How Do You Feel About A Good Cry? ~ Gina Conkle

Had a good cry lately?

Try reading a book!Book of nature

Fiction takes you places, other times and other worlds, but good fiction, great fiction plays your heart strings.

Have you read a story that took you on a “feelings” roller coaster? Three books stand out in my book history, gripping me with edge-of-your-seat emotions.

One: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

The book came into my life when I was twelve, sucking me into the drama of a rather spoiled young Scarlett. She did selfish and unlikable things. But, haven’t we all at times? I give Scarlett credit for rising to the occasion when Atlanta was burning and her sweet nemesis, Melanie, went into labor.

You can believe I was along for the ride, enjoying the book. I cried something fierce when Bonnie Blue was lost, but took the story in stride.

Until this…


The hero never leaves. How could he?

To my twelve year old happily-ever-after mind this was a shocker. I watched the movie hoping for a different ending from the book, but Hollywood held firm to the book ending. I kept imagining scenarios where Rhett went back. Sometimes I still do. The historical genre does not require happily-ever-after like romance. But, even in romance, there’s some pretty gut wrenching moments.

Like in my next example… Two: Dream of Me by Josie Litton

Dream of MeYes, I bawled like a baby at an unexpected scene, which was powerful because of the story leading up to this very moment.

The shocker: the hero, an alpha-Viking-jarl cries. The hero, Wulf, let’s the love of his life (Cymbra) go. He took the Saxon born Cymbra by force and fell in love, but along the way he realizes you can’t “make” someone love you. Love’s a gift that must be given.

Wulf stands in the shadows and watches her brother abduct her back to Wessex.

I’d love to share an excerpt but copyright laws prevent me (just do yourself a favor and buy the book). The author knows how to connect surprising emotions flawlessly.

Maybe this is one reason Dream of Me by Josie Litton is my all time favorite romance?

And my last example, Three: Because of You by Jessica Scott

I don’t venture into contemporary romance very often, but last year I did with this gritty 9780345533869_p0_v1_s260x420military romance.

This is not a war saga, rather it’s a tale of the aftermath.

The surprise? Nurse Jen St. James needs more healing than her super-sized patient, Sergeant Shane Garrison. She’s a breast cancer survivor, but hasn’t had reconstructive surgery — by choice. Her body’s scars reflect inner emotional scars. Shane, a gentle giant of a man with his own recovery problems, tenderly helps Jen with hers.

And yes, I had a good cry over Jen and Shane. More than once.

Now it’s your turn. Share a book that got your tear ducts flowing and tell me why. Leave your comment below and one commenter will win a $10 Amazon gift card (to be delivered via e-gift by email. Open to any location in the world). Be sure to leave your email address. Drawing for the prize will be June 20th.

Cheers to you, Reader! ~Gina

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25 Responses

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Bronwen,
      Thank you! Romance plays on the heart strings best. And congratulations on A Promise of More’s success!!

  1. NancyS.Goodman

    Oh so many books have made me cry, but the one that wins for makes me ugly cry in a public place is Kary Rader’s A Taylor Made Life. Oh my god, to this day I still can’ bring myself to re read it because I know how much i’m going to cry again, even knowing what happens!
    Great post!!

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Nancy,
      Isn’t it great to have those keepers that grab your heart? You know the story, the characters are superb when even though you know what’s coming, you cry anyway. Wow! I will have to check out Kary Rader’s book. Thanks for the share.

    • Gina Conkle

      Linda Howard knows how to deliver a story. I will have to check out Cry No More. I’ve read and re-read Mackenzie’s Mountain because it’s hot, yes, but I felt the gut wrenching hardships of Wolf Mackenzie. Thanks for sharing the book that makes you bawl your eyes out!

  2. Barbara Monajem

    Um… I’m not sure whether or not I want a good cry! Sometimes when the author is too hard on her characters, I just get upset and put the book down (temporarily). I wait until I’m ready to handle whatever she has dished out before trying again. I guess I’ll buy the ones you recommend and wait until I’m in the right mood. Thanks, Gina. 🙂

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Barbara,
      Your comment made me smile. There’s the heart wrenching tears and then there’s the more rarely found good cry from something altruistic and big. I certainly understand. Interesting that you phrased it as the author being hard on her characters. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

  3. carolcork

    Again The Magic by Lisa Kleypas, Annie’s Song by Catherine Anderson and Lady Wild by Maire Claremont all contain heart-rending moments that brought tears to my eyes.

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Carol,
      Yes! I read Again the Magic (twice) but haven’t read the other two authors. I will check them out. Funny that you mention Lisa Kleypas. I have a Nook with the kindle app and on my Kindle app is Lisa K’s A Devil in Winter! On the Nook I just bought Caridad Pineiro’s military romance Just one Night (a novella). I was buried under so much writing these past few months, now I’m catching up with late night reading binges. I appreciate you passing along the titles Annie’s Song and Lady Wild. I will add them to my list!
      Have a great day and thanks for sharing~

  4. Sandra Owens

    Great post, Gina. I don’t cry easily, but I did when I read Code Name Verity. It’s not my favorite book in the world, but there was a part I just wasn’t expecting, and it was so sudden and sad that the tears just started flowing.

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Sandi,
      This is great. I feel like I’m getting my summer reading fix taken care of with these recommendations. It’s wonderful when a book grabs you and gives a sudden surprise, even jolting emotions like a sad cry. Thanks for telling me about Code Name Verity.
      Have a great day!

  5. Michelle McLean

    Honestly, I cry at the drop of a hat over just about everything so I stick to romantic comedies and HEAs 😀 And I love the sequel to Gone with the Wind (even though it wasn’t written by Margaret Mitchell) because they get together at the end 😀

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Michelle,
      I go through phases where I cry easily and others where I seem immune to tears. I still want the HEA but love when emotions (anger, glee, rolicking humor, or tenderness) can grab me. When a story and the characters surprise me, that’s even better. I have yet to see the sequel to Gone with the Wind, but I heard they end up together. My middle sister adores Gone with the Wind. It’s one of her top ever movies and she watches it a lot, despite the fact she’s a die hard mystery reader. That movie is the anomaly in her reading and movie pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gina Conkle

    And now, Nancy, I wrote down the other titles. You’re keeping my summer reading well-stocked!

  7. Lori H

    Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are two books that made me cry.
    A second movie was made where Scarlet and Rhett do get their HEA.

    • Gina Conkle

      Hi Lori,
      I never read Old Yeller but I did see the movie. I did, however, read Where the Red Fern Grows. I was first introduced to Where the Red Fern Grows when my 4th grade teacher read the book aloud to the class and there was not a dry eye in the room in those certain parts about Old Dan and Little Ann. Then, most of the class ordered the book from the Scholastic book club so we could cry again when we read the book alone! Thanks for sharing books that touched you.

  8. hollybushbooks

    Mary Balogh’s Slightly Married and Slightly Dangerous. I’ve read and reread the Slightly series many times but I still blubber at all the good parts. I’m like @MichelleMclean – I cry at commercials on the Hallmark channel!

  9. Glenda

    Hey Gina! I can honestly say that I’m one of those people who really doesn’t like to cry. I do it enough without looking for a book or movie that will make me cry. . . Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are not ones I like to revisit. 🙂