Have You Read a Continuity Series? By Ally Broadfield

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ResearchI’ve recovered from the euphoria of my debut release and my first foray to the Romantic Times Convention, and am hard at work on the first round of edits on a book that is the second installment of a continuity series coming from Entangled Ignite in 2015.

If you’re not familiar with them, a continuity series is a multi-book series where each book is written by a different author, but there is a common thread that runs through the entire series. The continuity I’m involved with is called The Emerald Quest. The series features members of the same family through five generations starting in the late 1700s through to the present day. My story is set in Regency England. The stories are also linked by a diary and a missing family heirloom. Each book stands on its own, but the overarching mystery arc isn’t solved until the final book.

One advantage of a continuity series for readers is that you don’t have to wait for months for the next book to release since they are released back-to-back over the course of several months. Another is that you will likely be introduced to a new-to-you author if you read all of the books in the series.

For the authors involved, in addition to the pleasure of working together, the advantage is that each author will be introduced to the fans of all of the other authors involved in the series, and these fans will already be invested in the story.

Have you ever read a continuity series? If so, did you read all of the books in the series, or only those of the author(s) you were familiar with?

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15 Responses

  1. Sandra Owens

    I’ve not read a continuity series, Ally, but I love the idea of it. In fact, I think I’ll start with the one you’re a part of. 🙂

    • allybroadfield

      Thanks, Sandra! We’ve had a lot of fun writing it.

  2. hollybushbooks

    Thank you for explaining this! I heard people talking about it at RT and didn’t have a clue! It sounds interesting, too.

    • allybroadfield

      I didn’t know what they were either until an editor put out a call for them. It’s been great getting to know the other authors involved. Thanks for stopping by, Holly!

  3. Barbara Monajem

    I think they’re a great idea. I read one put out by Harlequin Historicals a few years ago. Started with book one and simply had to read them all just to find out what happened.

    • allybroadfield

      Thanks, Barbara! That is how they’re supposed to work. I can’t wait to read the books that come after mine in our continuity. 🙂

    • allybroadfield

      Thanks for coming by, Violetta. I must say, I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard of them.

  4. ginaconkle2013

    Hi Ally,
    I’ve not read a continuity series, but you intrigued me with the era and the common mystery of the diary and missing family heirloom. I love that kind of thing. I’m going to share this on my facebook page!
    Take care-

  5. Maggi Andersen

    I love the idea, Ally. I haven’t come across it before. Suits my impatient personality. :Intriguing too.

    • allybroadfield

      Thanks, Maggi! That seems to be the consensus. 🙂

  6. Bridgette Booth

    What a neat idea! I’m surprised I’ve not read any or even been aware of them. Truly looking forward to reading it, especially since I enjoyed Just A Kiss so much.