Goals for the New Year

How to Beguile a Duke
How to Beguile a Duke

Happy New Year! This might seem to be coming a bit late, but this is my first post at Embracing Romance in 2015. I waved a fond farewell to 2014, the year I became a published author. My Regency novella, Just a Kiss, released in April, and How to Beguile a Duke, a full-length Regency, came out in December.

I don’t usually make resolutions for the new year, but this year I did set some goals. On a personal level, I vowed to be more active by making sure I take a minimum of 12,000 steps each day (as measured by my Fitbit). I also made a promise to unplug completely from all electronics for a minimum of one waking hour per day. This is challenge for me because I frequently feel the need to check email, social media, etc. But, I realized how important it is for me to be in the moment when I’m with my family and friends. By the end of this year, I will have three teenagers in my house, and I’m very conscious of how fast the time is passing and how soon they will be going off to college.

As far as writing is concerned, I’m juggling several projects in 2015. The sequel to Just a Kiss will release this year with Entangled Publishing’s Select imprint, and I will also have two books in a new Regency mystery series releasing from Entangled Scandalous. I’m also going to dip my toes into self-publishing this year with a novella that will be part of a Regency anthology in the later half of 2015, and if I can find the time to write it, I might also test the waters with a novella set in Imperial Russia.

What are your goals for 2015?

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    • Ally Broadfield

      It has been a struggle some days, Sandra. I get about 6,000-7,000 steps each day from walking my dogs, and the others come from my efforts to get up every hour and move around for at least ten minutes. I have a friend who is a writer and editor, and she developed blood clots from spending so much time sitting in front of the computer, so I decided to follow her lead and pay more attention to my health, hopefully before a problem starts.

  1. Collette Cameron

    I’m pulling back from social media and spending more time exercising too. Balancing all of what we have to do as authors, mothers, and to take care of ourselves is challenging.

    • Ally Broadfield

      It is such a challenge, Collette, but I hope we’re both able to find a better balance this year.

  2. Alyssa Alexander

    I have a FitBit too! I typically manage about 7,000 steps regularly, so my goal is to try to reach 10,000 each day. I succeed about half the time, but only if I go for a run or a long walk. My goal for 2015, however, is just to be healthier! Eating, exercising and being sure I have balance in my life. So far…Well. I ate truffle oil french fries this weekend. 🙂 Still, every day is a new day for meeting our goals!

    • Ally Broadfield

      It certainly is! I’m trying to practice moderation. As in, I can have one serving of truffle oil fries instead of as many as I want. I don’t make my Fitbit goal everyday either, but I’m hoping my monthly total will average out to 12,000 steps per day. It’s definitely trial and error, but at least we’re trying! 🙂

  3. JoannaM

    I want to tackle all the series that have been waiting for me in my TBR. I don’t want to read more books but enjoy the books that I read 🙂
    I also would love to learn to speak another language, learn to ride a horse, learn to play the piano, and learn to ride a motorcycle. There, 346 days to go, let’s see how much I can accomplish in that time!!

    • Ally Broadfield

      That’s a wonderful goal, Joanna. I completely agree. I’ve stopped trying to finish every book I pick up. If I’m not enjoying it after the first few chapters, I move on to something else. I love these other goals! I’m not much good at other languages or playing the piano, but I can highly recommend learning to ride a horse. Have fun! 🙂

  4. Barbara Monajem

    I don’t even want to think about my goals! I have several books in process and will continue with my low carb diet, but that’s all I dare contemplate now. Otherwise it’s just too overwhelming.

    A FitBit sounds like fun, though. 🙂 I have no idea how many steps I take in a day.