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GGHello all! Amanda Mariel here talking about clandestine matches of the Regency and eBook sales 🙂

I purchased a new Regency research book last month and have been devouring it since it arrived last week. Yesterday, I was reading the section on romance, courtship, and marriage. While I find it all fascinating, the bit about Gretna Green captivated me. Some of the information was nothing new, but some of it was enlightening and I gathered several fun facts as well as gained some plot inspiration for future books. The book is titled The Regency Companion and is written by Sharon Laudermilk and Teresa L Hamlin.

One of the stories it recounts is of the Earl of Westmorland and his dashed wedding with Miss Child. The pair eloped to Gretna Green with Miss Child’s father hot on their trail. In a last attempt to secure his bride, the earl shot her fathers leading horse as they neared the Scottish boarder. Poor horse!! But in the end the couple made it to the boarder and Miss Child became the Countess of Westmorland 🙂

So what started all of the Gretna Green madness and how many desperate couples ran off to get married there?

Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Act of 1753 made it nearly impossible for couples in love to marry fast, and absolutely impossible for a minor (under 21) to marry without parental consent. The only loop holes were a special licenses, in which case both had to be of majority age, or Scotland where the law did not apply.

According to Robert Elliot’s The Gretna Green Memoirs he married 7,774 couples between 1811-1839, and he was but one of the “blacksmiths” conducting these rush ceremonies!

Perhaps the most interesting thing I learned from this section of the book was about forced weddings with unwilling brides. Yes, that happened! A young heiress taken to Gretna Green against her will would be made to pay the “parson” and even hire the horses for the last stage of the trip by her abductor. By doing so, she was prevented from later escaping the marriage by saying she was forced. It also prevented anyone else from objecting because it showed her willingness and would stand up in court to prevent an annulment/divorce.

If you are interested in learning more about the Regency era, I highly recommend The Regency Companion. It is a wealth of information 🙂

Now onto the sales!!

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Once_A_Lady_Goes_Rogue_3D (1)Once a lady goes rogue–nothing else will do.

Hunting for a Lady’s Heart: Fairfield Fairytales by Tammy Andresen Lord William Fairfield must be dreaming. Why else would a beautiful raven haired woman approach him in the forest? Lady Eirwen White has no choice, to stay with her step mother would surely mean death. But can this man save her from what awaits at Castle White and would she really want him to risk his life for her?

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Any Duke Will Do
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He needed her…

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Enchanted by the Earl d

Will Rose and Hunter overcome their differences and embrace true love?

Rose Woodcourt, a poor seamstress, is too proud to accept help, even when her home and freedom are threatened by the nefarious Mr. Wolfe. Especially not from Hunter Thorne, a titled gentleman far above her station. Earls only court common misses for one reason, and Rose has no interest in being a wealthy man’s mistress–however handsome and charming he may be.

Hunter is an honorable man; he refuses to turn his back on the spirited beauty regardless of how hard she pushes him away. As Mr. Wolfe’s threats evolve into actions Rose has little choice but to turn to Hunter.

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