Guest Author Keira Montclair

Keira Montclair is the pen name of an author who lives in Florida with her husband. She loves to write fast-paced, emotional romance, especially with children as secondary characters in her stories.


She has worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics and recovery room nursing. Teaching is another of her loves, as she has taught both high school mathematics and practical nursing.


Now she loves to spend her time writing, but there isn’t enough time to write everything she wants! Her Highlander Clan Grant Series is a reader favorite and is a series of eight stand-alone novels. The Summerhill Series is a contemporary romance series set in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in Western New York. Her third series, The Highland Clan, is set twenty years after the Clan Grant Series and will focus on the Grant/Ramsay descendants.


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Torrian Ramsay, future laird of the Ramsay clan, learned long ago not to take his family for granted. Without the love and devotion of his sire, he would never have survived the childhood illness that kept him abed for years. Now Torrian is a strapping lad, unrecognizable as the sickly laddie of his past, but one thing has not changed—he will still do aught in his power to make his sire proud. So when the King of the Scots asks him to enter into a betrothal with Davina Buchan, the daughter of a power-hungry laird, he feels he has no choice. Though Torrian is certain the lass’s family has hidden motives, his sire believes in following their king’s orders, and besides, the marriage will help keep peace in the Highlands.


Then Torrian meets Heather, a wild-haired lass who’s spent the past years living in nature with her wee daughter, away from any clan. With Heather, he discovers that love has a power as strong as duty. To marry as his heart desires, Torrian must prove that the Buchans are not what they seem, but time is not on his side. He will need to rely on his family and friends to help him convince his sire—and his king—that he should be allowed to make his own match.







ER: Welcome to Embracing Romance,  Keira. To start us off, tell us two things about yourself that would surprise your fans the most about you.


I am so excited to be here! I have to say your website is still one of my favorites…love the blue roses.


I think they would be surprised to hear that I’m a breast cancer survivor. It’s been 14 years, and I’ve been so blessed in that time.


The second thing is that RESCUED BY A HIGHLANDER, my first novel, sat on my computer for three years before I dared to self-publish it. I was petrified to hear what readers would think! I paid to have it edited, but I have now gone back and re-written parts of it based on reader feedback. The new edition was just released in December. I do listen to readers!



ER: What is your favorite all-time romance book(s)?


This is always a difficult question for me because I have so many, but today I would choose Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. It is first in a series, similar to the Outlander series in that it follows a couple through their lives. Nathaniel and Elizabeth are my favorite couple. I just adore both of them. It starts in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, and I grew up in Western New York, so I am very familiar with that endless forest (Ms. Donati’s term for the Adirondacks). Over the course of the series, they travel to many distant lands, one of them Scotland, and you KNOW how I feel about anything Scottish.



ER: Do you have to have silence when you write, or do you write to music, or to the background noise of TV?


I usually write when it’s quiet, but I can be flexible. My favorite place to write is sitting by a lake, close enough to hear the lapping of the water. Love it! I usually only get to do that for one week a year.



ER: Are you a plotter or a panster?


I am definitely a plotter. I start with my character arcs, then move into drafting my timeline. This process takes several days, but when I’m done, I know exactly where I’m going each day. That’s a wonderful thing –I never have writer’s block.



ER: Do you have to have your hero’s or heroine’s names before you are able to begin a story? Do you ever change the names at some point?


Absolutely! The name is part of the character. I have changed the names of secondary characters, mostly because I realize I’ve named other characters the same, but I’ve never changed the hero’s or heroine’s name after I start, and I could not start without their names.



ER: What’s next for YOU? Can you tell us about a book or series you are working on now, or have planned for the future?


I’ve started my second series set in the Highlands of Scotland during the Medieval period. I’m very connected with my characters, so the books are easy to write. Loki was the first, and I chose him because he was the favorite secondary character in my first series, Clan Grant. TORRIAN’s story is my newest release (February). Torrian was the young lad in Healing a Highlander’s Heart who was bedridden for most of his young life due to an unknown illness. He’s now healed, and is heir to the chieftain of the Ramsay clan. This is his story.


I’ve just started LILY’s story, and I’m having great fun with it. She’s a delight!


I’m so glad you invited me to drop by!

So I’d like to hear more about all of your readers. What is your favorite genre in historical romance? Scottish, Viking, Western, Civil War? What would you love to see more of? Something completely different?





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13 Responses

    • Olivia Alexander

      I enjoyed your interview with Keira Montclair. Having had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I also have read each of her books, the Highland Clan series, as well as her contemporary romances and her regency book. Keira, all of your stories are compelling and totally enjoyable. Always looking forward to each and every one.

  1. Violetta Rand

    Welcome Keira, I adore your cover! Now I have another book to read. 🙂

  2. Alyssa Alexander

    Welcome! So glad to have you today! And I’m the same way with character’s names. It’s so much a part of who they are!

    • Keira Montclair

      Thanks for inviting me, Alyssa. I loved visiting! I did have an instance where I chose a name for my heroine, and I just could not get it to work. Some how she blossomed into a different direction that no longer fit, and it threw me. I take my time choosing the main character’s name–it’s that important!

      • Keira Montclair

        I’ll add to that…I changed the name, but it was before I started writing the story. I was still in the plotline when it threw me and I had to change it.

  3. Barbara Monajem

    Welcome, Keira. How cool to never have writer’s block! 🙂 I think I’m your opposite — I’m a pantser, and I often change characters’ names.

    Re your question: I would love to see more Anglo-Saxon era romance. Also, Roman Britain fascinates me.

    • Keira Montclair

      Hi Barbara, Once I started doing character arcs (with their names!) first, then working the plotline next, it streamlined my entire process. And you’ve chosen some very interesting eras! I’ve often thought of trying Colonial America. We’ll see!