Giveaway & Interview with Nicola Davidson to Celebrate ER’s Regency Month

Alyssa: October was Regency month over on the Embracing Romance Facebook page, which is sadly coming to an end. But not quite yet! In honor of all things Regency, we’re featuring authors who write in that time period here on the blog as well. Today our guest is the Nicola Davidson, who will talk about her recent release, TO LOVE A HELLION, and answer a few questions! Be sure to comment below for your chance at a $10 Amazon giftcard!


Alyssa: Nicola, what is your favorite aspect of the Regency? Hair, clothes, politics, social mores? Other?

I’d have to say politics! Even though Regency only covers a ten year period, it was a time of tremendous change and upheaval. The Peninsula Wars, Napoleon, Waterloo, the Battle of New Orleans, plus domestically parliament vs the Prince Regent, the bad marriage of Prinny and Caroline, the shocking death of Princess Charlotte, dueling cabinet ministers, a Prime Minister assassination and public riots. It was a very rocky road that forced Britain into new ways of thinking.


Alyssa: TO LOVE A HELLION takes place during a country house party. What activities do the guests participate in during a house party?

Depending on the wealth of the host (and the time of the year) it could incorporate all sorts of things. Shooting, hunting, balls, picnics, music, poetry, charades, light sport such as croquet. Then the shenanigans, depending on the host – it might be a carefully chaperoned chance for young misses to meet gentlemen, or secret (and not so secret) affairs to occur as guests play midnight musical chambers!


Alyssa: You write both Regency and Tudor romance. What is different about writing in those different time periods? (Aside from hair, clothes, politics and social mores, of course!) Are there any challenges when time-traveling between them?

Compared to Tudor, the Regency period is downright safe and civilized! The Tudor era was so bloody with succession, religion, civil unrest, plague etc, plus the whims of Henry VIII that could change from moment to moment. It was a dark and dangerous time for men and women, so I think that flavors the overall world within my Tudor books. Plus the lingo is very different. I think that is the hardest aspect of time travelling between the two eras – making sure my Tudor heroine isn’t speaking like a Regency miss!


Alyssa: I love asking our authors a lightening round of questions to get to know them. Blue jeans or party dress? Pepsi or Coke? But since we’re celebrating the Regency, I’m changing it up!

Riding habit or evening gown? Evening gown – I like my feet on solid ground!

Phaeton or barouche? Barouche for the around town travel.

Ratafia or wine? Wine

Beau Brummell or Wellington?  Wellington! He had a brilliant mind, an amazing dedication to duty, a blunt manner but could be wicked too. I think he would have been a fascinating dinner companion.

Typically, I ask boxers or briefs, but how about breeches or pantaloons? Breeches. They always looked so elegant.


Now for our giveaway. And oh, I just love giveaways! To enter, just comment below and tell us your favorite part of the Regency. Is it the clothes? Yeah, it’s the clothes for me. Tell me yours!


To Love a Hellion E-Book Cover


Two years after the shocking deaths of his father and older brother, life is finally improving for Stephen Forsyth, Earl of Westleigh. His mother has rejoined society, the estates are flourishing, and according to his mathematical calculations his new betrothed is a sensibly near-perfect match. What better way to celebrate than attending a pre-Season country house party? Yet on Bruce land, the world is utterly awry. Strange happenings, bizarre hosts, seven spinsters stalking, and assistance comes from the least likely source – Caroline Edwards, his best friend’s hellion sister and fiercely dedicated nemesis. An unwanted sizzling attraction soon scorches their war of words, but a far sterner battle lies ahead: an old enemy sworn on vengeance is closing in, and won’t rest until Stephen and everyone he loves is destroyed.




NICOLA DAVIDSON worked for many years in communications and marketing as well as television and print journalism, but hasn’t looked back since she decided writing wicked historical romance was infinitely more fun. When not chained to a computer she can be found ambling along one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, cheering on the champion All Blacks rugby team, history geeking on the internet, or daydreaming. If this includes chocolate – even better!

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  1. Lynn

    Hey, whats up, hello!!! Welcome love your books!!. Congratulations on To love a hellion!. Can’t wait to read!!! 😍

    • Lynn

      And I would have to say its the clothes I would love to dress up in the ball gowns and attend a ball!

    • Nicola Davidson

      Hi Lynn! Thanks, and yes I totally agree. A ball with some wicked dukes, improper waltzes, and gorgeous gowns would be fabulous.

  2. ki pha

    Congrats on Your release! The clothing is what I like to imagine wearing daily without the hassle of always changing 4-6 times a day. But I love the scandals and gossips of those days too.

    • Nicola Davidson

      Hi and thanks! That is so true – the multiple gown changes each day would be annoying. A time traveller could go back to Regency times with yoga pants and a snuggle robe, and start a revolution! 🙂

    • Alyssa Alexander

      Ki pha, you’re the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card! Congratulations!

  3. Barbara Monajem

    Thanks for visiting us, Nicola. Me too re breeches!! No idea why they’re so sexy while pantaloons aren’t, but there you go. (Don’t enter me in the giveaway.)

  4. Alyssa Alexander

    I think I might like changing my clothes since they were all so pretty…well, for the first week, anyway!

    • Nicola Davidson

      Can’t say the whole stays and corsets malarkey fills me with excitement. I can imagine some lemon-faced grande dame snarling at me to suck it in and stand up straight, but not too straight because my unladylike height will scare all the gentlemen away!

  5. Glenda

    Congratulations on your new book, Nicola! I have to say I love a man in boots so give me a Regency man wearing his breeches and Hessians!

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    Congrats on your latest release! I love how elegant everything was, & yes the clothes!