Happy Movember – Men’s Health through History

moustacheThis time of year, most of the writers I know are talking about November being all about the Nano – trying to write a book in one month’s time. But November is also a time to spread awareness about men’s health, something we predominantly female romance writers don’t spend a lot of time writing about. During the month of November, many men show their support for the awareness of men’s health issues and funding for scientific research into cures and treatment by forgoing their razors and letting their shaggy sides show – No Shave November or Moustache Movember are two popular movements. Men’s health is often overlooked since men are just so, well, manly. But without them, we romance writers and readers would have no heroes for our heroines, no rakes to antagonize our female protagonists, no breeches for our bosoms to heave over. So, to help the Movember movement, I thought I’d provide a few facts about men’s health through the ages as talking points to help you start a dialogue with the rogue in your life about his health.


Visit https://us.movember.com/about/foundation to show your support.

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5 Responses

  1. Violetta Rand

    Love the post, Jessica. I didn’t know they had prostates in the Regency era. 🙂

  2. Barbara Monajem

    LOL, Violetta.

    Jess, I really dislike mustaches (unless they’re accompanied by beards). No idea why, but there you go. Yay for Movember anyway, though.

    • Jessica Jefferson

      I’m not into mustaches either – my husband has the whole beard combo thing going on. When he’s mad at me he shaves the beard and makes me suffer with just the stache!