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Alyssa: Welcome back to Embracing Romance, Madeline! For those who have not yet read Madeline’s books, she writes about strong heroines and true heroes, and the characters in her latest release, POSSESSION OF A HIGHLANDER are no different. Read on, and see how real life heroes and heroines have influenced Madeline!

CestMoiI’m an Army brat.

Growing up this way meant several things: We moved every four or five years, I always had to make new friends, one channel meant you played outside, an 800 milligram Motrin could cure anything, and your active duty parent was gone. A lot.

In my case, it was my father. Let me just say that having a hero for a dad wasn’t easy.

Looking back on my childhood, I’m grateful for the opportunities being a military family gave me. Always making new friends transformed the shy girl I was into someone outgoing and after three duty stations to Germany, I spent over a decade living in Europe. Today, I’m a lover of history and I attribute that to all the years of traveling and being enveloped in the awareness of lives once lived in the castles and historic settings we visited.

If it wasn’t for the Army and the vibrant childhood it afforded me, I don’t know that I ever would have become an author.

And if it wasn’t for my parents, I don’t know that I would understand the true underlying strength of what it takes to be a hero.

Madeline's Family
Madeline’s Family

My father is a tall man, a natural born leader with a voice and presence that command authority. And he’s tough – because he had to be. Lives depended on his decisions and on the success of his missions. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

To me, that is one of the strongest attributes of a hero – to selflessly sacrifice. Sometimes that meant his weekends, sometimes that meant his safety, sometimes that meant his family.

Through it all, my father not only kept his men safe, he secured their admiration.

But he was also still there for us. He taught me how to ride a bike, he called the tooth fairy when I lost my first tooth, and there were countless summer days when he threw us into the pool by launching us thousands of feet in the air.

He’s a hero to the nation because he sacrificed. He’s a hero to me because he loved.

But there was another hero in my family. The silent strong backbone holding us all together. The woman who flipped between being mother and wife to mother and father depending on what the Army needed.

She sacrificed the possibility of a career and consoled us when we cried over the lives we’d had to leave. She caught us up on education we missed from bouncing between schools and she miraculously transformed each new assigned housing into a home.

I can’t imagine how many nights she must have lain awake, worrying over things we never knew. Things like school districts or finding a job. Or wondering if my dad was safe.

Through all the moves and all the tears, she stayed ever stoic. She never broke.

Both my parents have taught me strength in different ways, and they taught me how heroism comes in many forms. I use that in my writing as much as I use it in my everyday life.

I write true heroes and strong heroines and I’m damn proud to be an Army brat.


MadelineMartin_PossessionOfAHighlander2500 (1)POSSESSION OF A HIGHLANDER

Brianna Lindsay’s grip on the inheritance that is rightly hers hangs by a thread. If the town finds out her father has died, Brianna will be forced into marriage with her loathsome cousin, Lord Robert, and will lose all of Edzell Castle and its lands. To protect her home, she’ll have to trust a complete stranger, a brooding Highland barbarian who sweeps into Edzell with a small retinue and insists on replacing her Captain of the Guard. He proves his worth by defeating her men and she has no choice but to accept his offer.

Though his motives are suspect, Colin MacKinnon has nobility in his blood and good intentions in coming to Edzell. He seeks his own kingdom, one to rival his father’s, and sets out to conquer Brianna in the best way he knows how―with seduction.

Brianna never thought of all the wealth she protects, the one thing she has left completely vulnerable is her heart. Colin never thought that of everything he stands to achieve, he might have to face the unexpected pain of loss. Together, they must navigate a treacherous world of spies and intrigue, of legacy and fidelity, of love and betrayal, to find what is truly worth possessing.

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  1. Jan Jackson

    Everything you said, so true! I can see why you’re the strong, amazing woman you are! Keep steaming up the Highlands, Madeline! Hugs!

  2. dholcomb1

    thank you to your parents–service members and their families are underrated.

    Possession of a Highlander sounds like a wonderful story.


  3. jessicajefferson

    Very grateful for your family’s sacrifice and service, I’m sure you’ve been inspired by your past. And thank you Alyssa for introducing a new author to me!

    • Madeline Martin

      Thank you so much 🙂 And thank you for taking the time to read my article and comment – I really appreciate it!

  4. Madeline Martin

    Thank you so much for hosting me on Embracing Romance, Alyssa! 🙂 I love your wonderful readers!! 🙂