-counties
Most of my novels, both contemporary and historical are set in England. My mother’s family hailed from there and she brought me up to love the country as she did. The books I brought home from the lending library as a child were all set in England, such as Enid Bryton, and later, Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt and Georgette Heyer. I set my stories in the England of my imagination, long before I visited the country.
When I did visit, I discovered there was so much to love about England.

village 2
The quaint villages.

countryside 1
The countryside.


The woods.

english-stately-home--thumb21955924 for A Baron in Her BedThe Grand Estates.


The Castles and the History of an Ancient Land

And of course,  the exciting city of London.

I have returned many times to England. And my heroes and heroines still live there.

Have you seen my gorgeous new cover?  Book Two of the Baxendale Sisters Series LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP. Coming May.

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Maggi Andersen is an Australian author of historical romance, mysteries, contemporary romantic suspense and young adult novels. She lives in a pretty historical town with her husband, a retired lawyer. Maggi is a bird lover, she supports the RSPCA, IFAW and Youth off The Streets. Maggi's latest Regency series is The Baxendale Sisters. Book #1 Lady Honor's Debt is available on Amazon, and relevant sites.

15 Responses

  1. ki pha

    Loving that cover for Lady Faith.
    But Aren’t we all a bit Anglophile? 🙂
    Though I don’t have any connection to Britain I do love the land and all the romance stories that takes place there. I’ve only been there once and can’t wait to go back!

    • Maggi Andersen

      I suspect many of us are, Ki. Thanks, I love that cover too.

  2. ginaconkle2013

    Hi Maggi,

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have been to Scotland but not England. I’d love to explore the castles of southern England. I’d love to read a post about how your mom went from England to Australia. I’ll bet there was a man involved. 🙂

  3. Sandra Owens

    Love the cover, Maggi!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures of England. Going there is on my bucket list.

    • Maggi Andersen

      Something to look forward to, Sandra! Thanks I love that cover too.

  4. Alyssa Alexander

    Love the cover. And I’m an Angliophile too! I so want to go to England–I’ve never been. Someday soon, I hope! And then I’d like to swing by Ireland, where my ancestors hail from.

    • Maggi Andersen

      Ireland is beautiful and the people are charming, Alyssa!

  5. Maggi Andersen

    After my grandparents migrated from England to Australia my mum was born here, Gina. A red-head with very fair skin, she never felt quite right in this hot climate. The handsome man in her life was my father, lol. His roots were Danish.

  6. jessicajefferson

    I love all things across the pond! Architecture, gardens, history, men…

    My grandmother traced our Ancestory and we were imports via the Mayflower, so I like to think it’s in my blood and I’m just trying to get back home!

    Beautiful cover – I love the color choices for this series.

  7. Barbara Monajem

    I’m an anglophile too, I guess. I read the same books as you growing up, Maggi, and I still read more Brit lit than anything else.

  8. Ally Broadfield

    Fabulous cover, Maggi! And yes, I’m also an Anglophile, for all of the reasons you presented, and more. My husband always laughs that I should have been born in England because I love horses and dogs more than people. 🙂